Sunday, October 6, 2013

New Balls Coming Soon from DV8

 DV8 RUCKUS™ The black/blue/lime Ruckus features the new Class 8F Hybrid coverstock formulation matched with the new medium RG, asymmetric Ruckus core. This combination provides “plenty of hook with extremely aggressive backend reaction on medium to heavy oil lane conditions” suggests DV8. This stronger backend reaction allows bowlers to play deeper inside angles while maintaining outstanding entry angle and superior pin action.

DV8 DUDE™ The black/purple Dude features the new Class 4F Solid coverstock matched with the new high RG, symmetric Dude core to provide outstanding versatility for a variety of bowling styles. DV8 reports: “The Dude floats easily down the lane and provides plenty of flip at the breakpoint to attack the pins on medium to light oil lane conditions.” Look for a similar reaction to the Diva, as the Dude contains the same core, with less pink in the cover!

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