Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Business of Making Money

Letter from the Editor in The Foundation Bowling Newsletter by June Davis

When I wrote my editorial regarding the Women’s US Open last month, I strictly spoke from the point of view that the talents of elite athletes should be showcased. With the easier lane pattern that was used during the USWO, scores were literally through the roof; there were several perfect games and, if you watched the TV show, you saw that there was some area to play the lanes.

I stand by my opinion and what I wrote 100%.

However, I thought about it some more and continued to wonder why the Bowling Proprietors Association of America (BPAA), the group running the most prestigious event in women’s bowling, would want to “lighten up” the lane conditions. And it occurred to me that I had already written the answer. I mentioned the BPAA Executive Director Steve Johnson had addressed the Bowling Writer’s Association during the annual meeting. Johnson said they “wanted a tournament like no other; a tournament that would break the records.”

When I think about what Johnson said and that the BPAA is an organization comprised of bowling proprietors, I begin to understand perhaps why the lane conditions were made a little “softer”. The bowling proprietors own bowling centers and they are in the business of getting people; any people; into the centers to spend money bowling. They are in business to make money and if people aren’t coming into the bowling centers, then the proprietors aren’t making money.

I suppose they were trying to get people interested and show that bowling is exciting. I just don’t personally feel that by using an easier pattern that allows mistakes to be made on the lanes will put our athletes in the most respectable light…especially at a prestigious tournament like the US Open.
Scoring records and participation records may have been broken, but did that really help attract more women or more people to bowling? I can’t answer that and I suppose we’ll have to wait until next year to see if the entries improve.
On a side note…it took a while for the numbers to be released, but it turns out the USWO television show also broke the record for live attendance. I wonder…did we break any records for television viewers?

Comment: Bowling has been losing participants to the tune of more then 10 MILLION in the last 15 years, all the while lane conditions have gotten easier and easier. Don't know who said it but "Those who don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it."

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Junior Gold, North Pointe Insurance Bowling Events to Merge

From Bowlers Journal International Magazine:
Is one tournament better than two?
Leaders of the USBC and BPAA believe it is when the tournament is the new $250,000 North Pointe Junior Gold Championships, presented by Brunswick.
The tournament is made possible by the merger of the USBC’s Junior Gold Championships and the BPAA’s North Pointe High School Singles Championships.
The new combined event will feature some significant changes:
USBC Junior Gold membership no longer will have a minimum average requirement.
• The tournament will have two age-based divisions — 20 and under, and 15 and under  — with separate competition for boys and girls.
“The creation of the North Pointe Junior Gold Championships is a remarkable example of bowling’s membership organizations and leading sponsors coming together to make a change that benefits the kids,” said International Bowling Campus Director of Youth Development Chad Murphy.
“We now have a significant event for children 15 and under, which is a critical development age, (we have) preserved the opportunities for older teens, and opened the benefits of Junior Gold membership to all youth bowlers.”
North Pointe Insurance is the nation's largest insurer of independent bowling centers. In addition to its sponsorship of the Junior Gold Championships, North Pointe has made a multi-year commitment to the Youth Education Services Fund and will be recognized as a YES Fund founding partner.
Junior Gold will continue to be open to youth bowlers who qualify at regional events around country, and will award automatic bids to Junior Team USA as part of the competition. The 2012 event will be held in Indianapolis in July, in conjunction with the USBC Youth Open.


Walter Ray Williams Jr.’s long-shot bid to add a Professional Bowlers Association
Senior Player of the Year title to his lengthy portfolio of PBA honors
remains alive after he led qualifying in the PBA Senior Jackson Open
at Airport Lanes Thursday. But the man he needs to beat, Ron Mohr of
Eagle River, Alaska, is right on Williams’ heels as the No. 2 qualifier.

Williams, a PBA Hall of Famer and owner of a record 47 titles on the regular PBA 
Tour, finished the 16-game qualifying portion of the tournament with 3,813 pins, 
50 pins ahead of Mohr. During Wednesday’s eight-game round, Williams threw four 
games in the 240s along with a pair of 258 games, but even at his torrid pace, 
Mohr gained ground.

Heading into Thursday’s final round of single-elimination match play for the top 
32 qualifiers, Williams is faced with a need to win not only the Senior Jackson 
Open, but next week’s Senior Dayton Classic to have a chance to win Senior 
Player of the Year honors. The only other player with a mathematical chance in 
the Player of the Year race is Harry Sullins of Chesterfield Township, MI, 
who qualified third.

Mohr, who has won three times in 2011, leads the points race with 78 points to 
Williams’ 52 and Sullins’ 48. Players are awarded 16 points for a title, 8 
points for a second-place finish, 4 points for third and 2 points for fourth 
place, so a third-place finish by Mohr in would assure no less than a tie for 
the title with Williams and it would eliminate Sullins.

Win or not, Williams is pleased with the year he has had, and how he’s bowling 
in Jackson.

“I threw the ball pretty firm, pretty straight today,” he said. “I had a nice 
ball reaction today and yesterday going up and at the pins. I might have hooked 
the ball a little more today as the round progressed, but it was nothing 

“I’ve had a great year,” the Ocala, Fla., resident said, “but a lot of guys have 
bowled very well against me in match play. It’s just one of those things. But 
the way I’ve been bowling, I’m looking forward to bowling with the young guys 
again when the regular tour gets going in November.”

Competition continues Thursday when the top 32 will compete in 
single-elimination match play leading to the championship. PBA.com’s Xtra Frame 
will provide live coverage of all Thursday match play rounds. Visit pba.com or 
xtraframe.tv for subscription details.

Airport Lanes, Jackson, Mich., Wednesday

SECOND ROUND (after 16 games; top 32 advance to match play):
1, Walter Ray Williams Jr., Ocala, Fla., 3,813.
2, Ron Mohr, Eagle River, Alaska, 3,763.
3, Harry Sullins, Chesterfield Township, Mich., 3,701.
4, Tom Baker, King, N.C., 3,699.
5, Wayne Webb, Columbus, Ohio, 3,689.
6, Peter Knopp, Germany, 3,612.
7, Charlie Tapp, Kalamazoo, Mich., 3,558.
8, a-Rick Vittone, Canada, 3,556.
9, Kerry Painter, Henderson, Nev., 3,555.
10, a-Ken Wyatt, Sterling Hts., Mich., 3,529.
11, Vince Mazzanti Jr., Levittown, Pa., 3,525.
12, Dale Csuhta, Wadsworth, Ohio, 3,512.
13, Henry Gonzalez, Colorado Springs, Colo., 3,509.
14, Hugh Miller, Seattle, 3,468.
15, Michael Henry, Brunswick, Ohio, 3,461.
16, Christopher Keane, New City, N.Y., 3,457.
17, Kent Wagner, Palmetto, Fla., 3,449.
18, Ron Profitt, Brookville, Ohio, 3,443.
19, Kenny Parks, Hammond, Ind., 3,439.
20, Ricky Beck, Box Elder, S.D., 3,432.
21, Patric Donaghue, Honeoye Falls, N.Y., 3,429.
22 (tie), Mark Williams, Beaumont, Texas, and Steve Ferraro, Kingston, N.Y., 3,421.
24, Timothy Kauble, Marion, Ohio, 3,410.
25, Keith Sharp, Orlando, Fla., 3,407.
26, Dale Eagle, Tavares, Fla., 3,400.
27, Kevin Croucher, Grants Pass, Ore., 3,393.
28, Dale Traber, Cedarburg, Wis., 3,366.
29, Tom Carter, Rockford, Ill., 3,353.
30, Sammy Ventura, Syracuse, N.Y., 3,343.
31, Dave Patchen, Oregon, Ohio, 3,342.
32, x-Steve Easterday, Strasburg, Ohio, 3,334

