Friday, June 27, 2014

Roto Grip Unveils Their New Bowling Balls

Roto Grip Balls Unveiled - Sinister™, Hysteria™, Outcry™, Scream™ and Shout™. Look for the new Roto Grip balls on August 26th.

Roto Grip’s new Sinister™ features the all-new Cage™ Core, the nucleus is wrapped with a Hybrid 76H™ cover of Neon Yellow & White Pearl / Navy Solid finished to 4000 grit.

The next HP3 introduction is the Hysteria™ with the 67MH™ solid reactive cover of yellow and purple which is finished to 1500-grit and polished. The Late Roll 69™ core is used in the Hysteria.

The new HP2 Outcry is a reactive hybrid 53M™ Silver pearl and Teal cover smooth at 4000 grit and surrounding the popular Late Roll 51™ core from the Uproar and Rumble.

In what seems to be an annual “costume” change, the colors of the new variation Scream™ and Shout™ have changed but little else (same core, same covers, cover prep is slightly different). Scream™ is Neon Pink Pearl / Navy Pearl, while the Shout™ is Red / Blue.

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