Friday, July 3, 2015

New Ball From MOTIV

The Forza Redline is the new benchmark reaction for MOTIV, more length then the solid Forza yet it still offers more control than the Octane

A benchmark ball is one designed for medium oil which is intended to allow you to make adjustments more easily. You want a ball that is in the middle as far as overall hook, overall length and you want a smooth backend reaction. Of course the ball’s versatility will match up well for a variety of league bowlers on a Typical House Shot (THS).

The new Helix Pearl Reactive coverstock finished at 5000 Grit LSP (Laser Scan Polished) gives predictable length. The proven Torx inner core with its 2.50 RG and 0.051 Differential offers just enough strength with high flare and control.

All of these factors give you a ball that will easily allow you to tell if you need a ball with more or less hook, more or less length and more or less angle on the backend.

Release date for the MOTIV Forza Redline is August 26th, 2015.

Here is what MOTIV has to say about the Forza Redline
"Push the limit with the exotic Forza Redline. Engineered for medium oil, it is the ultimate machine for benchmark performance. It provides more length than the solid Forza, yet is still offers more control than the Octane."

Friday, June 26, 2015

Roto Grip Unveils Their New Bowling Balls

The new MENACE™, a solid coverstock  addition (74H™ coverstock is finished at 3000-grit) to the HP 4 line at Roto Grip, with the Sinister Cage™ Core. The Solid Red / Yellow / Green HP ball has high flare potential.
HAYWIRE™ The New Roto Grip Haywire, replacing the Disturbed with the same Middle Roll 70™weightblock and a juiced 80H™ Micro Bite™ solid reactive coverstock in Navy / Peach / Sky Blue. The cover is finished with 2000-grit pad. Expect 6+ inches of flare (Medium-High if you’ve got the hand).
The Roto Grip DEVOUR™ an HP 2 line addition features another solid cover in Black / Yellow (54MH™Solid Reactive finished with 3000-grit pad) wrapped around the Late Roll 56™weightblock providing 4" - 5" (Medium-High) of flare potential. 
In an interview with the new Roto Grip DEVOUR the ball exclaimed “My all-new Late Roll 56™ core builds on the proven success of the Neutron™ core by giving it a density boost for an increased differential. The result is better length and controlled shape down lane.” Our first quote from a bowling ball. Ed.

Wrapping up coverage of the new Roto Grip bowling balls is the HP 1 line is LOCO™. The LOCO solid features 45L™ Solid Reactive cover surrounding the Late Roll 48™ weightblock. The solid Purple veneer is 1500-grit finished with Polish. 
The LOCO™ pearl is 45L™ Copper & Navy Pearl Reactive also surrounding the Late Roll 48™core. Last touch is the 1500-grit surface is polished.  

Sunday, June 14, 2015

MOTIV's New Primal Rage REMIX

The Primal Rage REMIX is here and Ronnie Russell rolled it on the CBS Sports Network in winning the PBA Badger Open

The original Primal Rage (#redball) made people take notice of MOTIV bowling ball technology. Engineered for heavy oil, the REMIX provides more length than the Jackal and a very aggressive backend motion. And, of course, it delivers the continuation that you have come to expect from MOTIV.  

DV8 Presents 4 Summer Ball Introductions

The new DV8 Thug™ Corrupt features a composite hybrid Purple/Silver/Orange reactive coverstock surrounding the Thug low RG asymmetric core. Finished with 500, 4000 Siaair, the Thug Corrupt is designed for heavy oil.

The Blue/Orange Class 5G Pearl Reactive wraps a Hooligan Symmetric Core finished 500 Siaair, and Royal Compound.
The Hooligan™ Taunt is designed for length with aggressive flip on light to medium oil.

The new DV8 Vandal™, is being advertised as an all around ball for a wide variety of lane conditions (Oh I wish it was possible). This new core (Vandal Asymmetric) with the stylish V on the interior should provide a touch more reaction than without, so I expect it will be helpful. The exterior of the Vandal is Blue/Black Composite Pearl coverstock finished to 500 Siaair, then topped with Royal Compound.

Diva Spare. What can you say?

The new DV8's World Wide Release Date is July 7th, 2015. 

New Balls from Radical Technologies

The Guru Master sets a new standard for total hook on heavy oil lane conditions.  Radical reports: “This core/cover combination produces stronger hook motion in oil with amazing continuation on the backend and through the pins.” The Asymmetric Core features Offset and Scoop Technology. Surface of the Guru Master is 500, 1500 Siaair Micro Pad.

The Primo features a new core shape utilizing Radical‘s patented scoop core design matched with a proven reactive coverstock in Navy/Bronze Pearl formulation to provide outstanding all-purpose ball motion for a variety of bowling styles on a wide variety of lane conditions. Finish is 500 Siaair Micro Pad, topped with Royal Compound.

The Rave offers bench mark performance at a moderate price. It is designed to accommodate all styles of bowlers on medium oil house patterns. With a new symmetric core design with Scoop Technology and a versatile Burgundy/Silver Pearl cover, the Rave crunches pins not your wallet.  The Rave is finished with 500 Siaair Micro Pad, and Royal Compound.  These new Radical balls will be available July 7th, 2015.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Two New From Brunswick

Brunswick Mastermind Einstein, a new high performance ball, is Red/Silver/Blue Relativity Hybrid Reactive coverstock with a Modified Mastermind Asymmetric “engine.” The Mastermind Einstein is finished 500, 2000, 4000 with Siaair Pads.

Brunswick reports on their new cover: “The new Relativity reactive coverstock is Brunswick’s latest innovation in performance enhancing technology. This aggressive Hybrid coverstock produces easy length through the heads with outstanding traction on the backend to achieve ultimate flip.”

The new Mastermind Einstein with its 4000 grit Siaair Micro Pad finish provides easy length through heads, mid lane traction with an exceptional move on the backend on medium to oily lane conditions.
Brunswick Brute Strength is a Gold/Black
Savvy Hook Hybrid Reactive coverstock encapsulating the modified Mastermind Asymmetric weight block. The  Brute Strength is finished with 500 Siaair pad and Royal Compound.

The new Savvy Hook Hybrid Reactive is formulated to provide maximum versatility for all types of physical styles and provides more traction in oil on a variety of lane conditions. This new formulation produces easy length through the heads and strong mid-lane traction with a powerful backend motion.

With its Royal Compound Finish, the Brute Strength produces a unique motion that skids easily through the front, revs strong in the mid-lane, and provides a hard rolling backend reaction on variety of medium to oily lane patterns. 

World Wide release date is July 7th 2015.

Track Unveils Two New Balls

Track fans around the world have gathered and united to form the "Legion". The "Legion" isn't new or a fad, this diehard group of bowlers have been growing in numbers, waiting to unite as one to take over the bowling world. Track has now empowered its most loyal fan base with the weapon they need to conquer the lanes and their competition. This Legion isn't messing around! 

The Track Legion is Red/Black/Yellow MR-6 Hybrid coverstock which surrounds the LT-2 weight block, finished at 500, 1000 Abralon polished with Powerhouse Factory Finish Polish. Available July 21st, 2015.

A bowling ball is generally either very aggressive in the front part of the lane, mid-lane, or back end. For a ball to be able to do all three is rarely seen. In the bowling world, this is considered a Paradox. Our new high performance creation offers unexplainable hook and power on the heaviest of oil patterns. Some things are just better left unexplained. 

Track Paradox features a Blue/Blue Pearl/Light Blue QR-9 Hybrid coverstock encircling the I-Core 2.0 (Dual Density) weight block. The new Paradox is finished 500, 2000 Abralon. Available August 18th, 2015.