Thursday, June 21, 2012

Radical Bowling Introduces 2 Balls

 The Radical Bowling Slant HD is a strong asymmetrical core ball and uses the “Soaker” additive in the coverstock. The “Soaker” formulae absorbs oil from the surface 54% faster than balls without the additive. The core is an improved Slant “Booster” core but increased density of the flip block boosts the flare potential (differential). #15 RG of 2.46 and RG Differential of.054.

The Radical Bowling Torrid uses one of the most prolific cores ever developed. “Its performance on the PBA Tour was unprecedented and it was one of the most sought after balls on the market” reports Radical President Phil Cardinale. With an updated coverstock the Torrid is projected to perform like its legendary predecessor in a mid performance price range. #15 RG of 2.46 and RG Differential of.048.

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