Sunday, October 4, 2015

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month,

Storm's Paint the Lanes Pink promotion donates a portion of the sale of specific PTLP Awareness Products to Cancer Research.  

October officially is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Storm is asking bowlers around the world to help Paint the Lanes PINK® to SAVE LIVES.  This on-going charitable project is designed to raise invaluable funds in support of breast cancer research.
The Storm charitable partners in the fight against breast cancer are the Huntsman Cancer Institute and Striking Against Breast Cancer Foundation, as we donate a portion of the proceeds from every sale of PTLP products to these vital breast cancer research supported foundations.
About The Huntsman Cancer Institute
Hope Through Research | Hope Through Education | Hope Through Care
Huntsman Cancer Institute has been created, through the generosity of the Huntsman Family, to find the causes of cancer, to develop new and better treatments, and to prevent people from ever developing cancer.
Huntsman Cancer Institute (HCI) is part of the University of Utah Health Care system. HCI is a National Cancer Institute (NCI)-Designated Cancer Center, which means it meets the highest standards for cancer care and research and receives support for its scientific endeavors.
Learn more about our Cancer Center Research Programs.
HCI is also a member of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN), a not-for-profit alliance of the world’s leading cancer centers. NCCN is dedicated to improving the quality and effectiveness of care provided to patients with cancer.
To learn more about the Huntsman Cancer Institute, visit HuntsmanCancerInstitute
About Striking Against Breast Cancer
Striking Against Breast Cancer is a foundation grown out of the bowling community in support of raising much needed funds for research.  SABC raises monies through its' annual Luci Bonneau Memorial Striking Against Breast Cancer Mixed Doubles Tournament affectionately known around the world as "The LUCI".  
Since its inception in 2000, "The LUCI" has grown exponentially over the years now to the point of garnering attention from the Professional Bowlers Association (PBA) and Professional Women's Bowling Assocation (PWBA), bringing it to the forefront with live coverage through the PBA's Xtra Frame.  
For the first time, the 16-year-old fund-raising tournament, held in the memory of former PWBA competitor Luci Bonneau, awarded PBA Tour and PWBA Tour titles to the winners, if they are PBA/PWBA members.
To learn more about Striking Against Breast Cancer and the PBA Luci Bonneau Memorial Striking Against Breast Cancer Mixed Doubles Tournament, visit
Paint the Lanes PINK® to SAVE LIVES
Because of the incredible support of the bowling community, Storm Products has been able to make an impact with breast cancer research – we are eternally grateful, thank you. 
But because we have a unique worldwide stage, we are asking that you join us in the fight by purchasing our products featuring the “Paint the Lanes PINK” initiative. 
In doing so, you can be rest assured that you are helping to SAVE LIVES.  
Because of your support Storm Products has been able to donate $70,632.72 to Breast Cancer research - Thank You!

Friday, October 2, 2015

30th Anniversary Ball from Storm Coming in November

Storm plans to introduce the IQ Tour 30, a pearl IQ, obviously other than color, like the original Gold Tour IQ, which left the market too soon. Look for the 30th Anniversary ball in November 2015.

So what is it that makes these IQ Tour balls so special? They are very unique in the fact that they have a one of a kind core that cannot be found elsewhere.

The C³™ Centripetal Control Core which is engineered to yield ample mid-lane roll with its low radius of gyration, or center of gravity. Think of a figure skater with their arms pulled in. They spin quickly and so does this weight block shape! In addition, the differential, or imbalance, of this core is not extensive.

Many balls in this category have a higher differential to produce more hook or ball motion. The C³ shape is designed for higher rev players and those looking for a smoother change of direction.

And while the most famed R2S™ Pearl Reactive shell encases this core, you're sure to find that awesome dry lane traction you have come to love with Storm.

Celebrating Storm's 30th Anniversary in the bowling business, the new IQ Tour 30 is sure to be a hit for anyone who ever threw the Gold Ball, the IQ Tour Pearl.  Release date:

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

DV8 Unveils Two New Balls for October

New DV8 High performance ball - the THUG™ LIFE. The composite pearl coverstock is Blue / Silver / Neon Green, finished with 500 grit Siaair pad, and Royal Compound, wrapping the Thug low RG Asymmetric core.

DV8 also introduces the DEVIANT™. Devised for medium to oily lane conditions, the new Black / Dark Red Deviant is the V composite solid cover finished to 500 grit (Siaair) and Royal Compound is the last stage.  The “engine” of the new Deviant is the Deviant Medium RG Symmetric core. 

The two new balls Worldwide release is October 27th.

Radical Bowling Technologies Announces 2 New Balls

Radical Technologies announces the introduction of the Guru Supreme. “We all know that the Guru (61 hook rating by independent testers) set the bar by which all future balls are rated and that the Guru Master raised the bar even higher (62.5 hook rating by independent testers). Well, we are happy to announce that the Guru Supreme takes hook to an unbelievably new level.”
The new Guru Supreme is Black / Light Blue Solid, with a finish of 500, 1500 Siaair Micro Pad wrapped around the Guru Asymmetric core with Offset and Scoop Technology.

Also from Radical: “Many will ask what is too much hook, and the Guru Supreme should help us find out. Using our proven Guru core, we amped up the ball motion with the use of a new resin formulation, and the results open up a new world of performance for the Radical product line. Our intensive market research and sales data indicate that Hook sells, and we are very excited about what the Guru Supreme can offer to bowlers who are looking for stronger ball motion. The Guru Supreme…more hook and more Radical than ever before.”