Failed to Advance:
33, Marc Lineberry, Camanche, Iowa, 3,334, $900.
34, Don Sylvia, Reno, Nev., 3,331, $900.
35, Bob Kelly, Dayton, Ohio, 3,330, $900.
36, s-Barry Gurney, West Hills, Calif., 3,326, $700.
37, Don Hicks, West Babylon, N.Y., 3,322.
38, s-Frank Gallo Jr., Jacksonville, Fla., 3,319, $700.
39, s-Gary Hiday, Indianapolis, 3,312, $700.
40, Steve Stein, Staten Island, N.Y., 3,311.
41, Terry Metzner, Kentwood, Mich., 3,302.
42 (tie), Ray Johnson, Battle Creek, Mich., and a-Michael Lucente, Warren, Mich., 3,292.
44, Todd Kjell, Roscoe, Ill., 3,288.
45, Mark Glover, Woodbridge, Va., 3,283.
46, s-John Shreve Sr., Elyria, Ohio, 3,280, $700.
47, Joel Carlson, Omaha, Neb., 3,278.
48, Terry Wellman, Marengo, Ohio, 3,274.
49, Bill Henson, Westerville, Ohio, 3,273.
50, Tom Howison, Chillicothe, Ohio, 3,272.
51 (tie), Dave Sill, Rockledge, Fla., and s-John Petraglia, Jackson, N.J., 3,270, $700.
53, s-Michael Truitt, Orland Park, Ill., 3,264, $700.
54, a-s-Victor Portalatin, Jackson, Mich., 3,254, $700.
55, a-Leo Scantamburlo, Riverview, Mich., 3,252.
56, a-Dick Selgo, Archbold, Ohio, 3,243.
57, a-Fred McClain, Lincoln Park, Mich., 3,215.
58, Larry Graybeal, Elizabethton, Tenn., 3,202.
59, Larry Popp, Marion, Ohio, 3,201.
60, Daniel Miner, East Moline, Ill., 3,194.
61, a-Paul Kwiecien, Lansing, Mich., 3,184.
62, Dennis Psaropoulos, Lake Worth, Fla., 3,183.
63, Dave Osim, Roscommon, Mich., 3,170.
64, Ted Staikoff, Black Hawk, S.D., 3,163.
65, Don Blatchford, Santa Monica, Calif., 3,162.
66, Gregg Schmied, Schererville, Ind., 3,157.
67 (tie), Scott Lindsey, Omaha, Neb., and David Goldenberg, Lake Grove, N.Y., 3,144.
69, Dave Soutar, Bradenton, Fla., 3,139.
70, Rich Wilkinson, Bennington, Neb., 3,133.
71, Dave Schultz, Jackson, Wis., 3,130.
72, George Lord, Lakeland, Fla., 3,123.
73, a-Derek Smith, Hicksville, Ohio, 3,108.
74, James Souder, Greeneville, Tenn, 3,104.
75, Russ Freeman, Antioch, Ill., 3,102.
76, a-Ed Goldberg, Grand Ledge, Mich., 3,099.
77, Dannie Hettinger, Circleville, Ohio, 3,093.
78, Sal Bongiorno, Hollywood, Fla., 3,088.
79, Roy Buckley, New Albany, Ohio, 3,087.
80, Jerry Lau, St. Peters, Mo., 3,083.
81 (tie), Dave Bernhardt, Romeo, Mich., and Douglas Weese, Carson City, Mich., 3,060.
83 (tie), Tim Pierce, Portland, Ore., and Bill McCorkle, Westerville, Ohio, 3,043.
85, Donald Breihan, Columbia, S.C., 3,040.
86, Patrick King, Yankton, S.D., 3,020.
87, Ernie Bourque, Acushnet, Mass., 3,010.
88, a-Lester Gentry, Hartland, Mich., 2,998.
89, Robert Teeters, Lapel, Ind., 2,989.
90, Michael Chrzanowski, Shepherd, Mich., 2,958.
91, Ken Waters, Kingsport, Tenn., 2,947.
92, Harley Trumbull, New Boston, Mich., 2,939.
93, a-Edward Vasas, Ypsilanti, Mich., 2,914.
94, Mark Scime, Winter Garden, Fla., 2,911.
95, Robert Harvey, Boise, Idaho, 2,899.
96, Brian Miller, Springfield, Ohio, 2,893.
97, Bill Idzior, Crown Point, Ind., 2,880.
98, Emilio Mora Sr., Defiance, Ohio, 2,871.
99, Sam Perrotta, Lincoln Park, N.J., 2,834.
100, Ray Randall, Dearborn, Mich., 2,738.
101, Richard Felten, Rockville, Md., 2,684.
102, Fred Baldwin, Sturgis, Mich., 2,681.
103, a-Matt Bamburg, Winnebago, Ill., 2,474.
104, Dennis Weatherman, Coloma, Mich., withdrew.
105, Phillip Moros, Lombard, Ill., withdrew.
  a-denotes amateur
  s-denotes Super Senior
  x-Easterday defeated Lineberry, 183-181, in a roll-off for 32nd place.

300 Games – Rick Vittone

PBA Regional Roundup

Former PBA Tour exempt player Brian Waliczek of Birch Run, MI defeated 
Patrick Dombrowski of Parma, Ohio, 189-132, to win the PBA Central Region’s 
fourth annual Lefeld Implement Classic at Pla-Mor Lanes Sunday, Aug. 21. The 
title was Waliczek’s seventh in PBA Regional competition and earned him a $4,000 

Also in the Central Region, a number of PBA Senior Tour stars made a stop at 
Al-Mar Lanes in Bowling Green, Ohio, between the Decatur, IL and Jackson, MI, 
tour events. Tom Baker of King, NC, defeated Walter Ray Williams Jr. of Ocala, 
FL, 234-197, on Friday, Aug. 19, to win the Progressive/Gerdeman Insurance 
Agency Senior Classic and a $3,500 first prize. It was Baker’s 22nd overall PBA 
Regional title.

In the PBA East Region, Brent Hunter of Glenville, PA, defeated Tommy Brodowski 
of New Hyde Park, NY, 237-204, to win the Colony Park Lanes Senior Open at 
Colony Park Lanes East in York, PA, Sunday for his first PBA Regional title. 
The win qualifies Hunter for the 2012 PBA Tournament of Champions, which will be 
held at Red Rock Lanes in Las Vegas next April.

In the PBA South Region, Jason Sterner of McDougal, GA, won seven of eight 
matches and went on to record a 94-pin victory over Kyle Troup of Taylorsville, 
NC, in the Budweiser Columbia (S.C.) Open at Royal Z Lanes Sunday. Sterner, 
who was in third place after 13 qualifying games, finished match play with a 
21-game total of 5,281 pins to claim his sixth career PBA Regional title and the 
$2,500 first prize.

