Monday, May 26, 2008

Hammer Goes Psycho, Columbia has an Arch Rival

On June 17th, Hammer will add to the Raw Hammer line with the Psycho. In Orange and Silver, "Max-Hook" reactive pearl coverstock is finished at 4000 Abralon and Polished. The NEW "Raw Hammer Assault" core develops RG/Diff of: 2.48/.047 in #16, 2.48/.050 in #15, and 2.50/.053 in #14.

Same release date, look for Columbia300 to introduce the Arch Rival symmetric "Spinner" core wrapped in a "300Plus" Reactive cover
in Red/Green/Black, RG/Differential numbers: #16-2.51 .037, #15-2.46 .056, and #14-2.49 .053.

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