Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Two New From Brunswick in Novemebr

Brunswick reports the new Aura begins a new age of ball motion for Brunswick never seen before. “Outstanding length, super quick response to friction with the most continuation on the backend of any previous Brunswick ball.” The Aura with its Rough Buff finish, is designed to maintain the highest amount of Angular Velocity at the breakpoint when compared to other previous balls on medium to heavy oil lane conditions.

The Optimum-Flip Solid coverstock is Brunswick’s newest innovation in performance enhancing additive chemistry. The new Optimum-Flip Solid coverstock incorporates a new base reactive along with additive technology to create an outstanding Skid Flip ball motion for the Brunswick product line. The Aura Ultra Low RG core features a single density rounded-off elliptical inner core. The core is dynamically designed to extend the rotational energy, boosting angular velocity to transfer energy to the pins for increased pin action and higher scores. Available November 14, 2012

Brunswick Meanstreak™ The Addaptive ƒ(P2) Pearl coverstock is Brunswick’s latest advancement in performance enhancing additive chemistry. ƒ(P2) describes the latest ƒormula which multiplies their (P)projection additive with an aggressive reactive coverstock base creating a reported "Super Clean cover that skids easily down the lane creating maximum versatility." This new formulation is designed to produce the cleanest front end, while maintaining traction on the backend.

The new Meanstreak High RG symmetrical core features a long and lean design to provide maximum energy retention. Adding a mass around the equator stabilizes the dynamics to enhance the versatility of the core.

With its High Gloss finish, the Meanstreak is super clean through the front, retaining axis rotation for the backend with a strong continuous breakpoint. This combination of coverstock and core creates an extremely versatile motion and a great “Go To” ball on lower volume & broken down lane conditions. Available November 14, 2012

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