The story about the Chicago Bear’s Devin Hester and a new ball from Radical: “Ridiculous.”

When a group of ball testers all look at each other after throwing the ball and say that a ball is ridiculous, you have only two things left to do…name it and build it.

The new Ridiculous delivers a new ball motion that is sure to turn heads. The goal at Radical was to impact backend reaction the way the Guru line has impacted the hook dimension of the game, and with the Ridiculous, Radical is pleased to deliver a new performance ball that delivers insanely strong backend reaction. Radical reports: “We have seen it and tested it, and we are now delivering it. It is time to get Ridiculous!”

Sunday, September 20, 2015

The MOTIV Revolt Havoc

The announcement for the new MOTIV Revolt™ Havoc: 

“The new MOTIV Revolt™ Havoc is a devastating weapon for medium-heavy oil with the unique ability to read the lane early, yet provide unbelievable continuation. It's a ball motion that seemed impossible...until now.”  

Pretty heady stuff, but their recent High Performance offerings have compared well to the other manufacturers HP balls. Vanquish core from the Revolt series this ball is topped with the Helix coverstock finished to 3000 grit (500/1000/2000). 

Further MOTIV suggests: “Because the Revolt™ Havoc is incredibly strong, it is an obvious fit for speed dominant and low rev players. And because it has the unique ability to still provide tremendous continuation, the ball is also a versatile weapon for competitive bowlers that have higher rev rates. While these players typically experience a weak finish from strong equipment, they will experience outstanding continuation from the Revolt™ Havoc on higher volume patterns.” 

Not much more can be said. World Wide Release Date is October 14th, 2015.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Hammer To Unleash Bad Intentions in October

Hammer introduces the BAD INTENTIONS hybrid. The overall strength rating of the Bad Intentions Hybrid is a complement to the Bad Intentions. The NEW cover and finish changes allow this one to be more aggressive down lane.

The 3000 Abralon TM finish gives this new release the potential to perform extremely well on both medium and oily patterns.

Hammer reports: "The Spheroid Core is a combination of strength and control. The low Rg core system gives you the revs you are looking for while the symmetrical design offers extreme versatility."

The NEW Hammer Juiced Extreme Hybrid cover creates less traction in the oil compared to its solid counterpart but makes up for it at the back end.

Hammer added their NEW Tough Tech, Carbon Fiber reinforcement to the coverstock. WWRD is October 13, 2015.

Hammer also adds a new HAMMER BLACK Urethane in October. There isn’t a person on this planet that will argue against the fact that Hammer made the best urethane bowling balls back in the day. There is no doubt in our minds bowlers looking for the ball reaction that dominated the 80’s and early 90’s will find it in our new Black Urethane! 

The overall strength of the Black Urethane is perfect for medium to light oil patterns. This throwback will really excel on shorter oil patterns. The 500 Abralon gives ultimate traction in the oil which translates to ultimate control at the back end of the lane.

Hammer reports: “Our new LED core design is a modern version of the traditional light bulb shape that was so popular back in the day.”

Adding: “Our Urethane cover is the main ingredient in this masterpiece. Unlike modern covers that produce a violent reaction at the breakpoint, this proven staple is all about giving the user ultimate control of the entire lane.” 

Friday, August 28, 2015

Smithfield Foods To Sponsor PWBA Tour Championships

Smithfield Foods will sponsor the final event of the Professional Women’s Bowling Association season, the
PWBA Tour Championship, set to take place in September with the finals on national television.

The Smithfield PWBA Tour Championship promoted by will bring together the top 16 bowlers from the 2015 PWBA Tour season, including the winner of each tour stop, for the season-ending event starting Sept. 10 in Arlington, Texas. The stepladder finals will be televised live on the CBS Sports Network on Sept. 13 at 1 p.m. Eastern, with the winner presented with the Smithfield Cup.

“This is a tremendous opportunity to partner with the PWBA during its comeback season,” Bob Weber, Vice President of Corporate Marketing for Smithfield Foods, said. “The early tour events have drawn a good deal of interest and the PWBA Tour will be a great avenue for our brands to reach bowling fans.”

Smithfield Foods was founded in Smithfield, Virginia, in 1936 and has become the world’s largest producer of pork products. In addition to its Smithfield flagship brand, other notable brands produced by Smithfield Foods include Eckrich, Farmland, Armour, Cook’s Gwaltney, John Morrell and Nathan’s Famous.

The two-year partnership also makes Smithfield the Official Elite Title sponsor of the PWBA Tour.

The PWBA Tour re-launched earlier this year with a three-year funding commitment from the BPAA and the United States Bowling Congress. The season kicked off with the USBC Queens in May and has seen sold-out fields for its first three standard events.

“It’s always great to see when a company such as Smithfield Foods sees the value of marketing through our sport,” said Kelly Kulick, the spokesperson for the PWBA who could be featured in PWBA-themed ads for Smithfield. “The opportunity for women to compete as professional bowlers on a regular basis is possible because of the PWBA Tour and because of companies like Smithfield.”

The PWBA Tour has two more tour stops this season before the PWBA Tour Championship takes place at the International Training and Research Center.

Stefanie Johnson of Grand Prairie, Texas, who won the PWBA Wichita Open for her first career PWBA title, currently leads the points list followed by Diana Zavjalova of Latvia, and Kelly Kulick of Union, New Jersey.

Visit to learn more about the PWBA, including the season schedule, player information, points list and more.