Thursday, June 30, 2016

Roto Grip Announces Four Balls for Fall

Roto Grip No Rules My Chaotic™ Core unleashes its dynamic motion and adapts to any lane condition. Pair that with my Neon Green / Neon Orange / Black Micro DNA™ Solid Reactive Coverstock and I’ve got all the traction I need. The heaviest oil can’t faze me as I shred the rulebook and my competition. The No Rules is finished with a 2000-grit pad.
Roto Grip Wreck-It My solid Neutron™ Core propels my strong, steady motion, and my all-new Gold & White Pearl / Black solid, Psyched™ Hybrid Reactive Coverstock pulls it all together for a solid finish. Built for any level of play, I’m proof that great performance doesn’t have to break the bank. The Wreck-It is finished smooth with a 3000 grit pad.
Roto Grip Hustle When we’re expected to perform, trust us — we don’t hold back. Our dynamic Hustle™ Core drives the motion and keeps the control, but with both the Psyched™ and Stoked™ Hybrid Reactive coverstocks to choose from, you determine your breakpoint. Make your choice and let’s get started.

The Hustle PRO (Purple, Raspberry, Orange) features two parts Solid coverstock and one part pearl, named the Psyched™ Hybrid Reactive Coverstock. The mix is Purple & Raspberry Solid/ Orange Pearl. While the Hustle SAY (Silver & Aqua Pearl / Yellow Solid) is two parts pearl with one part solid coverstock, to be known as the Stoked™ Hybrid cover.  Both Hustle balls are finished to 1500 grit and polished. 

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