Thursday, June 23, 2016

The Professional Women's Bowling Association "Go Bowling" Players Championships Kicks Off Today

The Professional Women’s Bowling Association Tour added additional events for the 2016 season, including the return of a major championship – the Go Bowling PWBA Players Championship.

The Go Bowling PWBA Players Championship, the second major on the 2016 PWBA Tour, will take place at The Ashwaubenon Bowling Alley in Green Bay, Wisconsin, starting with Thursday’s practice session. Competitors will bowl two six-game blocks of qualifying Friday before the field is cut to the top 16 for match play.

Sixteen games of match play will take place Saturday to determine the four finalists for Sunday’s TV show.

CBS Sports Network will have live coverage of the stepladder finals of the Go Bowling PWBA Players Championship on Sunday at noon Eastern.

In addition to the live show, the stepladder finals of the PWBA Wichita Open, PWBA Pepsi Lincoln Open and PWBA Greater Detroit Open will be contested and taped for later broadcast on CBS Sports Network.

The Go Bowling PWBA Players Championship only is open to PWBA members. Anne Marie Duggan, Kim Adler and Liz Johnson - all USBC Hall of Fame members - each won the event before the PWBA went on hiatus in 2003, and all three will compete in this year’s event.

For Shannon Pluhowsky, who missed the opportunity to compete on the previous incarnation of the PWBA Tour, this week could be the opportunity to nail down the one title missing from her  extensive resume – a PWBA title.

“It’s always exciting to win, and to get the first one would be really exciting, since the tour folded before I had a chance to bowl,” Pluhowsky said. “This is our second full season of a tour, so to just get the first one, would be special. Hopefully, more will keep coming after that.”

The fact that Pluhowsky, a 16-time Team USA member, has not won a title since the PWBA Tour resumed last season seems like an aberration for a competitor who owns two major titles, three PBA Women’s Series titles and dozens of medals in international competition.

“That’s surprising to me,” said Johnson, a longtime teammate of Pluhowsky on Team USA. “Maybe she needs to let it go and just let it come to her. She’s going to get one, then she’s going to get 20. I have no doubt in my mind. She has a Queens title, she’s made so many shows, she’s going to get there. It’s just a matter of time.”

Pluhowsky continues to put herself in position to win that elusive first title. She already has been on two TV shows this year and will be on at least one TV show in Green Bay this week, as she’s a finalist in the PWBA Wichita Open.

“On the TV shows, it was just a couple of bad games,” Pluhowsky said of her first two TV appearances this season. “I had a bad game against Liz (Johnson) and then a bad spare shot (missed 7 pin), or otherwise I would have won my first title. But, I have another chance.”

The first priority for Pluhowsky this week will be the Go Bowling PWBA Players Championship. Players always look forward to the majors, mainly because of the format.

“The Players is a little different format, more games, so that will help,” Pluhowsky said. “In a short format, anything can happen, but the majors are longer and are usually better for us. You can have a couple of bad games, like I did at Queens, and still not be in bad shape. We look forward to majors.”

Go to for more information on the Go Bowling PWBA Players Championship and the complete PWBA Tour schedule, plus news, player biographies and more.

(All times local)
Thursday, June 23

11 a.m. – 2 p.m.: Media event
5 p.m. – 7 p.m.:  Practice
7 p.m.:  VIP event
Friday, June 24
8 a.m. – 9 a.m.:  Practice
11 a.m.:  Six games of qualifying
5 p.m.:  Six games of qualifying
– After 12 qualifying games, cut to top 16 for match play
Saturday, June 25
8:30 a.m.: Round-robin match play – eight games
2 p.m.:  Round-robin match play – eight games
– After 16 round-robin match-play games, cut to top four for TV show
7 p.m.:  Pro-Am
Sunday, June 26
11 a.m.:  Live TV stepladder finals on CBS Sports Network

Monday, April 25, 2016

Brunswick Introduces The Rhino Entry Series Balls

Containing a Light Bulb core, Brunswick’s new Rhino series features R-16 Reactive coverstock in Red / Black / Gold Pearl, Black / Blue / Silver Pearl, Purple / Pink / White Pearl, Green / Silver Pearl, Black Pearl. The new Rhino line is finished with 500 Siaair pad then Royal Compound and Royal Shine.
 Look for the new Brunswick Rhino to be available May 10th, 2016. 