In Chillicothe, MO, amateur Dave Williams Jr. of Omaha, NE, defeated Duane 
Kilts of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, 255-212, to win the PBA Midwest Region Fast Lane 
Non-Champions Challenger Open on Sunday. Because he is an amateur, Williams does 
not earn eligibility for the PBA Tournament of Champions.

In the Southwest Region, amateur Robert Klann from Cibola, Texas, defeated 
two-time defending champion Nathan Bohr of Wichita, KS, 255-215, to win the 
15th annual Killeen Open at Hallmark Lanes in Killeen, Texas, on Sunday. Klann, 
a recent Lindenwood University graduate bowling in only his second PBA Regional, 
won all seven single-elimination match games on his way to his first PBA win. As 
a non-member, however, Klann doesn’t qualify for the PBA Tournament of 

In the PBA Northwest Region, Erik Hohlbein of Renton, WA, posted a 9-3 match 
play record and compiled a total of 4,859 pins Sunday to win his fifth career 
regional title in the Dave Husted Northwest Open at Milwaukie Bowl in Milwaukie, 
OR Hohlbein, who earned $2,000, defeated Bob Davidson of Seattle by 247 pins 
for the title.

Next weekend’s round of PBA Regional events includes the PBA East Region Mil-Ray 
Foods Open at 30 Strikes in Stratford, NJ; the Midwest Region Premiere Bowling 
and Entertainment Center Open in Pleasant Hill, Iowa; the PBA Southwest Region 
Greenville (Texas) Open at DB’s Sports Grill and Bowling, and the West Region’s 
Pain Center Open at Johnson Lanes in Sun City West, Ariz. All are Friday-Sunday 

For complete Regional tournament schedules and entry information, visit pba.com 
and click on “Regional Tour” under the “Schedules” drop-down tab.

England’s Dominic Barrett defeated PBA Hall of Famer Brian Voss, 484-465, in the 
two-game title match of the BNC Open at BNC Bowling Center in Bratislava, 
Slovakia, on Sunday, Aug. 21.

The World Tenpin Bowling Association’s fledgling World Bowling Tour has already 
booked a new event for the 2012 season. The WBT will include the Bahamas 
International Bowling Classic, Feb. 27-March 4 at Mario's Bowling and 
Entertainment Palace, a new 50-lane bowling center in Nassau. It will mark the 
first time a World Bowling Tour event will be held in the American Zone outside 
of the United States.


The PBA Senior Tour will complete its 2011 season next week and Xtra Frame, 
pba.com’s exclusive online video streaming service, will be on hand to cover the 
finale. Xtra Frame will be on-site at Capril Lanes in Dayton, Ohio, 
Monday-Tuesday, Aug. 29-30, for the final rounds of the PBA Senior Dayton 
Classic. To subscribe to Xtra Frame, visit pba.com and click on the Xtra Frame 

PBA fans also can watch the conclusion to qualifying and the complete match play 
finals of the PBA Senior Jackson Open from Airport Lanes in Jackson, Mich., 
today and Thursday, Aug. 24 and 25.

Heading into the Senior Jackson Open, Ron Mohr of Eagle River, Alaska, held a 
26-point lead over Walter Ray Williams Jr. of Ocala, FL, and a 30-point lead 
over Harry Sullins of Chesterfield Township, MI, in the Senior Player of the 
Year points race. With 16 points awarded for a win, 8 points for second place, 4 
points for third and 2 points for a fourth-place finish, Mohr needs to finish 
third or higher in either of the last two events to clinch at least a share of 
the title he won in 2009.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Columbia 300 Adds Another New Ball

The new Columbia 300 Encounter is Navy/Purple/Ocean (blue) utilizing the “Elastin 6.0” coverstock formulae surrounding the “Encounter” core (see picture). The core of a #15 ball provides Radius of Gyration (RG) of 2.50 and RG Differential of .052.
The chemical engineers at Columbia 300 have created a new process in which chemical reaction dynamics have been manipulated to exploit the elastic framework found in reactive materials. This breakthrough creates longer polymer chains that create deeper pores and allows for greater built in surface friction that helps absorb oil over a longer period of time. We call this new break through Elastin 6.0. To compliment the new coverstock, the cover preparation of the new Encounter is: 500, 1000, 2000, 2000 Abralon®, then Factory Polish.

Look for the Columbia Encounter September 15th.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

PBA Stars Help Raise $300,000 For Jeff Gordan Children's Foundation

PBA Hall of Famers Mike Aulby and Parker Bohn III, along with PBA Tour champions 
Danny Wiseman and Doug Kent, participated in the 10th annual “Jeff Gordon 
Bowling Ball” in Indianapolis on July 28, an event that raised more than 
$300,000 in support of Jeff Gordon’s Children’s Foundation and Riley Hospital 
for Children.

The annual bowling fundraiser has generated more than $1.58 million to Riley 
Hospital for Children since its inception. In addition, Gordon made a pledge of 
$1.5 million to Riley Children’s Foundation in 2010, establishing the Jeff 
Gordon Children’s Foundation Pediatric Cancer Research Fund.

Funds from the Jeff Gordon Children’s Foundation are creating a $1 million 
endowment for research conducted in partnership between Riley Hospital and the 
Wells Center for Pediatric Research at the Indiana University School of 
Medicine. The remaining $500,000 is addressing immediate research needs at Riley 

Walter Ray William Jr. Tops Decatur Senior Field

Walter Ray Williams Jr. averaged 239 after the second round of the Professional
Bowlers Association (PBA) Senior Decatur Open Monday at Spare Time Lanes to earn
top qualifier honors heading into Tuesday’s  match play rounds.

The PBA Hall of Famer led a field of 24 players who advanced to match play with 
a 3,827 16-game pinfall total. He bowled 1,927 in Monday’s second round with 
games of 277, 225, 215, 219, 221, 248, 223, and finishing with a 299 after 
leaving a 10 pin on the last ball.

Williams got off to a much better start Monday than Sunday’s first round where 
his first game was 192 and he had four opens in the first 13 frames.

“I started better and ended better today than yesterday,” said Williams who is 
looking for his second title of the season and is hoping to gain some ground on 
Ron Mohr of Eagle River, Alaska, who has a commanding lead in the Senior Player 
of the Year race. “Today I did something I usually don’t do and that was to slow 
down and hook the ball a little more.  That’s not usually my go-to adjustment 
but it worked for me today.”

Mohr, who has won three titles this season and is trying for his second Senior 
Player of the Year crown with three tournaments remaining, made a remarkable 
comeback from the first round to qualify for match play.  The 2009 Senior Player 
of the Year, barely averaged 190 and was mired in 77th place after the first 
round but averaged 241.6 in Monday’s second round to take the 24th and last 
match play spot.

“All year long I felt I could make the changes I needed to make but the pattern 
just baffled me,” said Mohr. “It took me overnight to figure it out. It came 
down to where I was trying to overpower the condition rather than play the 

“If I could manage to average 240 I thought it might be possible to make it (to 
match play), but to go around 50 guys, that was going to be unrealistic. I was 
just hoping to make a check."

