Friday, June 26, 2015

Roto Grip Unveils Their New Bowling Balls

The new MENACE™, a solid coverstock  addition (74H™ coverstock is finished at 3000-grit) to the HP 4 line at Roto Grip, with the Sinister Cage™ Core. The Solid Red / Yellow / Green HP ball has high flare potential.
HAYWIRE™ The New Roto Grip Haywire, replacing the Disturbed with the same Middle Roll 70™weightblock and a juiced 80H™ Micro Bite™ solid reactive coverstock in Navy / Peach / Sky Blue. The cover is finished with 2000-grit pad. Expect 6+ inches of flare (Medium-High if you’ve got the hand).
The Roto Grip DEVOUR™ an HP 2 line addition features another solid cover in Black / Yellow (54MH™Solid Reactive finished with 3000-grit pad) wrapped around the Late Roll 56™weightblock providing 4" - 5" (Medium-High) of flare potential. 
In an interview with the new Roto Grip DEVOUR the ball exclaimed “My all-new Late Roll 56™ core builds on the proven success of the Neutron™ core by giving it a density boost for an increased differential. The result is better length and controlled shape down lane.” Our first quote from a bowling ball. Ed.

Wrapping up coverage of the new Roto Grip bowling balls is the HP 1 line is LOCO™. The LOCO solid features 45L™ Solid Reactive cover surrounding the Late Roll 48™ weightblock. The solid Purple veneer is 1500-grit finished with Polish. 
The LOCO™ pearl is 45L™ Copper & Navy Pearl Reactive also surrounding the Late Roll 48™core. Last touch is the 1500-grit surface is polished.  

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