Sunday, January 6, 2008

Ball Choices

Ball choices should be driven by need. Why do you buy a specific ball? What weight is it?
Where does the ball track (where are the oil lines after your first shot)? How long have
you been bowling? Own any other balls? Do they work better or worse? How often do you bowl?
Practice? What kind of grip do you have (finger tip or conventional)?

New bowler more basic ball. Hard thrower, a ball to bite and slow down more quickly. Slower
player, shiny, hard, late breaking high radius of gyration ball will benefit.

Bowling balls are tools. If you you buy one then try to figure out how to use it, you've
made an ill advised choice.

Some balls are simple and traditionally formulated. Some balls are more complicated than ever.
Getting as much information as possible before a ball is drilled is almost mandatory for ball

Not knowing what ball, kind of core, or style of player that you are, your driller is working
with very little information. Using any ball can better be addressed by an instructor observing
and suggesting adjustments. You may want to seek out a local instructor, or check at the local
bowling center or pro shop, can someone observe and assist you?

Depending on your skill level, your ball speed, rev rate, axis tilt and rotation, your experience
(average and strengths-better spare shooter or striker with a weak spare game?), comfort zone
on the lane, and expectations, would be helpful.

You may just need some simple instruction to help control or create some ball reaction.
Bowl Great in 2008.

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