Thursday, January 17, 2013

Global 900 Adds Two Balls in February

February brings 2 new 900 Global balls, the War Eagle and a new Hook with World Wide Release Date: 2/6/13.

The War Eagle is a Red/Sky Blue S70 reactive cover finished with the T pad of their NEAT (4,000 grit) system wrapping the  
Asymmetric Break core. RG: #15/2.500,
DIFF: #15/.047.

The entry level Hook features a polished Black/Neon Green S43 reactive cover wrapping the symmetric Hook Core. RG: #15/2.551 DIFF: #15/.046.


Mark Murphy said...

What separates the War Eagle from the original Eagle or the Black Eagle? All three of them seem to be solid bowling balls with basically the same coverstock and core (so far as my uniformed eye can tell). If I'm to buy one of these, shouldn't there be something that separates it from the other Eagles? Maybe pearl and hybrid coverstocks, for instance.

Warren Friedl said...

Color will sometimes influence ball performance slightly. But ball companies always need to provide something new even if new is just a new color (like cars). A good ball can find its place in your arsenal. Sometimes in multiple variations (I'm a big fan of this idea).