Friday, May 28, 2010

Chicago Area Standout Named PBA Rookie of the Year

The Professional Bowlers Association (PBA) has announced Anthony LaCaze of Melrose Park, IL, as the 2009-10 Harry Golden PBA Rookie of the Year.

As a non-exempt player, the 27-year-old LaCaze had to compete in Tour qualifying rounds for most Lumber Liquidators PBA Tour events last season to earn his way into tournament fields. In the ninth tournament of the season, he won the PBA Earl Anthony Memorial Classic in January to earn an exemption for the 2010-11 season.

LaCaze ranked 27th in earnings with $42,570 and 38th in average with 211.94. He made match play in five tournaments and his other top finishes included a 17th in the Etonic Don Johnson Eliminator, 19th in the PBA Tournament of Champions and 24th in the Motor City Open.

Track Adds 505T

Track has designed the new 505T simply to be the strongest traction ball in the mid priced category. The 505T is constructed with the proven “Shuttle” core, its final appearance in the Track line.  The “Shuttle” core was then wrapped with a brand new Blue/Black/Gold coverstock blend, the MP GEN 4 solid – creating the strongest coverstock Track has ever used in a mid priced ball. Surface is finished with 800 Abranet, then 1000, 2000, 4000 Abralon. 15#   RG - 2.48, Diff-040. WWRD 7-8-2010

Stonger Link Morphs Into 900 Global's Missing Link(s)

900 Global adds some core dynamics to the Link calling their new entry level products Missing Links. Coverstock of the new balls is S40” in Black/Red Solid (Sanded 2,000 - pictured), Blue/White Polished, Blackberry/Silver Polished, and Purple/Blue Polished. The Asymmetric Core creates RG Value of 2.560, and RG Differential of 0.045. Available June 14th.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Purple Hype Added to AMF Line-up

AMF adds a Hype Purple/Gold withF45” Reactive Pearl Polished finish. The Symmetric Core mirrors that of the Urethane version and last years Blue Hype. Core numbers: RG 2.543, RG Diff.- 0.051. Available July 15th, 2010.

Ebonite's New Game Plan

When you want to BOWL TO WIN, you need a Game Plan. Ebonite reports the new Game Plan offers “strong continuation previously unseen in this pricepoint. We use the “Traxion Reactive .039” coverstock and combine it with the “EMP-1 Mass Bias Core” to create an unbelievable strength.” Visit, and let Ebonite know your Game Plan, for a chance to win your own Navy/Turquoise/Silver Game Plan.

College Freshman Wins PBA East Regional

The youth movement in PBA competition continued last weekend when 18-year-old Matt Gasn of Laurel, MD, won the PBA East Region Non-Champions Open at Faxon Lanes. Gasn’s win is the latest in a wave of outstanding showings by youth bowlers in PBA regional events.

Bowling as a non-PBA member, he had a 7-1 match play record, averaged 233 and defeated Michael Bohner of Allenwood, PA, 2-0 in the best-of-three championship match to win a $1,500 scholarship for his SMART account.

“I didn’t think it would happen this early,” Gasn said of his victory. “There were a lot of very good bowlers in the field and I just wanted to have a good finish.

“One of my goals in any tournament is to make the cut and if I can do that I feel I have as good a chance as anyone because I love match play. I feel that when you get to match play it’s anyone’s game.”

Gasn recently finished his freshman year at Saginaw Valley State where he was named to the all-tournament team at the USBC Intercollegiate Team Championship, but will transfer to Webber International this fall.

He bowled in first regional three years ago at age 15 finishing 12th and his previous best regional finish was fifth.

Eighteen-year-old Andrew Koff of Miami, FL, won a PBA South regional event in Jupiter, Fla., May 16, earning $2,500 which went directly to his SMART scholarship account, and a week before 12-year-old Kamron Doyle of Brentwood, TN, became the youngest bowler ever to cash in a PBA event, finishing 30th in a Canton, GA, regional earning $400 which also went into a SMART account.

Among Gasn’s other accomplishments in PBA competition include a seventh-place tie and 25th-place finishes in Lumber Liquidators PBA Tour TQRs in 2007 and 2008. In April 2009, Bowlers Journal International recognized him as one of seven bowlers to watch in future PBA Tour seasons, but for now school remains the priority.

“Right now I’m going to focus on school and bowl as much as I can,” Gasn said.
“We’ll see what happens as time goes on and I get more experience.”