Because entry for the event did not reach the 94-player cutoff, 24 players 
advanced to match play rather than the usual 32.  Round of 8 and championship 
rounds will get underway at 6 p.m. on Tuesday.

Rounding out the top eight and earning a first round bye for match play are Hall 
of Famer Senior Player of the Year Tom Baker, King, NC, 3,742; 
Ricky Beck, Box Elder, SD, 3,713; Charlie Tapp, Kalamazoo, MI, 3,669; 
Emilio Mora, Defiance, Ohio, 3,664; Steve Ferraro, Kingston, NY, 3,647, Senior 
Lake County Open winner Harry Sullins, Chesterfield Township, MI, 3,620, and 
Kent Wagner, Palmetto, FL, 3,619.

Tuesday’s action can be seen live on pba.com’s Xtra Frame. Subscription 
information can be obtained by visiting www.xtraframe.tv.

Spare Time Lanes, Decatur, Ill., Monday

16-game pinfall totals; top 24 advance to Tuesday’s match play rounds

1, Walter Ray Williams Jr., Ocala, Fla., 3,827.
2, Tom Baker, King, N.C., 3,742.
3, Ricky Beck, Box Elder, S.D., 3,713.
4, Charlie Tapp, Kalamazoo, Mich., 3,669.
5, Emilio Mora, Defiance, Ohio, 3,664.
6, Steve Ferraro, Kingston, N.Y., 3,647.
7, Harry Sullins, Chesterfield Township, Mich., 3,620.
8, Kent Wagner, Palmetto, Fla., 3,619.
9, Marc Lineberry, Camanche, Iowa, 3,574.
10, Timothy Kauble, Marion, Ohio, 3,571.
11, Dale Csuhta, Wadsworth, Ohio, 3,567.
12, John Dudak, Orland Park, Ill., 3,560.
13, Roy Buckley, New Albany, Ohio, 3,552.
14, Dale Eagle, Tavares, Fla., 3,534.
15, Dale Traber, Cedarburg, Wis., 3,532.
16, Gary Hiday, Indianapolis, 3,516.
17, Wayne Webb, Columbus, Ohio, 3,510.
18, Kevin Croucher, Grants Pass, Ore., 3,509.
19, Dennis Psaropoulos, Lake Worth, Fla., 3,506.
20, Mark Glover, Woodbridge, Va., 3,501.
21, David Axon, Bellevue, Neb., 3,496.
22, Kenny Parks, Hammond, Ind., 3,488.
23, Terry Metzner, Kentwood, Mich., 3,484.
24, Ron Mohr, Eagle River, Alaska, 3,451.

Did Not Advance
s-super seniors out of the regular prize fund cashing for $700
25, Shannon Starnes, Fort Worth, Texas, 3,447, $900.
26, Peter Knopp, Germany, 3,444, $900.
27, Rick Vittone, Canada, 3,431, $900.
28, Dave Patchen, Oregon, Ohio, 3,428, $900.
29, (tie) Vince Honeycutt, Buford, Ga., and Randy Peterson, Carrington, N.D., 3,427, $900.
31, (tie) Ron Profitt, Brookville, Ohio, and Bill Henson, Westerville, Ohio, 3,409, $450.
33, s-Richard Hunt, Valparaiso, Ind., 3,406, $700.
34, Bill McCorkle, Westerville, Ohio, 3,401.
35, Tom Howison, Chillicothe, Ohio, 3,377.
36, (tie) Mike Dias, Lafayette, Colo., and Don Sylvia, Reno, Nev., 3,375.
38, s-Don Blatchford, Santa Monica, Calif., 3,374, $700.
39, Dave Sill, Rockledge, Fla., 3,371.
40, Al Pote, Lake City, Ill., 3,358.
41, Chuck Schuette, Bettendorf, Iowa, 3,333.
42, s-Frank Gallo Jr., Jacksonville, Fla., 3,332, $700.
43, s-Jerry Lau, St. Peters, Mo., 3,324, $700.
44, s-Dave Soutar, Bradenton, Fla., 3,317, $700.
45, Robert Harvey, Boise, Idaho, 3,313.
46, s-Bill Idzior, Crown Point, Ind., 3,295, $700.
47, s-Henry Gonzalez, Colorado Springs, Colo., 3,293, $700.
48, s-Michael Henry, Brunswick, Ohio, 3,282, $700.
49, George Hall, Palatine, Ill., 3,260.
50, Patric Donaghue, Honeoye Falls, N.Y., 3,258.
51, Russ Freeman, Antioch, Ill., 3,252.
52, Kerry Painter, Henderson, Nev., 3,247.
53, Mark Williams, Beaumont, Texas, 3,209.
54, Bobby Johnson, Chillicothe, Ohio, 3,201.
55, Brian Miller, Springfield, Ohio, 3,196.
56, Tom Carter, Rockford, Ill., 3,195.
57, Gene Vincent, Decatur, Ill., 3,178.
58, Barry Witmer, St. Charles, Mo., 3,175.
59, Daniel Miner, East Moline, Ill., 3,174.
60, Guppy Troup, Taylorsville, N.C., 3,172.
61, (tie) Rich Wilkinson, Bennington, Neb., and Larry Popp, Marion, Ohio, 3,157.
63, Michael Truitt, Orland Park, Ill., 3,155.
64, Todd Kjell, Roscoe, Ill., 3,154.
65, Mark Scime, Winter Garden, Fla., 3,149.
66, Chuck Huckelberry, Rockford, Ill., 3,142.
67, Patrick King, Yankton, S.D., 3,122.
68, Brendan Bierch, Grafton, Mass., 3,112.
69, (tie) Butch Woollen Jr, Forsyth, Ill., and Vince Mazzanti Jr., Levittown, Pa., 3,110.
71, Dan Duskin Sr, Atlantic, Iowa, 3,101.
72, Mike Schmid, St. Paul, Minn., 3,092.
73, (tie) Sal Bongiorno, Hollywood, Fla., and Mike Walden, Stony Point, N.Y., 3,086.
75, Larry Graybeal, Elizabethton, Tenn., 3,076.
76, David Doane, Buffalo, Iowa, 3,051.
77, John Berry, Decatur, Ill., 3,039.
78, (tie) Barry Gurney, West Hills, Calif., and Ken Waters, Kingsport, Tenn., 3,034.
80, Christopher Keane, New City, N.Y., 3,007.
81, Donald Breihan, Columbia, S.C., 2,992.
82, Gary Haines, Decatur, Ill., 2,965.
83, Perry Keplinger, Amherst, Ohio, 2,948.
84, Randy Jackman, Hammond, Ind., 2,915.
85, George Lord, Lakeland, Fla., 2,914.
86, Dave Osim, Roscommon, Mich., 2,907.
87, Robert Teeters, Lapel, Ind., 2,861.
88, Rod Michael, Florissant, Mo., 2,856.
89, James Souder, Greeneville, Tenn, 2,814.
90, Kim Kirkpatrick, Rockford, Ill., 2,747.
91, Fred Baldwin, Sturgis, Mich., 2,636.
92, Peter Brainard, Tampa, Fla., 2,575.
93, Ray Johnson, Battle Creek, Mich., 1,185 (WD).

