Wednesday, February 5, 2014

AMF300 Uncovers The Darkness in Late February

The AMF Darkness features the Dark Tower symmetric core with an enhanced flip block that provides a lower RG and higher Differential, perfect for a strong motion through the midlane on slicker conditions. Available 2.20.2014

The New Columbia 300 Disorder

Bend-It Pearl was used on the very popular Vow and Bend-It Solid was a top performer on the OathColumbia 300 combined the two in order to give you Bend-It Hybrid.  This top performing coverstock provides way too much performance for this mid-price ball... that’s why we have no problem calling it Disorder!

The Resurgence core has been one of the best ever, now you can give it a try with a new stronger cover formula. The low RG and Medium Differential make this a great choice for all styles. The Disorder will give you more traction than any Columbia 300 ball in the mid-performance category in recent history.