Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Teen Masters World Series to Debut at the PBA World Series of Bowling IV

The Teen Masters will conduct the first Teen Masters World Series in conjunction with Professional Bowlers Association (PBA) World Series of Bowling IV in November, and selected PBA Super Regional events will be conducted during the 2012-13 season under a new agreement between Killer ‘B’ Promotions and  the PBA.With preliminary rounds scheduled for Nov. 7-11 at the Red Rock Bowling Center in Las Vegas, the Teen Masters World Series will determine 18 & Under World Champions in both boys and girls divisions. The finalists will then move to South Point for the taping of two 90-minute Teen Masters World Showdown television shows (for boys and girls divisions) on the PBA World Series of Bowling IV arena installation. Telecast details will be announced later.

PBA and Killer ‘B’ Promotions joined forces in 2011-12 to conduct 18 Teen
qualifiers held in conjunction with selected PBA regional tournaments,
giving youth bowlers an opportunity to compete on PBA lane conditions and rub
elbows with the greats in the game.

The 2012 Teen Masters National Championships will be conducted July 8-12 at Freeway Lanes Wickliffe in Cleveland, Ohio, with the Grand Championship
returning to Grand Central Terminal in New York City Aug. 5-8.

With proposed live webcasts of the Super Regional tournaments on PBA’s online
bowling channel Xtra Frame, the goal will be to bolster the regional tournament experience for competitors, sponsors, spectators and host proprietors.

Each year, the PBA conducts nearly 170 regional tournaments in both regular and senior divisions in seven regions across the U.S., providing players aspiring to compete on the PBA Tour with a proving ground to compete against accomplished PBA stars along with bowlers who may not have Tour aspirations, but want to take their competitive experience to a higher level.

“We are happy to join forces with Killer ‘B’ Promotions to enhance the effort to create an improved competitive environment for our legion of dedicated and loyal regional players and to create world-class bowling competition for youth bowlers who we hope someday will aspire to become PBA members,” PBA Commissioner Tom Clark said. “Joining together we can each do our part in developing competitive opportunities for bowlers of all ages.”

“The Teen Masters World Series continues our successful partnership with PBA to showcase topflight youth bowlers on a national and international stage,” said Killer ‘B’ Promotions principal Gary Beck. “With the long-standing popularity of the PBA regional program, we want to work with PBA to maximize the potential these tournaments have to offer.”

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