300 Games - Don Blatchford

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Tom Baker Leads PBA Senior Lake County Open in Hammond

Tom Baker has often found himself among the leaders in qualifying rounds of Professional Bowlers Association Senior Tour tournaments this season only to lose momentum in match play.

With a 228.75 16-game average, the PBA Hall of Famer and four-time Senior Player of the Year found himself atop the leader board once again after the second round of the PBA Senior Lake County Open at Olympia Lanes Wednesday.

Baker, a nine-time Senior Tour titlist, leads with a 3,660 16-game pinfall bowling 1,877 for eight games Wednesday after bowling 1,783 in Tuesday’s round. He leads a list of 32 players from the original field of 108 who advanced to Thursday’s match play rounds which begin at 9 a.m.

“It’s a situation I’ve found myself in before where I’ve qualified well but just can’t seal the deal in match play,” said Baker, whose best finish this year has been fourth in the Senior Miller High Life Classic and Senior Mark Roth Allentown Open.
In Wednesday’s second round Baker had games of 276, 200, 200, 257, 216, 235, 224 and 269 and found the need to make adjustments less dramatic than Tuesday’s round.

“Yesterday I had to make much bigger moves,” said Baker whose last Senior Tour win came a year ago in the Senior Decatur Open. “As the block progressed I was making 10 or 15-board adjustments. Today, I don’t think I had to move more than five boards and the lanes just seemed be a little more consistent.”

Baker leads hometown favorite and 2008 USBC Senior Masters winner Kenny Parks of Hammond in second with 3,608.

“It’s kind of up to me at this point,” said Parks, “It would be great to win because I’ve got a lot of support here. I just need to have some breaks go my way.”

Rounding out the top five are two-time Senior Tour titlist Harry Sullins in third with 3,575; Hall of Famer and three-time Senior Tour winner Mark Williams, in fourth with 3,567, and Ron Mohr, with three wins this season, in fifth with 3,543.

PBA.com’s live Xtra Frame coverage continues all day on Thursday. For subscription information visit

PBA SENIOR LAKE COUNTY OPENOlympia Lanes, Hammond, Ind.

SECOND ROUND (after 16 games)

1, Tom Baker, King, N.C., 3,660.
2, Kenny Parks, Hammond, Ind., 3,608.
3, Harry Sullins, Chesterfield Township, Mich., 3,575.
4, Mark Williams, Beaumont, Texas, 3,567.
5, Ron Mohr, Eagle River, Alaska, 3,543.
6, Randy Peterson, Carrington, N.D., 3,533.
7, Kerry Painter, Henderson, Nev., 3,502.
8, Dale Traber, Cedarburg, Wis., 3,461.
9, John Dudak, Orland Park, Ill., 3,459.
10, Gary Skidmore, Albuquerque, N.M., 3,455.
11, Patric Donaghue, Honeoye Falls, N.Y., 3,443.
12, John Chapman, Canada, 3,439.
13, Ron Profitt, Brookville, Ohio, 3,433.
14, Ricky Beck, Box Elder, S.D., 3,426.
15, Ray Johnson, Battle Creek, Mich., 3,419.
16, Mike Dias, Lafayette, Colo., 3,414.
17, George Lord, Lakeland, Fla., 3,410.
18, Walter Ray Williams Jr., Ocala, Fla., 3,404.
19, Michael Henry, Brunswick, Ohio, 3,403.
20, Guppy Troup, Taylorsville, N.C., 3,402.
21, Kent Wagner, Palmetto, Fla., 3,401.
22, (tie) Michael Camerano, Brookfield, Ill., and Dale Eagle, Tavares, Fla., 3,394.
24, Peter Knopp, Germany, 3,378.
25, Tom Carter, Rockford, Ill., 3,377.
26, Vince Mazzanti Jr., Levittown, Pa., 3,373.
27, Timothy Kauble, Marion, Ohio, 3,363.
28, Brad Snell, Mount Prospect, Ill., 3,360.
29, Larry Popp, Marion, Ohio, 3,351.
30, Don Sylvia, Reno, Nev., 3,340.
31, Michael Truitt, Orland Park, Ill., 3,324.
32, Christopher Keane, New City, N.Y., 3,318.

Did Not Advance
s-super seniors out of regular prize list cashing for $700

33, Henry Gonzalez, Colorado Springs, Colo., 3,317, $900.
34, Steve Ferraro, Kingston, N.Y., 3,315, $900.
35, Tom Howison, Chillicothe, Ohio, 3,309, $900.
36, Mark Everette, Aliquippa, Pa., 3,301, $900.
37, s-Barry Gurney, West Hills, Calif., 3,300, $700.
38, Dan Duskin Sr, Atlantic, Iowa, 3,290.
39, Robert Harvey, Boise, Idaho, 3,287.
40, s-Don Blatchford, Santa Monica, Calif., 3,278, $700.
41, s-Harley Trumbull, New Boston, Mich., 3,255, $700.
42, Shannon Starnes, Fort Worth, Texas, 3,254.
43, Kevin Croucher, Grants Pass, Ore., 3,251.
44, Rick Hara, Mount Prospect, Ill., 3,242.
45, Michael Chrzanowski, Shepherd, Mich., 3,241.
46, Mike Hastings, Millsboro, Del., 3,239.
47, s-Sal Bongiorno, Hollywood, Fla., 3,237, $700.
48, Todd Kjell, Roscoe, Ill., 3,234.
49, s-Dave Soutar, Bradenton, Fla., 3,232, $700.
50, s-Dave Bernhardt, Romeo, Mich., 3,231, $700.
51, Bill Neumann, Rensselaer, NY, 3,216.
52, (tie) Bo Goergen, Sanford, Mich., and Dave Patchen, Oregon, Ohio, 3,210.
54, s-Frank Gallo Jr., Jacksonville, Fla., 3,208, $700.
55, Russ Freeman, Antioch, Ill., 3,206.
56, Ralph Smith, Colorado Springs, Colo., 3,205.
57, Gary Hiday, Indianapolis, 3,202.
58, Robert Flaws, Chicago Ridge, Ill., 3,191.
59, Douglas Weese, Carson City, Mich., 3,185.
60, Vince Honeycutt, Buford, Ga., 3,183.
61, Bill Henson, Westerville, Ohio, 3,181.
62, James Brenner, LeClaire, Iowa, 3,173.
63, (tie)Keith Oszuscik, Plymouth, Pete Bryan, Laurel Del, and Bill Idzior, Crown Point, IN 3,172.
66, Rick Vittone, Canada, 3,171.
67, Dave Sill, Rockledge, Fla., 3,161.
68, Terry Metzner, Kentwood, Mich., 3,158.
69, Larry Matovina, Griffith, Ind., 3,157.
70, Bill McCorkle, Westerville, Ohio, 3,156.
71, Brendan Bierch, Grafton, Mass., 3,145.
72, Dannie Hettinger, Circleville, Ohio, 3,140.
73, Marc Lineberry, Camanche, Iowa, 3,135.
74, Gregg Schmied, Schererville, Ind., 3,129.
75, Mark Glover, Woodbridge, Va., 3,126.
76, Roy Buckley, New Albany, Ohio, 3,116.
77, John Shreve Sr., Elyria, Ohio, 3,093.
78, Rich Wilkinson, Bennington, Neb., 3,091.
79, Dennis Weatherman, Coloma, Mich., 3,066.
80, Dennis Amato, Pine Brook, N.J., 3,059.
81, Rod Michael, Florissant, Mo., 3,056.
82, Jake Greene, Chicago, Ill., 3,055.
83, Garry Blanton, Owensboro, Ky., 3,049.
84, Rick Woloszyn, Griffith, Ind., 3,046.
85, (tie) Emilio Mora Sr., Defiance, Ohio, and Larry Graybeal, Elizabethton, Tenn., 3,045.
87, Daniel Miner, East Moline, Ill., 3,038.
88, Barry Witmer, St. Charles, Mo., 3,037.
89, Perry Keplinger, Amherst, Ohio, 3,012.
90, Lyle Zikes, Arlington Heights, Ill., 2,998.
91, Radar Presley, Atlanta, 2,985.
92, (tie) Dale Holgate, Silver Lake, Ohio and Dave Schultz, Jackson, Wis., 2,979.
94, (tie) Donald Breihan, Columbia, S.C., and James Souder, Greeneville, Tenn., 2,977.
96, Thomas Ream, Tampa, Fla., 2,976.
97, Ken Waters, Kingsport, Tenn., 2,968.
98, Harv Pallas, Stevensville, Mich., 2,953.
99, Mike Walden, Stony Point, N.Y., 2,941.
100, (tie) Ray Randall, Dearborn, Mich., and Ernie Bourque, Acushnet, Mass., 2,909.
102, Allen Meskan, Addison, Ill., 2,885.
103, Frank Kobli Jr., Highland, Ind., 2,857.
104, Edward Szklarski, Burbank, Ill., 2,838.
105, Fred Baldwin, Sturgis, Mich., 2,799.
106, Jared Cudnohufsky, Kingsford, Mich., 2,760.
107, Robert Hernandez, Highland, Ind., 2,667.
108, Andy Ippolito, Forest Hills, N.Y., 2,377 (WD).

