Monday, May 11, 2015

New Additions at Ebonite and Columbia 300

Ebonite is bringing new colors to market in both the Cyclone series (Blue/Red Sparkle and Green/Yellow Pearl) and the entry polyester Maxim series (Peppermint, BumbleBee and Night Sky). 

Colors coming out of Hopkinsville, KY where the Columbia White Dot (Patriot Sparkle and Sunburst) and Ebonite Maxim balls are made are just stunning. 

New from Columbia 300, the Deep Freeze in Coral Splash and Pink Frost.

In addition to the new Deep Freeze colors Columbia has added a Scout black reactive, three piece ball. 

MOTIV Introduces Two New Balls For Light Oil

New from MOTIV: Summer often presents lane conditions of light oil. Performance with the new Pink and Green Pearl Ascent Apex should help you match up on lighter oil conditions featuring the Recon core and Fusion™ XL Reactive coverstock finished 5000 Grit LSP.  MOTIV reports “Both Apex balls will provide more length on high friction lane conditions and a more angular move at the backend than the regular Ascent balls.  However, experienced bowlers will notice that this new Pink/Green Pearl Apex is a touch stronger than the Mountain Blue Ascent Apex.”    

The Rebel Tank™ is a pearl urethane ball built to provide a powerful impact on light oil conditions where high friction can destroy ball reaction. Featuring the Halogen™ core, the Rebel Tank retains energy to maximize continuation through the pins.  This is achieved through both a high RG and moderate differential.  The high RG provides more length and the moderate differential tames track flare.  

The Rebel Tank™ also utilizes DMX Pearl Urethane cover stock technology.  This was first used on the Arctic Sniper spare ball because it is produces very little friction.  This cover is tuned at the factory with a 4000 Grit LSS finish. 

Friday, April 10, 2015

2015 Junior Gold Championships in Chicago To Be Televised

The Junior Gold Championships presented by Storm, Roto Grip and 
Master, is the pinnacle event for top youth bowlers and this summer the title matches of the annual tournament will be nationally televised on CBS Sports Network. An agreement is in place to televise the boys and girls championships matches of the Under 12, Under 15 and Under 20 divisions.

"The Junior Gold program is exploding in both participation and
interest and national television will elevate our future stars of the sport into
an even brighter spotlight," USBC Executive Director Chad Murphy said. "A 
future for the sport starts with youth programs such as Junior Gold and kids atthe event will have the experience of a lifetime being part of a major television broadcast."

The television package was made possible in part thanks to funding from the sale of adult spectator passes. The Junior Gold Championships started selling the one-day or all-week passes at the 2014 tournament.

"All the funds from the spectator pass are going right back into the 
enhancement of the event," Murphy said. "We really appreciate the fantastic support from all of our Junior Gold parents and families for helping grow this event into something so special for the kids."

The 2015 Junior Gold Championships will be held in the Chicago area from July 13-17. All title matches will take place at Stardust Bowl in Addison, Illinois, on July 17. Details on the broadcast agreement will be released soon.

The Junior Gold Championships annually awards scholarships and crowns a boys and girls champion in the three age divisions. Top qualifiers and champions also can earn spots on Junior Team USA. A record field of nearly 2,500 youth bowlers took part in the 2014 Junior Gold Championships.

Junior Gold competitors start the journey to the national tournament by 
qualifying through local tournaments. At the national championships, 
competitors must go through three days of qualifying and then match play to determine a champion.

The Junior Gold Championships week also includes exhibits, seminars and the Collegiate Experience, where bowlers have the opportunity to learn about bowling programs from colleges throughout the country.

Go to to learn more about the Junior Gold program.

Radical Technologies Creates A Value Line

Radical Technologies introduces their new “Value” line – Rack Attack. 
The Rack Attack will be available in two color options and will offer two distinct ball motions.  The Rack Attack Grape Solid features a dull finish and will provide strong mid lane hook motion on medium to heavy oil. 
The Rack Attack Cherry Pearl will provide more length with backend flip making it ideal for medium to light oil.

Radical’s Phil Cardinale shared “The Value line will offer impressive performance at a low cost, and these balls should easily exceed expectations for this price point.  Our goals with this new series are to increase the range of ball motion in the Radical product line and offer excellent performance at a value price.  The new series should also expand our reach to entry level bowlers looking for their first performance ball.

New Balls from Brunswick

Brunswick Soul™ - The Soul Black Smoke Solid features the CPTv2 – Control reactive coverstock describes the updated version 2 of our low friction coverstock. The Chemical Projection Technology Control formulation allows for a lower friction reactive coverstock that easily projects down the lane and provides a more controllable hook motion on medium oil lane conditions. The core is the Soul Medium RG. 

Brunswick Soul™ Mate - The Soul Mate Orange Fire Pearl features the CPTv2 – Flip reactive coverstock describes the updated version 2 of our low friction coverstock. The Chemical Projection Technology Flip formulation allows for a lower friction reactive coverstock that easily projects down the lane and provides a more controllable hook motion on medium oil lane conditions. 

The Soul and Soul Mate contain the Soul Medium RG symmetric core, which features a multi-sided core shape.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

New Balls Disclosed From Storm

When you get a whiff of Paradise Punch, look for the new Storm Ride, which arrives in the Hots line April 21st. The new Storm Ride is designed for drier lanes, and Storm incorporates both new and proven technology in this gem.

For the cover, Storm chose the smooth and highly polished Hybrid Reactor™ material which refuses to acknowledge friction in the heads (the first 15 feet of the lane). And the new Cruiser™ core produces a modest amount of flare potential to help control your ball path as well. The Ride is consistent, reliable, and predictable, just what you need when you want a powerful hitting ball but one that doesn’t ‘bounce off the dry!’

The new Storm Tropical Breeze mimics previous entrees in this series. Look for the Camber core wrapped in Carbon/Chrome colored Reactor coverstock with a standard 1500 grit polished finish, with a Cinnamon fragrance, to arrive April 21st.

The new Storm Mix series adds Purple/Yellow, Pink/White and Black/White color options. The Mix series is pearl U1S urethane, 3500-grit Abralon polished, three piece balls available June 9th.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Two New Performance Balls Introduced by 900Global

Along with news that Chris and Linda Barnes will be representing 900 Global comes news of two new balls from the San Antonio, Texas company. The Blue /Silver /Steel Respect Coverstock, 79 Alert™ Hybrid, is finished to 1500 Grit, then Polished. Powering the Respect is the Tetra™ Symmetric Core, like the Prime product line Moxie, which is also a hybrid.

900 Global’s first manufactured ball, the Break™,
really put them on the map. Global’s new Break Down features a Bright Blue S70™ Solid coverstock which has an impressive history (and even a USBC Open Championship All Events Record), and with the modified Break™ Asymmetric core, you’ll finally be able to use it later in tournament blocks. A significantly raised RG and lower differential is designed to provide more length and less flare, all the while keeping the fabled S70™ on hand to provide that perfect friction-to-backend ratio everyone loves. The new Break Down is finished to 4000 grit with the “T” Neat pad.