Thursday, July 12, 2012

GEICO PBA Summer Shootout on ESPN

Reigning U.S. Open champ Pete Weber of St. Ann, MO, put 12 points on the board in Round 4 of the GEICO PBA Summer Shootout at 10pin bowling lounge, helping his Storm team take the early lead in the annual Manufacturers Cup competition.

The first four rounds of one ball, low-man-out singles elimination matches aired Sunday on ESPN2. In each round, nine players representing nine different bowling ball brands competed in three groups of three players each. The survivor of the low-man-out preliminary matches advance to a final match where the winner earned 12 points, runner-up 8 points and third-place finisher 7 points. Those eliminated in the preliminary matches earned lesser points.

Weber, behind a flawless seven-strike performance (three in his preliminary match and four in a row in a Round 4 showdown with Roto Grip’s Brian Kretzer of Dayton, Ohio), helped Storm take a three-point lead over Ebonite and DV8 in the bowling ball manufacturers’ contest. Brunswick’s Chris Loschetter finished third in Round 4 after an eight-count on his first shot in the three-player final match.

In the first round, Ryan Ciminelli of Cheektowaga, NY, threw four strikes in a row – two in his preliminary match and two more in the final showdown to eliminate Storm’s Osku Palermaa of Finland and DV8’s Ronnie Russell of Camby, IN, staking Brunswick to an early lead in the team competition. Russell struck on his first shot in the final match, but had a nine-count on his second shot. Palermaa finished third after an eight-count on his first attempt.

Round 2 went to Columbia 300’s Chris Barnes of Double Oak, Texas, who struck on his first three shots to edge DV8’s Mike Machuga of Erie, PA (double and nine-count). Ebonite’s Tommy Jones of Simpsonville, SC, was third after a nine-count on his first shot in the final match.

Newly-inducted PBA Hall of Famer Jason Couch, who announced his retirement from PBA Tour competition at the start of the Summer Shootout, temporarily put Ebonite into the team lead when he claimed 12 points in Round 3, ousting 900 Global’s Robert Smith of Las Vegas, who left three pins standing on his second shot. Hammer’s Bill O’Neill of Southampton, PA, was knocked out with a seven-count on his first ball.

Five more rounds of singles and doubles low-man-out elimination rounds will determine the team seeding positions for an elimination position round contest leading into the Baker doubles format stepladder finals. All remaining rounds of the GEICO PBA Summer Shootout will air on ESPN on Saturday, July 14, at noon ET and Sunday, July 15, at 1 p.m. ET.


10pin bowling lounge, Chicago, thru July 8

Singles Low-Man-Out Elimination Format (points awarded to each team based upon finishing position in each round)

Round 1: 1, Ryan Ciminelli, Brunswick, 12 points. 2, Ronnie Russell, DV8, 8 points. 3, Osku Palermaa, Storm, 7 points. 4th-6th (5 points each) - Jason Couch, Ebonite; Bill O’Neill, Hammer; Brian Voss, 900 Global. 7th-9th (2 points each) - Brian Kretzer, Roto Grip; Dan MacLelland, Columbia 300; Mike Fagan, Track

Round 2: 1, Chris Barnes, Columbia 300, 12. 2, Mike Machuga, DV8, 8. 3, Tommy Jones, Ebonite, 7. 4th-6th (5 points each) – Mika Koivuniemi, Track; Pete Weber, Storm; Missy Parkin, 900 Global. 7th-9th (2 points each) – Sean Rash, Brunswick; Carolyn Dorin-Ballard, Roto Grip; Mike Wolfe, Ebonite

Round 3: 1, Jason Couch, Ebonite, 12. 2, Robert Smith, 900 Global, 8. 3, Bill O’Neill, Hammer, 7. 4th-6th (5 points each) – Wes Malott, Roto Grip; Jason Belmonte, Storm; Brian Valenta, DV8. 7th-9th (2 points each) – Dan MacLelland, Columbia 300; Ryan Ciminelli, Brunswick; Mike Fagan, Track

Round 4: 1, Pete Weber, Storm, 12. 2, Brian Kretzer, Roto Grip, 8. 3, Chris Loschetter, Brunswick, 7. 4th-6th (5 points each) – Mike Wolfe, Ebonite; Ronnie Russell, DV8; Chris Barnes, Columbia 300. 7th-9th (2 points each) – Mika Koivuniemi, Track; Missy Parkin, 900 Global; Tommy Jones, Ebonite

Manufacturers Cup Standings (points after four rounds): 1, Storm 29. 2 (tie) Ebonite and DV8 26. 4, Brunswick 23. 5, Columbia 300 21. 6, 900 Global 20. 7, Hammer 19. 8, Roto Grip 17. 9, Track 11.

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