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Chris Barnes To Appear on NBC's Today Show

Professional Bowlers Association (PBA) star Chris Barnes will make an appearance on NBC's The Today Show Friday, August 19.   

Barnes will join hosts Kathi Lee Gifford, Hoda Katob and their moms to offer bowling tips and do a few bowling stunts.   

The segment will be taped at Bowlmor Lanes (Manhattan) tomorrow for air on August 19.  Chris and the ladies will be joined by three local youth bowlers who will also show off their skills.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Kenny Parks Leads 2011 USBC Senior Masters

Powered by a perfect game, Kenny Parks charged into the lead Tuesday after two rounds of qualifying at the 2011 USBC Senior Masters at Wayne Webb’s Columbus Bowl in Columbus, Ohio. 

Parks, who won the event in 2008 and finished fourth last year, had a 10-game total of 2250 to lead a field of 249 of the country’s top bowlers age 50 and older. 

Parks started the day with a 226 game before tossing his lowest score of the tournament, a 153. He then rebounded to finish with 300, 255 and 203 to surge into the lead.

“The very last shot in that 153 game, I threw a different ball and decided to stay with it, and was fortunate it worked out,” Parks said. “I was really happy with the 300 because I felt like I made really good shots that entire game.”

Five final games of qualifying are being contested today before the cut is made to the double-elimination match play bracket. Parks said he liked the position he was in heading into the final day of qualifying.

“Overall, I'm happy and sitting okay,” he said. “I have to keep it going... and I’ve got a good idea where to play the lanes.”

In second place, just nine pins behind Parks, was Sam Maccarone. Kevin Croucher was in third place with 2212, while first-round leader Rick Vittone was fourth with 2140.

The top 63 players after 15 games will join defending champion Wayne Webb and advance to match play on Thursday and Friday. The winner will earn $14,000. Full standings are available on bowl.com and pba.com.

Teen Masters Final Round Set

Twelve teenage bowlers, including defending High School Boys champion Zack Hattori of Las Vegas, have earned trips to the final rounds of the 14th annual Teen Masters bowling championships presented by Ebonite International at Laurel Lanes in Maple Shade, NJ.

Four boys and four girls in the High School divisions, along with two boys and two girls in the Under 14 divisions, will compete in “best-of-two-game” elimination matches on specially-constructed lanes in Vanderbilt Hall inside New York City’s Grand Central Station starting today.

At stake for the Teen Masters grand championship winner is a four-year “full ride” scholarship package worth $64,000. Xtra Frame, PBA.com’s online video streaming service is providing live coverage of all elimination matches from Grand Central Station today.

In the High School Boys Division, A.J. Johnson of Oswego, IL, and Ryan Ventillo of New City, NY, earned automatic berths in the semifinal round after finishing first and second, respectively, at the end of 18 games of qualifying. Johnson had a score of 3773, which put him 133 pins ahead of Ventillo.

Elise Bolton of Merritt Island, FL, and Gabriella Mayfield of Lake Isabella, CA, earned the High School Girls semifinal berths with 3553 and 3505 totals, respectively.

Under 14 qualifying leaders Wesley Low Jr. (3682) and Ashley Dunn (3297), both from Palmdale, CA, earned trips into their respective divisions’ championship matches.

Today at Grand Central Station, the four remaining High School division girls will bowl “best-of-two-game” matches, followed by two High School division boys’ matches. The winners will advance to Thursday’s championship matches.

In the “best-of-two-game” format, one player must win both games to win the match outright. If the players split the two games, the match will be decided in a one-ball sudden-death rolloff.

Thursday’s final round will feature the Under 14 Girls Championship at noon, Under 14 Boys Championship at 1 p.m., High School Girls Championship at 4 p.m. and High School Boys Championship at 5 p.m. (all times Eastern). All matches will be best-of-two-games.

At 7 p.m., the High School Girls and High School Boys champions will meet in the Grand Championship match for the $64,000 scholarship package.

In addition to Ebonite International, the Teen Masters is being sponsored by Dexter Shoes and Kegel Training Center. 

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Hammer Bowling Line of Balls

14th Annual Teen Masters Update

Adam Johnson of Oswego, IL, averaged 207 for 12 games to take a 57-pin lead over
first-round leader Jeffrey Juarez of East Meadow, NY, in boys’ High School
Division of the 14th annual Teen Masters bowling championships presented by Ebonite
International Monday at Laurel Lanes.

Correen Lieber of Issaquah, WA, with 2,357 pins for 12 games, led the girls’ 
High School Division; Wesley Low Jr. of Palmdale, CA, had a 2,476 total to 
pace the boys’ Under 14 Division and Taryn Gray of Greenville, TX, with 2,213 
pins, led the girls’ Under 14 Division as the top one-third of the players in 
each division survived the first cut.

At stake for the Teen Masters grand championship winner is a four-year “full 
ride” scholarship package worth $64,000. Xtra Frame, pba.com’s online video 
streaming service, is providing live coverage of all remaining rounds of 
competition in the Teen Masters.