AMF Adds a New Double Clutch

AMF doubles down with a Double Clutch to join it’s Clutch Pearl. The new Double Clutch coverstock isF64” finished to 2,000 Abralon in Royal Blue/Black. A meatier Asymmetric Core drives the Double Clutch with Radius of Gyration of 2.520, and RG Differential - 0.040. Available July 15th, 2010.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Columbia 300 Creates Complete Bedlam

The Complete Bedlam is the "Bedlam V2.0" core wrapped in "Full Tilt Shell 5.0" in striking Purple Pearl/Blue Pearl/Red Pearl. The new Bedlam is polished with the new Tour Finish, and you get a shiny ball that hooks. 15# RG - 2.53, Diff - .055. The new Columbia 300 Complete Bedlam is coming 6/24/10.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

900 Global Adds Profit and Bank

A couple new additions to the 900 Global bowling ball line-up includes:  
The Bank, with “S73” Reactive Black/Copper Pearl coverstock finished at 4000 Abralon with an asymmetric core. RG- 2.481, Diff -.054.   

Also the Profit, featuring an “S70” Black/Emerald Pearl polished coverstock with an asymmetric core. Radius of Gyration - 2.500, RG Diff. - 0.043. Available June 14th.

AMF's New Shredder

>AMF adds a symmetric core ball to it’s High Performance product line called the Shredder, with Dark Cherry/Purple PearlF74” polished coverstock. The Shredder core boasts Radius of Gyration of 2.481 and RG Differential of 0.054 in a 15 pound ball. Available July 15th, 2010.

2010 PBA World Series of Bowling

South Point Hotel, Casino and Bowling Center on 
the south side of Las Vegas will host the 2010 edition of the Professional 
Bowlers Association (PBA) World Series of Bowling, a 14-day extravaganza that will 
award six PBA Tour titles and pay $625,000 in prize money by the time it’s over.

The event, which will be open to PBA members from across America and around the 
world, begins Sunday, Oct. 24, and culminates with the taping of six television 
programs over two days Nov. 5-6. The shows will air on ESPN starting Sunday, 
Nov. 28.

“The inaugural PBA World Series of Bowling hosted by Thunderbowl Lanes in 
suburban Detroit last year was successful on a number of levels,” said PBA 
Deputy Commissioner and COO Tom Clark, “and it was a learning experience that 
gave us a base to grow from.

“The PBA staff has been working for months to improve upon the original concept, 
based upon input from our players as well as the needs of our corporate partners 
and ESPN. With South Point’s assistance, we believe we have come up with a 
revised World Series program that will be a great kickoff event for the 
record-setting 2010-11 Lumber Liquidators PBA Tour season.

"South Point is an awesome facility,” Clark added. “The bowling center staff 
lead by Mike Monyak will be the perfect hosts. It’s a beautiful 64-lane complex 
with every amenity you could ask for, plus great room rates, a variety of 
excellent restaurants and it has experience in hosting world-class events. 
Bowlers from around the world are going to love being in Las Vegas this fall."

The World Series will be an open event. A one-time $750 entry fee will gain PBA 
members entry into the entire event, including a chance to win any of six 
different PBA Tour titles. There will be no Tour Qualifying Rounds or “World 
Series Trials” as previously announced.

● Beginning on Monday, Oct. 25, and over a span of five consecutive days, 
players will bowl 12 games on the Cheetah, Viper, Chameleon, Scorpion and Shark 
patterns, respectively. The combined pinfall for 60 qualifying games will 
determine the standings for the PBA World Championship (which will pay one in 
three players with a $2,000 low-to-cash).

● As a bonus, the top 16 qualifiers on each daily animal pattern will advance to 
nine-game round-robin match play finals which will be held the following week. 
All 16 will cash with a $1,800 low-to-cash prize. After 21 games on each 
pattern, the top five will advance to the stepladder finals which will be taped 
on Friday, Nov. 5, and Saturday, Nov. 6, for taped-delayed broadcast on ESPN. 
First prize for each animal pattern championship will be $15,000 and each winner 
will credited with a PBA Tour title.

● The World Series also will produce a “USA vs. The World” TV event, which will 
be taped on Nov. 6. The top six United States bowlers after 60 qualifying games 
will meet the top six international players in a made-for-TV competition. During 
the 2009 World Series of Bowling, competitors from 14 different countries were 
among the more than 700 bowlers who participated.

● The PBA World Championship finals will again be the first live telecast of the 
2010-11 season, but with another twist. Instead of five players, the top eight 
after 60 World Series qualifying games will advance to a three-day television 
finale. Details on the PBA World Championship television event will be announced 
soon, but it will reward the winner with a $50,000 payday and a major title.

“When we first began talking with our players about new concepts for the 2010-11 
season, there was some understandable anxiety about formats, prize money and 
other issues,” said PBA Vice President and PBA Tour Director Kirk Von Krueger. 
“The PBA leadership listened to the players’ concerns and we’ve made a number of 
changes to address many of their issues. With the help of South Point, we have 
created an event that promises to be a very exciting start to our new season.”

The entire World Series also will be covered online by the PBA’s exclusive Xtra 
Frame video-streaming service. For information on how to subscribe to Xtra 
Frame, visit and click on the Xtra Frame logo.

