Sunday, August 15, 2021

Dona Jo is a company marketing sports gear to bowlers. One of my students took a test drive in some of their gear and shared her observations and evaluation with me.  

My perception from what she told me: The leggings and long sleeve top did not work particularly well for bowling. Especially summer bowling. She would not (normally) wear long sleeves, too restrictive to her bowling swing. And the sleeves were not able to be adjusted, as they apparently tapered and tightened. 

Ace Skirted Legging (Radiant) Radiant / Size 1 (S/M)Ace Skirted Legging (Radiant) - SLE103-RADIANT - My student Kalei felt, ”Really nice quality, leggings portion isn't see through which is a plus, fabric is soft.  Print isn't as colorful as others that are available, not many colors you are able to wear with it.  

I appreciate the pockets on the leggings but they are awkwardly high up on the side - you have to lift up the skirt to get to the pockets.” 

My observation from Dona Jo’s sportswear is as a primarily geared to tennis, the pockets hold the next tennis ball.  

She also shared, ”The skirt is too short to allow this to be worn for any bowling tournaments as they must be fingertip length.”  

“This skirt length is more for a swimsuit bottom.   The cinch cord in the waistband is a nice touch to help keep the top of the waistband up since it is loose fitting.  The price is comparable to other brands of leggings of this caliber.  Fits according to size chart. Not necessarily something I would wear because I don't wear skirts with leggings underneath.”    

Endurance Top (Black) Black / Size 1 (S/M)

Endurance Top (Black) - SHI1400-BLK - Kalei's thoughts on the top includes: ”The black shirt is nicely constructed and somewhat loosely fits in the body.  This is not something that I would wear bowling since it is a long sleeve and the sleeves are not able to be rolled up past mid-forearm as the fabric is not stretchy enough. The fabric isn't all that soft, but will keep you pretty cool throughout the day.  Fits according to size chart.  Price is comparable to other brands I have purchased.”   

From our conversations, Kalei and her mom were positive about the fit and quality of the items. Kalei mentioned the leggings were almost essential as the length of the skirt does not meet competition apparel standards for college bowling. She mentioned, additionally, that the skirt was quite short for her tastes.  

I've seen some of Dona Jo’s tennis wear. The clothes looked attractive and probably would allow the needed give and comfort necessary for bowling. But, as a player gets to the foul line, and slides as she delivers the bowling ball, as she bends over it would be too revealing for most bowlers.  

In both collegiate and professional competition, the "uniform" standards are strict, excluding the clothes previewed from use in competition.  

As bowling is the fastest growing sport in the country in both high school and college, as well as the largest indoor sport in the world, female bowlers might love Dona Jo sportswear, but they might be too risqué for some. 

The hundreds of thousands of league bowlers do not have restrictions, but the pool of players is from the very young to seniors.  Not sure the style and cut will appeal to everyone. 

More sport specific designs oriented to bowling should enjoy success. Sports gear targeted to out door use and a variety of environmental conditions does not play the same as bowling gear used indoors under controlled conditions. 

Unfortunately long sleeves, and tennis ball pockets might not take off today. But, given that the company is clearly testing the market, you may soon see some Dona Jo clothes that suit your tastes and designed for you as a female bowler.