Qualifying in the Teen Masters concludes Tuesday with a third six-game round on 
a combination of short and long oil lane conditions for the top one-third of the 
field in each division who survived after the first 12 games. After Tuesday 
morning’s “mixed pairs” qualifying (long oil on one lane, short oil on the 
other) round, the top two players in the High School Divisions and the leaders 
in the Under 14 Divisions will earn automatic berths in the championship rounds 
Wednesday and Thursday in Vanderbilt Hall in New York City’s Grand Central 
Station, where special bowling lanes are being installed.

High School Division players who rank third through 10th, and Under 14 players 
ranked second through fifth, after Tuesday’s final qualifying round will compete 
in “best-of-five-game” single-elimination match play rounds Tuesday afternoon. 
The two surviving High School bowlers in each division, and the sole surviving 
Under 14 players, also will advance to the championship rounds at Grand Central 

Among the players advancing Monday were defending boys’ High School champion 
Zack Hattori of Las Vegas in ninth place and 2010 girls’ High School winner 
Morgan O’Brien of Lomira, WI, in third place.

On Wednesday at Grand Central Station, the four surviving High School Division 
girls with bowl “best-of-two-game” semifinal round matches at 2 and 3 p.m. 
Eastern, followed by High School Division boys’ semifinal round matches at 4 and 
5 p.m. The winners will advance to Thursday’s championship matches. In the 
“best-of-two” format, if one player wins two head-to-head matches, he/she will 
win outright. If the two players split the two games, the match will be decided 
in a one-frame sudden-death roll-off.

Thursday’s grand finale will feature the Under 14 Girls Championship at noon, 
Under 14 Boys Championship at 1 p.m., High School Girls Championship at 4 p.m. 
and High School Boys Championship at 5 p.m. All matches will be best of two 
games. At 7 p.m., the High School Girls and High School Boys champions will meet 
in the Grand Championship match for the $64,000 scholarship package. All times 
are Eastern.

All of the action from Laurel Lanes and Grand Central Station will air line 
online on PBA.com’s Xtra Frame, a subscription-based on-line video streaming 
service. To enroll as an Xtra Frame subscriber, visit pba.com and click on the 
Xtra Frame logo. A two-week trial subscription is available for $5.

In addition to Ebonite International, the Teen Masters is being sponsored by 
Dexter Shoes and Kegel Training Center.

Laurel Lanes, Maple Shade, N.J., Aug. 1
SECOND ROUND (after 12 games)

HIGH SCHOOL BOYS (top 32 advance to third qualifying round)
1, Adam "A.J." Johnson, Oswego, Ill., 2,505.
2, Jeffrey Juarez, East Meadow, N.Y., 2,468.
3, Ryan Ventillo, New City, N.Y., 2,450.
4, Kamron Doyle, Brentwood, Tenn., 2,440.
5, Tyler Liverman, Wake Forest, N.C., 2,437.
6, Michael Bukovsky Jr., Baldwin, N.Y., 2,386.
7, Tommy Genova, Elmont, N.Y., 2,362.
8, Andrew Fenn, Elmont, N.Y., 2,351.
9, Zack Hattori, Las Vegas, 2,342.
10, A.J. Chapman, Manchester, Iowa, 2,338.
11, Nicholas Caruana, Holbrook, N.Y., 2,316.
12, Ramon Hilferink, S-Heerenberg, The Netherlands, 2,309.
13, Bryant Ezell, Fayetteville, Ark., 2,301.
14, Teva Warren, Margate, Fla., 2,280.
15 (tie), David Lance, Merritt Island, Fla., and Dylan Northrup, Wesley Chapel, Fla., 2,271.
17, Doug Tonucci, Waldorf, Md., 2,258.
18, Kyle Anderson, Lockport, Ill., 2,244.
19, Ruben Vallejo, San Juan, Puerto Rico, 2,237.
20, Kenneth Smith, Venice, Fla., 2,234.
21, Nicholas Cooper, Clarkston, Mich., 2,233.
22, Benjamin Sobel, New York, 2,232.
23, A.J. Ruff, Jamestown, Tenn., 2,225.
24, Tyler Satter, Salem, Ore., 2,217.
25, Mathew Jackson, Chesapeake, Va., 2,196.
26, Nick Spinelli, Wantagh, N.Y., 2,193.
27, Victor Ma, Bayside, N.Y., 2,187.
28, Russ Oviatt, Sioux Falls, S.D., 2,183.
29, Christopher Fort, Peachtree City, Ga., 2,182.
30, Justin Villa, Simi Valley, Calif., 2,179.
31 (tie), Brett Glenn, Springdale, Ark., and Greg Young, Viera, Fla., 2,174.

Did not advance:
33 (tie), Malcolm James, Woodbridge, Va., and Ryan Patterson, Washington, W. Va., 2,154.
35, Zakary Edgerton, Greenville, Texas, 2,142.
36, Brian Crater, Hudson, Mich., 2,134.
37, Bradley Nordick, Fargo, N.D., 2,129.
38, Christopher Cappellini, West Islip, N.Y., 2,127.
39, Stephen Dubatowka, Beaufort, S.C., 2,122.
40, Tyler Vitelli, Annandale, N.J., 2,105.
41, Cody Shoemaker, Hanover, Pa., 2,103.
42, Brandyn Cox, Petersburg, Va., 2,098.
43, Justin Tan, Flower Mound, Texas, 2,093.
44, Nole Harrington, Sioux Falls, S.D., 2,090.
45, Joe Ayala, Hopewell Junction, N.Y., 2,089.
46, Tyler Bartee, Windsor, Conn., 2,084.
47, Gregory Tack, Port Murray, N.J., 2,083.
48, Frank Masone, Smithtown, N.Y., 2,080.
49, Andrew Bonin, Greenwood, Ark., 2,067.
50, Shin Kasahara, Rome, Ga., 2,056.
51, Jay Trevor Lewis, Perry Hall, Md., 2,055.
52, Cody Lubacky, Boise, Idaho, 2,050.
53, Erik Zimmerman, Deer Park, N.Y., 2,042.
54, Nicholas Harris, Lewiston, Idaho, 2,041.
55, Justin Borneo, Laurelton, N.Y., 2,039.
56, Phillip Friedman, E. Brunswick, N.J., 2,036.
57, Nicholas Carbonetto, Blauvelt, N.Y., 2,033.
58, Sam Resha, Clarksville, Tenn., 2,012.
59, William Reynolds, Mount Sinai, N.Y., 2,011.
60, Daymian Mcgraw, Sioux Falls, S.D., 2,009.
61 (tie), Arnold Yuen, Bayside, N.Y., and Vernon Billington II, Middletown, Conn., 1,987.
63 (tie), Josh Brown, O'Fallon, Ill., and Haydn Wooten, Mount Holly, N.C., 1,986.
65, Kayne Hibbard, Nampa, Idaho, 1,979.
66, Ryan Fiorillo, Wantagh, N.Y., 1,977.
67, Tyler Whittle, Chesapeake, Va., 1,975.
68, Christopher Ciccarelli, Cartersville, Ga., 1,974.
69, Joshua Kramer, Garden City, N.Y., 1,970.
70, Omar Ortiz, Toa Alta, Puerto Rico, 1,963.
71, Tyler Fick, Baltimore, 1,958.
72, Michael Jarosch, Franklin Square, N.Y., 1,957.
73 (tie), Jonathan Cox, Petersburg, Va., and Jacob Klein, East Islip, N.Y., 1,953.
75, Steven Hamlin, Farmingdale, N.Y., 1,936.
76, Jeff Murtha, Langhorne, Pa., 1,919.
77, Brandon Kearns, Yardley, Pa., 1,908.
78, Brian Miller, Jamestown, Tenn., 1,884.
79, Avery Lopez, Pocatello, Idaho, 1,882.
80, Jonathan Cheadle, East Islip, N.Y., 1,879.
81, Livio Bolzon, Chicago, 1,876.
82, Stephan Rourke, East Islip, N.Y., 1,874.
83, Gary Pacheco, Brooklyn, N.Y., 1,872.
84, Mathew DiGiantomasso, Central Islip, N.Y., 1,849.
85, Ryan Watson, Suffolk, Va., 1,836.
86, Alec Johnson, Pocatello, Idaho, 1,803.
87, Ruben Lebron, Carolina, Puerto Rico, 1,800.
88, Michael Zelyez, Kernersville, N.C., 1,765.
89, Michael Kissel, East Islip, N.Y., 1,762.
90, Sean Mott, Levittown, N.Y., 1,760.
91, John Shumate, Clarksville, Tenn., 1,715.
92, Cody Blair, Chesapeake, Va., 1,673.
93, Joshua Martin, Adams, Tenn., 1,647.
94, Jesse Wanamaker, Clarkesville, Tenn., 1,634.
95, Brandon Masterson, Springdale, Ark., 1,482.