Storm Adds The Snap Lock and Rocket Ship Bowling Balls

Filling in the gaps - what does that mean? This is a common phrase used by the top bowlers all over the world when they are looking for a ball in their arsenal that they need the most. The GI-15™ hybrid reactive Indigo/White/Copper coverstock found on the Storm Lock is designed for the most demanding patterns when the oil is just too much to handle. We felt that the need to create a pearlized version of this monster was essential for the continued success of the Premier Line.

The Snap Lock
 meets and exceeds this void Storm needed to fill. It will allow you to stay straighter longer without over-reacting when you don’t want it to. When the lanes begin to break down, the next best step for you to stay ahead of the transition is to switch to a ball with similar overall motion but gets through the front part of the lane with ease.

The R3S™ Pearl Reactive coverstock is engineered to do just that: get you through the heads without you trying to “trick” it at the point of release.

The RAD-X™ core will give you a smoother overall response to the oil on the lane with its low RG, fast revving design. When other pearls are too skid/flippy, this type of weight block is exactly what you need.

Snap to the top with the Snap Lock™ by your side!
FRAGRANCE: Ginger Verbena. Worldwide Release Date: June 6, 2016.

The new Rocket Ship™ is encased with R2S™ Solid 
2-Tone Purple Reactive material but is a unique ball with a surface prep that is the first of its kind: 3000-grit Sheen. It undergoes the same process as a 1500-grit polished ball, but we added a final step by quickly and lightly hitting it with a 3000-grit Abralon® pad, the industry standard. This smooths out the surface topography of the ball by lightly breaking up the polish that was applied creating a sanded profile with a smooth sheen appearance. Always with the bowler in mind, we developed this process to ensure an even, controllable, forgiving reaction for whoever rolls it. 

The Booster™ Core was the perfect option for this new method of surface development due to its mid-range RG and moderate differential values. It will provide a long, smoother option if the Sky Rocket™ were to be too angular. No one does a better job than Storm at filling in the gaps. That is our commitment to our bowlers, and that is why we are The Bowler’s Company™.
FRAGRANCE: Butter Pecan. Worldwide Release Date: June 21, 2016

EJ Tackett Converts Break into Second Career PBA Tour Title in PBA Xtra Frame Storm Open

by bvint | Sunday, April 24, 2:59 PM

CARPENTERSVILLE, Ill. – EJ Tackett of Huntington, Ind., broke up a 7-9 split, converting the break into a string of three strikes that proved to be the difference in winning his second career PBA Tour title Sunday in the PBA Xtra Frame Storm Open at Liberty Lanes.

Tackett, the 2013 PBA Rookie of the Year, defeated top qualifier Ryan Ciminelli of Cheektowaga, N.Y., 217-210, to win the $10,000 first prize after eliminating PBA Regional veteran Steven Taylor of Deer Creek, Ill., in the semifinal match.

“They say winning your second title is the toughest,” said Tackett, who won his first PBA Tour title in the 2015 PBA Xtra Frame Lubbock Sports Open. “But I’ve been close and I’ve been bowling well. Maybe this will lead to something more."

“I really didn’t think I could bowl enough to beat Ryan; I thought it would take 250 to win,” Tackett said. “I got fortunate that he didn’t bowl a good game because that’s really uncharacteristic of how he’s been bowling.”

Ciminelli’s closing string of four strikes forced Tackett to mark in the 10th frame on the lane that was giving him difficulty.

“I liked the first shot,” he said, despite leaving a 4 pin. “I guess, being in the situation, I probably threw it a little hard, but the result was good. I was a little nervous on that (4 pin) spare, just because I’d missed one in match play earlier – against Ryan, actually.”

Taylor’s “Cinderella” bid for his first PBA Tour title, in only his second PBA Tour event after bowling in 103 regionals, came to an end with a 205-200 loss to Tackett in the semifinal match. Tackett threw one double and converted six single-pin spares, but Taylor threw one too many splits.

