Monday, August 26, 2013

Radical Bowling Technologies Registers With the Professional Bowlers Association

The partnership between Brunswick and Radical Bowling Technologies – the high-tech ball company featuring the team of Phil Cardinale and Mo Pinel – has provided the opportunity for the newly re-branded company to become the newest member of the Professional Bowlers Association’s Registered Product Company family.

The partnership agreement recently moved production of Radical bowling balls to the Brunswick manufacturing facility, and a number of exciting things have already taken place including an expansion in the worldwide distribution of Radical performance bowling balls. The expanded distribution base and increase in pro shop shelf space has created an opportunity for the Radical brand to make an investment and get the products in use for PBA national and regional competitions.

As a full PBA Registered Product Company, Radical Bowling will be able to take advantage of a wide range of promotional opportunities provided by the PBA at all levels of competition, including the PBA Tour, PBA50 Tour and the PBA’s extensive regional program.

Approved Radical Bowling products will be eligible immediately for use in PBA

competition, including upcoming PBA Regional Players Invitational events that will be webcast live on Xtra Frame, and in PBA Tour competition during the PBA World Series of Bowling V which gets underway Oct. 25 at South Point Bowling Center in Las Vegas. WSOB-V also will include hundreds of hours of live coverage on Xtra Frame, the PBA’s exclusive online bowling channel, as well as five PBA Tour championship finals which will be nationally televised on ESPN.

“I’m thrilled to get the opportunity team up with Brunswick,” said Cardinale. “This partnership is providing the Radical brand with a first-class manufacturing facility for our balls and the opportunity to expand our reach with improved sales and distribution to pro shops and consumers around the world. We have some outstanding products, and I look forward to seeing the Radical balls used in PBA competition."

Brian Graham, director of sales and marketing for Brunswick consumer products, concurred, saying, “Partnering with Phil and Mo to create Radical Bowling Technologies is a great example of how we’re growing our overall position in the bowling consumer products business. This brand is allowing us to expand our product offerings to reach a new customer that is looking for a technological edge in their bowling balls.”

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