Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Review Said...

Now there is the matter of the reviews. If a pro bowler, who gets paid by the Company that makes the ball he throws, was to tell you his new ball works great, should you doubt him/her?

What if, through the goodness of their heart, a bowler halfway across the country, with more or less experience than you, with more or less skill than you, on the same or maybe a different lane surface than you bowl on, with more or less ball speed than you, with a greater or maybe less rev rate than you, with more or maybe less….you get the picture.

Some people will like a bowling ball, some will not. Some might be similar, often NOT. The information bandied about on the web, doesn’t seem to clarify the many elements that effect performance of your bowling ball, on your house condition, with your specific game details (rev rate, axis rotation, axis tilt, ball speed, approach drift, etc.). Many bowlers make unbelievable assumptions.

If the bowler waxing poetic about a specific bowling ball, averages what you do, has all your game tendencies, gets similar reaction with similar equipment (and layouts), the lane conditions are similar (can you read a lane conditioning graph?), the temperature, humidity, and amount of lane play (static buildup), type of lane surface (wood-type of lane finish, or synthetic-type of synthetic, etc.) if all these elements can be measured, and they are identical to yours, you still may NOT get the reaction you expect.

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