Friday, June 22, 2012

Brunswick Introduces 3 New Balls

Nexxxus ƒ(P+S)

The bronze/graphite pearl Nexxxus f(P+S) is the latest breakthrough in Brunswick’s Addaptive Chemistry as it adds more length, more aggressive snap, and more total hook. The polished Nexxxus f(P+S) makes a significant performance advancement by producing stronger hook motion than its dull predecessors in the Nexus product line. The combination of the Nexus Arrowhead core and our new f(P+S) coverstock produces a great-looking ball with impressive power and performance on the lanes. Available: Worldwide

C-System maxxed-out

The cobalt/teal solid C-System maxxed-out combines the new Ultra Low RG Dual Flip I-Block symmetrical core with our new C-System maxxed-out coverstock to create a strong and controllable hook motion that serves as the perfect complement to the C-System versa-max. The CFT maxxed-out coverstock maximizes the friction additives to strengthen the mid-lane grip and backend reaction for maximum control. Available: Worldwide

  Karma Urethane

The navy solid Karma Urethane is designed for extra smooth and predictable motion on light oil lane conditions. Combining the medium RG light bulb core shape with a retro urethane coverstock allows bowlers to play the traditional “down the boards” line to the pocket. Available: Worldwide

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