Thursday, November 8, 2012

How International Players Fared in WSOB IV

The field of 66 international players representing a record 17 countries (including the U.S.) acquitted themselves well during WSOB IV. Here’s how the best from each country finished in the four animal pattern events:
Australia: Jason Belmonte, qualified first for Chameleon finals.
● Bahrain: Fawaz Abdulla, qualified fourth for Chameleon finals.
● Canada: Dan MacLelland, sixth in Viper.
● Colombia: Andres Gomez, 12th in Scorpion.
● Costa Rica: Alejandro Reyna, 140th in Scorpion.
● Denmark: Mik Stampe, eighth in Chameleon.
● England: Dom Barrett, sixth in Scorpion.
● Finland: Osku Palermaa, qualified first in Scorpion.
● Germany: Manuel Mrosek, Germany, 157th in Scorpion.
● Iceland: Hafthor Hardarson, 80th in Cheetah.
● Korea: Hyun Bum Kim, 57th in Cheetah.
● Mexico: Julio Cesar Blancas, 37th in Cheetah.
● Phillipines: Paolo Joquico, 212th in Viper.
● Saudi Arabia: Ahmed Saad Alhaydan, 80th in Chameleon.
● Sweden: Johan Hellden, 18th in Cheetah.
● Venezuela: Amleto Monacelli, 49th in Viper.

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