Thursday, October 17, 2013

Brunswick Adds Three To Their Ball Lines

Brunswick Mastermind™ Pro Performance. “ The black/blue/orange solid Mastermind provides the strongest hook motion of any Brunswick ball to date” reports Brunswick. The Mastermind combines the latest cutting edge Honor Roll Solid coverstock and the new Mastermind Ultra Low RG core to produce unsurpassed traction in the oil and on the backend. The result is higher angular velocity for increased pin action and higher scores on heavy oil lane conditions.

Melee™ High Performance. The red solid Melee features the new Savvy Solid reactive coverstock and a new medium RG symmetric core to provide maximum versatility on a variety of oil patterns. The result is easy length with a forceful backend reaction.

Ringer™ Platinum Pearl  Affordable Performance The Ringer Platinum Pearl features a new low friction coverstock formulation matched with the Ringer Medium RG symmetric core to provide a ball motion that projects easily down the lane with backend flip on medium to light oil lane conditions.

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