Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Storm Adds to The Marvel series with The Marvel - S and to the Road series with the Hy-Road Pearl

The new Storm Marvel-S has several powerful features. When considering a ball for heavier oil, you need to consider the new Marvel-S. Nanotechnology has proven itself in the Storm  Premier™ Line as the very best coverstock material when it comes to creating friction in oil. Science has proven that the texture of the NRG™ coverstock has higher surface roughness due to its expanded peaks and deep valleys. If you want an aggressive shell, this is it.

Prepped with a textured 3000-grit finishing pad, the Marvel-S’ Aqua/Green/Black NRG coverstock handles heavy oil like a beast, yet allows you the versatility to adjust the finish as you see fit. For the slickest conditions, grab a 500-grit pad or 1000-grit pad and you’ll be amazed with the performance. But maybe the laydown area in your center is a less than smooth. Just a few dabs of Xtra-Shine™ and you’ll be able to skid the Marvel-S through the heads, but you will still see ample midlane and backend reaction as well. Fragrance: Spearmint

The new Hy-Road Pearl is wrapped in the R2S™ pearl reactive, helping the new Hy-Road shell to float easily through the front, maintaining ball speed as much as possible, waiting to really cut loose on the backends.

The popular Hy-Road shares it's Inverted Fe²™ Technology weight block with the new Hy-Road Pearl. Pairing the R2S Pearl reactive coverstock with the dynamic Fe² weight block ensures that your favorite layouts in your previous Road series balls will be just as effective in the new Hy-Road Pearl.

Don’t forget that the thicker shell of the Hy-Road series makes a difference, too. The amount of energy transferred to the pins at impact is greater, translating to unmatched power at the pocket. It’s part of what makes the Hy-Road one of the most special balls in the history of bowling. Fragrance: Grape Punch.

The new Storm balls will be available in mid July, introduction has been pushed back to July 16th.

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