Thursday, January 5, 2017

Bowling Memorabilia From USBC Hall Of Famer Roger Dalkin

As many of you know over my lifetime I have been an avid collector of bowling memorabilia, some of which is one of a kind. If you ever visited my office at Bowling Headquarters in Greendale, you saw just a small part of my collection. 

My extensive collection in now in boxes in my daughter’s basement. It is time to let others enjoy these items like I did. As a result I am going to start selling off my entire collection over the coming year. 

This post (Facebook) is to see if there is any interest. 

The collection includes medals from the ABC and WIBC Tournaments back to the early 1900’s, ties, art, autographed bowling pins, one of a kind items, and even the 6’ by 9’ USBC sign that was in front of the building in Greendale. 

If you have interest or know anyone who might be interested send me an email with your name and email address and I will send out emails to all who are interested about how I will proceed selling items in the collection. Email me directly at

If you would like you can repost this on bowling sites.


Roger Dalkin
USBC Hall of Fame
Former USBC CEO and 

ABC Executive Director

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