HIGH SCHOOL GIRLS (top 12 advance to third qualifying round)
1, Correen Lieber, Issaquah, Wash., 2,357.
2, Gabriella Mayfield, Lake Isabella, Calif., 2,298.
3, Morgan O'Brien, Lomira, Wis., 2,291.
4, Elise Bolton, Merritt Island, Fla., 2,281.
5, Melanie Hannon, Cheektowaga, N.Y., 2,241.
6, Rachel Vaughn, Port St. Lucie, Fla., 2,219.
7, Erica Schneider, Levittown, N.Y., 2,120.
8, Molly Novak, Burnsville, Minn., 2,110.
9, Ashley Crowder, Tamarac, Fla., 2,087.
10, Haley Rubin, Brandon, S.D., 2,071.
11, Rebecca Gotterbarn, Garden City South, N.Y., 2,066.
12, Katelyn Simpson, Boise, Idaho, 2,058.

Did not advance:
13, Taylor Monzietti, Astoria, N.Y., 2,002.
14 (tie), Destiny Velez, Hurst, Texas, and Melanie Crawford, Allen, Texas, 1,993.
16, Krystina Nealon, Coral Springs, Fla., 1,968.
17, Chelsey Merklinger, Knizers, Pa., 1,942.
18, Tara Lopez, Plano, Texas, 1,919.
19, Daniele Roca, Garden City Park, N.Y., 1,916.
20, Jacqueline Evans, Acton, Mass., 1,914.
21, Hannah Krueger, Mount Holly, N.C., 1,909.
22, Shelby Miller, Klamath Falls, Ore., 1,905.
23, Bethany Duchowny, Ballston Lake, N.Y., 1,902.
24, Kristina Genova, Elmont, N.Y., 1,885.
25, Brandii Brady, Chester, Va., 1,879.
26, Milani Merritt, Jamaica, N.Y., 1,871.
27, Mikayla Cook, Binghamton, N.Y., 1,845.
28, Alyssa Foley, Newtown, Pa., 1,778.
29, Allison Seidel, Denver, Pa., 1,765.
30, Carly Phelps, Boise, Idaho, 1,751.
31, Holly Zink, Port Jefferson, N.Y., 1,750.
32, Alexa DeFazio, Islap Terrace, N.Y., 1,741.
33, Courtney Todd, Klamath Falls, Ore., 1,737.
34, Sarah Smith, Chattanooga, Tenn., 1,672.
35, Hannah Smith, Chattanooga, Tenn., 1,533.
36, Deanna Haley, Clarksville, Tenn., 1,354.

BOYS UNDER 14 (top 10 advance to third qualifying round)
1, Wesley Low Jr., Palmdale, Calif., 2,476.
2, Pablo Cerda, Sunrise, Fla., 2,316.
3, Michael Karolewski, Middle Island, N.Y., 2,176.
4, Brandon Soedarmasto, Levittown, N.Y., 2,151.
5, Tyler Zogg, Chesapeake, Va., 2,116.
6 (tie), Blake Kelley, Manchester, Conn., and Sean Wilcox, Altamonte Springs, Fla., 2,106.
8, Christian Hicks, Boerne, Texas, 2,077.
9, Michael Regan, East Northport, N.Y., 2,061.
10, Kyle Gordon, Indian Harbour Beach, Fla., 2,050.

Did not advance:
11, Pio Aspiras, Chesapeake, Va., 2,045.
12, Kennon McFalls, Gastonia, N.C., 2,040.
13, Nick DeFazio, Islap Terrace, N.Y., 2,039.
14, Anthony Naujokas, Lake Ronkonkoma, N.Y., 1,978.
15, Aaron Johnson, Sioux Falls, S.D., 1,974.
16, Austin Cooper, Greenville, Texas, 1,956.
17, Michael Ma, Camarillo, Calif., 1,946.
18, Adam Zimmerman, Deer Park, N.Y., 1,927.
19, Jack Cook, Denville, N.J., 1,887.
20, Max Miller, Coco Beach, Fla., 1,882.
21, Bradley Hartsfield, Auburndale, Fla., 1,868.
22, Bailey Mays, Wylie, Texas, 1,864.
23, James Keegan Stockton, Clarksville, Tenn., 1,830.
24, Brayden Prockish, Berryton, Kan., 1,817.
25, Brendan Thomas, Verona, N.Y., 1,745.
26, Welby Spanton, Citrus Heights, Calif., 1,743.
27, Spencer Armstrong, Buffalo Center, Iowa, 1,685.
28, Adam Glickman, Woodmere, N.Y., 1,673.
29, Connor Kramer, Garden City South, N.Y., 1,566.
30, Zane Lipson, Woodmere, N.Y., 1,278.

GIRLS UNDER 14 (top five advance to third qualifying round)
1, Taryn Gray, Greenville, Texas, 2,213.
2, Ashley Dunn, Palmdale, Calif., 2,112.
3, Taylor Todd, Klamath Falls, Ore., 1,879.
4, Adel Wahner, Baytown, Texas, 1,875.
5, Olivia Lopera, East Islip, N.Y., 1,864.

Did not advance:
6, Christie Draper, McKinney, Texas, 1,804.
7, Heather Trapp, Chester, Va., 1,748.
8, Elizabeth Ferraro, Beth Page, N.Y., 1,697.
9, Rhianna Smith, Mount Olive, N.J., 1,650.
10, Amanda Naujokas, Lake Ronkonkoma, N.Y., 1,608.
11, Kaylee Lovett, Clarksville, Tenn., 1,551.
12, Alyssa Rasmussen, Eagle, Idaho, 1,465.
13, Mallory Liversedge, Meridian, Idaho, 1,363.