Wednesday, June 29, 2016

DV8 Adds Four New Balls

DV8 introduces four new balls, July 12th for Grudge Hybrid and Freakshow and August 9th for Vandal Smash and Deviant Pearl.

The hybrid Grudge is Black/Red/Yellow Composite Hook Hybrid coverstock, surrounding the Grudge Low RG Asymmetric core. The Grudge hybrid is finished 500/4000 with Siaair Micro Pads, to provide the friction and hook for long or heavier lane conditions, or if your ball speed is faster.

The Freakshow Blue/Platinum Class 6V Pearl Reactive cover is finished to 500 Siaair then Royal Compound and Royal Shine.  The Freakshow Symmetric (low RG 2.481 in #15) core is light bulb shaped. The Freakshow is designed for more medium conditions or for bowlers with slower speed and more hand. 

The Vandal Smash features Navy/ Purple Composite Flip Solid coverstock, wrapped around the Vandal Asymmetric core. The veneer is finished with 500/4000 Siaair Micro Pads.

The Deviant pearl is Black/Silver Composite Pearl coverstock encasing the  Deviant Medium RG Symmetric core. A taller lightbulb shape with more flare, more skid and a cover finished with 500 Siaair pad and smoothed with Royal Compound, that could handle a bit more oil.

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