Taylor, an 11-year PBA Midwest Region competitor with three regional titles, rallied from an early 29-pin deficit with a string of six strikes to eliminate Sean Rash of Montgomery, Ill., 237-209, in the first stepladder match. The 40-year-old right-hander then watched 14-time PBA Tour titlist Patrick Allen of Mount Kisco, N.Y., start with five strikes, rolling into an early 33-pin lead, before throwing eight strikes in his last nine attempts for a 246-212 victory. Allen left a pocket 7-10 in the seventh frame and then saw his titles hopes disappear when he left and failed to convert the 3-7-9 split in the ninth frame.

The PBA Xtra Frame Storm Open is the second of 10 Xtra Frame events that will pay the PBA member with the highest points total at the conclusion of the series a $10,000 bonus. Tackett said his plan is to bowl the entire Xtra Frame series."

The series rewards good bowling, it rewards consistency on different patterns,” Tackett said. “They’re not just handing out titles and with a $10,000 bonus at the end, it’s worth going after.”

The PBA Xtra Frame Tour resumes June 25-26 with live coverage of the PBA Xtra Frame Lubbock Sports Open from Lubbock, Texas. Fans can subscribe to Xtra Frame by clicking on the Xtra Frame logo on the homepage.

Liberty Lanes, Carpentersville, Ill., Sunday

Final Standings
1, EJ Tackett, Huntington, Ind., $10,000.
2, Ryan Ciminelli, Cheektowaga, N.Y., $5,000.
3, Steve Taylor, Deer Creek, Ill., $2,500.
4, Patrick Allen, Mount Kisco, N.Y., $2,000.
5, Sean Rash, Montgomery, Ill., $1,500.

Stepladder Results
Match One – Taylor def. Rash, 237-209.
Match Two – Taylor def. Allen, 246-212.
Semifinal Match – Tackett def. Taylor, 205-200.
Championship – Tackett def. Ciminelli, 217-210.

Final Match Play Standings (after 20 games, including match play bonus pins)
1, Ciminelli, 7-5, 5,256.
2, Tackett, 9-3, 5,192.
3, Allen, 7-4-1, 5,095.
4, Taylor, 8-4, 4,991.
5, Rash, 7-4-1, 4,979.
6, Aaron Lorincz, Saginaw, Mich., 6-6, 4,903, $1,100.
7, Scott Weber, LaSalle, Ill., 5-7, 4,883, $1,000.
8, Jordan Klassen, Canada, 7-5, 4,877, $900.
9, Shawn Maldonado, Houston, Texas, 5-6-1, 4,852, $875.
10, Craig LeMond, Jasper, Ind., 5-7, 4,804, $850.
11, n-Brian Traber, Waterford, Wis., 6-5-1, 4,791, $825.
12, Bill O’Neill, Langhorne, Pa., 6-6, 4,785, $800.
13, Blake Demore, Springfield, Mo., 3-9, 4,702, $780.
14, Steve Jaros, Yorkville, Ill., 4-8, 4,693, $770.
15, n-Derek Roseberry, Louisville, Ky., 6-6, 4,668, $760.
16, Marshall Kent, Yakima, Wash., 3-9, 5,494, $750.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

QubicaAMF Partners With Professional Bowlers Association Regional Program

The Professional Bowlers Association today announced a partnership agreement has been signed with QubicaAMF Worldwide, the world leader in bowling capital equipment and state-of-the-art automatic scoring technologies, that will bolster the extensive QubicaAMF PBA Regional Tour program.

Under the partnership agreement, QubicaAMF’s participation assures the prize funds for the more than 150 tournaments conducted in the PBA’s seven domestic regions (East, South, Central, Midwest, Southwest, West and Northwest) will exceed player entry fee contributions, enhancing the professional experience for all competitors.
“Since the PBA Regional program was officially launched in 1970, thousands of bowlers have had an opportunity to experience PBA-level competition in hundreds of cities across America,” said John Weber, PBA Director of Regional and PBA50 Tours“Thanks to the support of QubicaAMF, the PBA will continue to provide the future stars of the PBA with affordable, close-to-home opportunities to develop the skills they will need to compete at the highest levels of our sport. At the same time, the QubicaAMF PBA Regional Tour provides thousands of fans an opportunity to see our established and emerging stars in person.”

