Sunday, October 6, 2013

Radical Technologies Adds 2 Balls

Reax™ Version 2 “We have worked hard to find a new resin formulation,” reports a Radical spokesman “and the results are magnificent.” This new resin allows the REAX Version 2 to clear the fronts with ease and corner like there is no tomorrow, a motion not normally seen in an aggressive asymmetrical ball. However, Radical cautions that the REAX Version 2 has more overall hook than its original version, but we moved that hook to the back end of the lane. The result is a strong hooking ball that retains energy through the pins, and this energy retention translates into better pin carry. The core in the REAX Version 2 is a new technology as well. Radical incorporated the finger scoop concept first seen in the original Yeti™ and combined it with the patented Off-Set Technology in the original REAX™. The results are eye-opening with a ball motion not seen in the market since the introduction of the resin coverstock.

Yeti™ Untamed This second generation Yeti incorporates the same dynamic symmetric core as the original Yeti with a new resin base coverstock. “The Yeti Untamed is a monster, and it has more overall hook than the original Yeti with most of the action taking place down the lane” reports Radical. To say the Yeti Untamed has a big back end would be an understatement. With its polished finish (500 Siaair Micro Pad, Royal Compound, Royal Shine), the black/emerald green solid Yeti Untamed offers unmatched performance at this price point.

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