Thursday, November 8, 2012

USA Bowling Model Thriving in Detroit and Baton Rouge

Strike Force Youth Bowling, the largest youth bowling program in Metro Detroit and Saturday Minors in Baton Rouge, LA are reporting great success with their newly created competition for youth. Detroit's Elite Youth Travel Bowling Club and Baton Rouge's Saturday Minors are both modeled after the USA Bowling program, which is a more mainstream youth sports model, using a unique format which sets themselves apart from other similar programs.
"We are excited to see the USA Bowling model picking up steam through organizations such as Strike Force Youth Bowling and Saturday Minors," said Chad Murphy, International Bowling Campus Managing Director of Youth. "While it's not branded USA Bowling, they have taken the most important elements of the program to create something that works for them."
Detroit's program, in association with Community Bowling Centers and is unique in its administration, scoring system, and cutting edge format. Scoring is different from most other youth bowling programs in that teams only receive points for games won (no "bonus" points for totals) and there are no handicaps. The new program also used a system similar in nature to the pro sport draft to create teams. The new Elite Youth Travel Bowling Club travels to different bowling centers each week where they receive a lesson given by the Strike Force Team followed by three games of bowling competition.
To insure parental involvement in the program, a Competition Committee composed of parents and athletes was established to create synergy and credibility for the program. Bill Reynolds, a longtime supporter of youth travel bowling in the Metro Detroit area is the first Competition Director for this new concept.
"Our mission is to bridge the gap between parent and athlete, to enhance communication, and develop ideas for the betterment of the club," said Roger Philipi, Community Bowling Centers (MI), Strike Force youth chairman. "In addition to providing a great competitive experience for the youth, the program encourages kids to move on after high school to participate in collegiate bowling."
Saturday Minors, headed by Commissioner Mike LaCroix, has teams of 4-5 players and offers two divisions - 11 and under (Minor division), and 13 and older (Major division), with 12 year olds placed in the appropriate age division based on skill level. Practices are conducted by volunteer coaches Saturday mornings before competition. Minor division players bowl two individual games and team baker games. In the Major division, players will bowl three individual games and team baker games. Points are awarded and scoring is based on total pin fall (no handicap).
In 2013 Strike Force Youth and Community Bowling Centers will be hosting the USBC Junior Gold Tournament, the USBC Youth Open Championships, and the NCAA Women's Bowling Championship.
For more information about the Detroit model, contact Bill Reynolds at 248-761-6128.
For more information about the Baton Rouge model, contact Mike LaCroix at 225-924-0124.

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