Friday, June 22, 2012

DV8 Hits the Market with 2 New Balls

The red pearl/yellow solid DV8 Marauder features a new symmetric core shape matched with the new Class 4 reactive coverstock resulting in a ball motion that is long and sharp at the breakpoint on medium to light oil lane conditions. This core and coverstock combination produces an outstanding all-purpose ball motion and sets the Marauder as the new benchmark ball in the DV8 product line. RG Min: 2.524, RG Diff: 0.050, RG Asy: 0.001 @ 15 pounds

The black/blue pearl DV8 Hell Raiser Terror features the lower RG version of the Hell Raiser core matched with DV8’s new Class 6 reactive coverstock. This combination results in a ball motion that is extremely angular at the breakpoint with strong hook potential on medium to heavy oil lane conditions. The Hell Raiser Terror is now the most aggressive ball in the DV8 product line. RG Min: 2.480, RG Diff: 0.056, RG Asy: 0.018 @ 15 pounds

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