Saturday, May 23, 2009

Hammer Releases New Ball News

Starting off is the Black Widow Sting. The Black Widow series has been the most successful series in Hammer’s history at Ebonite International, and it is still the best selling franchise in the bowling industry. The Sting pairs up proven “High Mass Bias Gas Mask Core” with a new Black/Blue “Violent Flip Reactive” coverstock. Bowlers will look to the Sting on heavier to medium-heavy oil, as the Violent Flip Reactive cover is extremely aggressive, and comes sanded at 2000 Grit Abralon. The Sting gives bowlers that signature Black Widow series backend with even more power and aggressiveness. Black Widow Sting has a Worldwide Release Date of July 14th, 2009.

Raw Hammer Burn brings a new coverstock to the lanes for Hammer. “Our new “Shredder Reactive Pearl” coverstock is the most responsive coverstock ever wrapped around a Hammer mid-price ball” reports Hammer. Bowlers are going to see extremely good length with our 4000 (Abralon) and Polished finish. The new Yellow/Silver combination is different; Raw Hammer Burn has a Worldwide Release Date of June 16th, 2009.

Onyx Vibe pairs up the reliable Vibe symmetric core with a new “CT Reactive Plus” coverstock. It comes in a very sharp Onyx Sparkle color with Gold Flake engraving. The Onyx Vibe is available in 10-16#, and is available for ordering immediately.

Finally, Hammer is pleased to announce the extension of the very successful Razyr performance line – the Razyr Black/Red. Razyr Black/Red is a new color with a familiar design. With our proven “Recoil Reactive” coverstock, we’re retaining good performance ball motion. We’re also continuing the use of our high-density 3-piece construction in the Hammer Razyr. Our new color now gives the consumer two options when they’re looking for great Hammer performance on drier lane conditions. Both colors will enter the new season in our 2009-2010 catalog. Razyr Black/Red is available in 10-16 pounds as well, and is not restricted by our Worldwide Release Date program.

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