Wednesday, February 13, 2008

New Bowling Balls

The Roto Grip Cell targeted for heavy oil, features a Cutoplasmic Solid Reactive cover, in Turquoise, Navy and Black, finished with 2000 grit Abralon. The Nucleus Core features 2.52 RG and .056 Differential generating an expected 7+ inches of track flare.

The Roto Grip Pluto a Sure Grip II Solid cover finished with 2000 grit Abralon, will be Scarlet and Charcoal. The Higher RG ball features the Orbiter II core with 2.61 RG and a .018 Diff expected to create 2” of track flare.

Lane 1 is introducing the Liberator Buzzsaw, a black cover of BUD (Black U-Dot) Urethane finished at 1000 grit. The new Liberator contains the patented, classic, Buzzsaw Diamond core, 2.53 RG.

Hammer introduces the Black Widow Bite Featuring the High Mass Bias Gas Mask Core with Flip Block and new Violent Bite Reactive coverstock. The Black Widow Bite expands the performance offerings in the Black Widow series by offering a stronger hook motion with more aggressive backend.

A Premier Line addition from Storm, is the Gravity Shift. Storm’s new Silver Cherry and Violet colored R2X Pearl Reactive coverstock will be finished at 1500 and polished. Expect 6+ inches of flare from the Shape-Lock HD core and a Cherry/Chocolate fragrance from the New Storm.

Expect a Grape fragrance from the New Storm Rapid Fire. The 1500 grit polished Purple and Sapphire Blue ball contains the Twin V core and R2S Solid Reactive cover.

Hopefully the buzz is true. The Brunswick Avalanche Dull and Pearl are in transit to distributors everywhere. The retro Teal Rhino Pro light bulb core and N’Control Power Boost Reactive Cover in Blue and Silver (pearl) and Power Coil 18 Red and Blue cover of the dull Avalanche should be available in less than a week.

The Break™ Pearl from 900Global, features the same core and S70™ coverstock developed for the original Break. The Pearl Break was designed with the same properties based on feedback from Pro Shops and bowlers alike. Look for the Pearl Break to come with 600 Grit sandpaper Finish, 2000 Grit Polish, with Flare Potential of 5 - 6" Expected reaction shape of length and flip.

Track Kinetic Energy is the 2nd ball in the upper mid-price line for Track. It features the same Assymetrical Shuttle core as in the original Kinetic, with identical core numbers. RG: 16lb - 2.49/15lb - 2.48/14lb - 2.46 DIFF: 16lb - .040/15lb - .040/14lb - .040. Veneer: "UMP 2" Reactive, Navy/Orange finished at 2000 Abralon Polished.

Brunswick's Ultra Zone, New Mid February, Rough Buff enMotion Hybrid Reactive coverstock Black Solid/ Blue Solid/Silver Pearl, RG 2.40, RG Differential 0.046 (Medium) with the Blast Zone/Phantom asymmetrical core.

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