As titled sponsor of the QubicaAMF PBA Regional Tour, QubicaAMF’s logo will be part of all of PBA’s on-site and online materials related to the regional program.

“We are thrilled to be able to give this boost to the Regional Tour and partner with the PBA,” said Pat Ciniello, Chairman of the Board of QubicaAMF. “QubicaAMF is committed to the sport of bowling—from developing products for leagues and tournaments to the QubicaAMF Bowling World Cup, this year celebrating its 53rd Anniversary, which promotes the sport of bowling at all levels across the world. We feel that supporting the PBA and the bowling centers that host the regional events are important steps to ensuring the continuing success of our beloved sport.”

The QubicaAMF announcement arrives just as the PBA Regional program springs into its busy summer season, drawing praise from PBA CEO and Commissioner Tom Clark, who described PBA’s regional directors as “the rock stars” of the PBA.

Clark referred to the regional managers as “the core of the greatest bowling tournament club ever created: the PBA.”

The QubicaAMF PBA Regional Tour is supervised by John Weber and managed by a group of men who are well-suited to mentor young players because of their extensive experience in PBA competition as well as related aspects of the sport:

● Russ Mills has managed the PBA East Region since 1997. A former PBA Tour and Regional competitor, Mills also was a former Ebonite district sales manager.

● Sam Zurich assumed management of the PBA South Region in 2012 after eight years assisting former South Regional director Harry O’Neale. Zurich is a two-time PBA Tour and 40-time PBA Regional title winner.

● Bobby Jakel has managed the PBA Central Region since 2006. A former collegiate bowler and USBC Open Championships “eagle” winner, Jakel bowled in PBA competition for 2 1/2 years before assuming his administrative role.

● Rich Weber was co-manager of the PBA Midwest Region between 1984-1998, working with his late father Dick Weber and younger brother John, before assuming full-time responsibility for the region in 2006. A two-time PBA Regional titlist in his own right, Rich Weber also was PBA50 Tour Director from 1990-98.

● Pete McCordic has managed the PBA Southwest Region since 1997. He came into the role after bowling on the PBA Tour for 18 years, winning two PBA Tour titles, bowling a nationally-televised 300 game, and winning seven PBA Regional titles. His twin brother Paul is currently active on the PBA50 Tour.

● Gary Mage, who does double-duty as PBA West and Northwest Region manager, is in his 51st year of involvement with the PBA. He bowled on the PBA Tour from 1968-1981, winning one title. A former bowling center owner, he was founder of the PBA Northwest Region in 1978 and has managed the program ever since, adding the PBA West Region to his duties in 2004.

Over the past three years, the QubicaAMF PBA Regional
program has conducted an average of 165 tournaments each year, paying out more than $6.5 million in prize money.

To follow the QubicaAMF PBA Regional Tour, including upcoming events and results, visit and click on Menu/schedules/ “Regional Tours.”

Monday, March 7, 2016

Dom Barrett signs with Track Bowling

Track Bowling is proud to announce the signing of Dom Barrett to its national pro staff.

Barrett, nicknamed "The Dominator", is a four-time PBA title winner, claiming the 2011-12 Scorpion Open, 2012-13 Qatar Open, and 2014 Qatar Open titles, as well as a major title with the 2012-13 World Series of Bowling V PBA World Championship.

Barrett feels not only is the timing right to sign with Track, but it also represents a return to his roots.

"I'm extremely excited to be part of the Track and EBI (Ebonite Bowling International) family," Barrett said. "I was briefly on Ebonite staff in 2008 and it feels really good to be back where I started my international career."

"I've always been a huge fan of Track and I had a lot of success as a youth with the Freak series, Threat (an original Heat variation) and Stomp series," he said. "Track has some of the best products on the market, ranging from the Paradox to the Heat remake. I'm very excited for the new releases to be announced in Las Vegas at Bowl Expo."