Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Professional Bowler's League Will Draft Friday

Professional Bowlers Association (PBA) Hall of Famer Norm Duke of Clermont, FL, won the No. 1 pick in the first PBA League Draft Lottery Friday among the eight Franchise Players who will draft teammates for the inaugural PBA League.

The PBA League makes its debut in suburban Detroit in January. The first PBA League Draft will be held Friday at 10 a.m. PT at South Point Bowling Center and will be webcast live on PBA’s Xtra Frame online bowling channel.

The lottery to determine draft order involved the top eight players from 2011-12 PBA Tour points. Those eight will select four additional players (plus a supplemental player) to fill out their teams for the PBA League. As of the deadline Friday, 141 PBA members declared themselves eligible for the draft.

Based on the lottery, Duke, who finished sixth in points last season, will get the first pick next Friday. He’ll be followed, in draft order, by:

2) Pete Weber, St. Ann, MO (fourth in 2011-12 points);

3) Bill O’Neill, Langhorne, PA (seventh in 2011-12 points);

4) Jason Belmonte, Australia (second in 2011-12 points);

5) Mike Fagan, Dallas, TX (third in 2011-12 points);

6) Sean Rash, Montgomery, IL (first in 2011-12 points);

7) Chris Barnes, Double Oak, TX (eighth in 2011-12 points);

8) Osku Palermaa, Finland (fifth in 2011-12 points).

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