Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Ebonite Introduces the Pursuit Series

Ebonite introduces a new High Performance Series, the Pursuit with the all new Pursuit and Pursuit S.

The Pursuit is a Mass Bias bowling ball, with a Mass Bias Rating of .008. The Pursuit core is named the Empire Core. The Pursuit S is the Symmetric version of the Pursuit core, with a Mass Bias Rating of .000 and will be named the Empire S Core design.
Ebonite reports: “The Pursuit coverstock, this is the most exciting part of the new Pursuit Series, the new chemistry."
1) Chemically Treated Surface – As each Pursuit ball makes its way off of the finish line, each ball is treated chemically in order to open the pores and achieve optimal performance.
2) Ultra Robust Surfacing – Through the testing phase, we worked on multiple surface options that would allow the Pursuit balls to maintain length, but still offer strong backend continuation. The best possible surface that we tested is 800 Abralon and 1500 Abranet.
3) Hyper Branched MDI Technology – This new cover system offers more performance, longer than any other industry MDI covers currently used.
4) All New Components – The Ebonite Pursuit Product Line is using materials that NO OTHER BOWLING BALLS are currently using!.

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