Friday, January 20, 2012

Brunswick Adds 3 New Balls

The red/black solid Nexxus ƒ(P+R) features Brunswick’s newest innovation in performance enhancing Adaptive Chemistry. The combination of the Projection additive, new Recovery additive, and the Rotor core results in a ball motion with the highest hook potential and most continuation of any ball to date reports Brunswick. With a factory finish of 500 and 1500 Siaair Micro Pad, the Nexxus ƒ(P+F) provides a ball motion that projects through the front, saves axis rotation in the mid-lane and grabs the backend.
The black solid C-System versa-max combines Brunswick’s newest breakthrough in Chemical Friction Technology with the Dual Flip I-Block core. The C-System versa-max is factory finished with 500 Siaair Mircro Pad, Rough Buff, and High Gloss finish.

The purple/pink Karma Pearl combines Brunswick’s proven Danger Zone core shape matched with the Activator Plus reactive coverstock to produce good length and a strong yet controllable backend on medium to light oil lane conditions. Release date is not yet available.

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