Friday, June 27, 2014

Radical Bowling's Newest Addition, The REAX Gusto

The REAX Gusto is the final piece in the REAX Top Shelf line of asymmetrical balls. The GUSTO delivers the most violent backend reaction in the Reax line. Designed to handle medium to lighter oil lane conditions, the REAX Gusto has the quickest change in direction of any Radical ball to date. The motion is reminiscent of what was first seen when reactive resin balls first hit the market place. By utilizing a new set of additives to their base resin, Radical was able to achieve this very desirable motion. This additive technology allows the Gusto to provide outstanding length from it’s black/silver pearl coverstock, which is finished at 500 grit Saair, compound and polish. Yet The REAX Gusto can be very, very responsive to the backend of the lane.

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