Complete PBA World Series of Bowling entry information will be available soon on, the PBA’s official web site. Non-members who would like to participate 
can also visit for information on how to join the PBA.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Ebonite Adds Hard Ball and Curve Ball

The new Ebonite Hard Ball features a “Lightbulb” core with “GB 10.7” Red/Blue/Green coverstock finished at 4000 Abralon® then Polished. #15 RG - 2.52, with RG Diff. - .040.  

The new Ebonite Curve Ball also features a “Lightbulb” core with “GB 11.7” Red/Blue/ Silver coverstock finished at 4000 Abralon® then Polished. #15 RG - 2.52, with RG Diff. - .040.

Ebonite's New Vital Sign

The all new Ebonite Vital Sign breaks the mold on previous Ebonite upper-mid priced products. The new core is asymmetrical, and wrapped around the new core is “Flexol Super Plus” reactive veneer in a unique Black/Red/Orange color combination. BOX FINISH: 800 Abranet®, 1000, 2000, 2000Abralon®. The result, reports Ebonite, is an extremely versatile ball, for all styles of play. Worldwide Release Date: 07/09/2010.

900 Global Adds New Balls

900 Global adds: the Favorite with BlackS57” coverstock finished to 2,000 Abralon with a symmetric core with a 15# ball Radius of Gyration of 2.486  and RG Differential of 0.040. 

As a companion to the Favorite is the Longshot, a pearl “S55” reactive coverstock in polished Ocean Blue/Silver Pearl wrapping the same core as the Favorite. Available June 14th.

Juvenile Diabetis Foundation Fundraiser

SATURDAY   JUNE 12, 2010
Thunder Bowl, 18700 Old LaGrange Rd, Mokena  708-478-3610
For information or to purchase tickets: E-mail:
or call Denise: 815-464-9123

Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Seismic Aftermath

The new Seismic Aftermath coverstock and core combination is designed for longer and heavier oil conditions. The high differential "Modified Insignia" core, the highest in the Seismic range, gives more hook potential combined with more control. The "AVC-ET" Cover (Orange and Yellow) surface preparation allows for a stronger downlane reaction while the strength of the cover handles heavier volumes of oil.

Hammer's Hardcore Grind

Hardcore Hammer Grind features a new core shape ("Bullet Core") with the legendary "Violent Reactive" coverstock (Black Widow Cover) in Black/Green, to give you a strong, but controllable hook on medium oil lane conditions. The coverstock is finished 800-800 -1000-1000-the polished with Powerhouse Factory Finish. Worldwide Release Date is June 29th.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Las Vegas High Roller Update

Ready to do it again!  Match play - and plenty of it - is the theme as High Roller's single game elimination match play format provides the excitement at Sam's Town in Las Vegas from June 28 through July 3rd!
"Anyone can beat anyone in a 1-game match," Norm Edelman, August, 1982.
Times have changed since 1982 but match play is the most exciting format of them all.  Win 3 consecutive matches and triple your money.  There are no losers in round 3 because players not winning receive a new high performance Storm ball for their efforts.

There is a change in divisions for the July High Roller as there is now a division just for Seniors and a separate division for the 215 Average & Under players.  There is also the Age 49 & Under division so there is something for everyone. The 215 Average & Under division is regardless of age.

High Roller week starts with a Free Practice Session and a Sweeper on Monday, June 28.  Then from Tuesday through Saturday, it's the main event, match play.  There are 4 rounds each day and those players that win that 4th round advance to Round 5 on Saturday to shoot for the $25,000 top prize.

The grand finale of the July High Roller is The Big Game in which the last remaining player from each of the 3 divisions bowl 1 game on the same pair for the title.  Each player is guaranteed at least $10,000.

And you can win $1,000 each day!  All contestants can re-enter and try to win 3 matches each day.  All receive a new Storm ball on their 1st & 3rd re-entry. 4 separate $3,000 VIP purses are available from Tuesday through Friday.  The 1-game event is a great tune-up for match play each morning.  The VIP's follow the free practice sessions, also Tuesday through Friday.Sam's Town is offering the lowest rates around starting at $26.99. Call them toll free at 1-877-593-5993 and mention High Roller to take advantage of those great rateWant to see more? Visit us at and click on Brochures!  High Roller has now paid $86,578,733 in prizes to bowlers since the inaugural event in 1982!  For more info and brochures, call us toll free    1-800-257-6179 or visit us at Download a full brochure and enter online - it's fast, easy & secure.

PBA Players "Walk" For Charity

Four Professional Bowlers Association (PBA) stars are going to take a “Walk in the Park” on
Sunday, June 13, to raise money to benefit Cure Kids Cancer and Children’s Miracle Network.

Seven-time PBA Player of the Year Walter Ray Williams Jr. of Ocala, FL, representing 900 Global;
33-time PBA Tour winner Norm Duke of Clermont, FL, representing Storm Products; 15-time PBA
champion Jason Couch of Clermont, FL, representing Ebonite International, and two-time PBA
Women’s Series titlist Carolyn Dorin-Ballard of Keller, TX, representing Brunswick, will participate
in a one-mile walk through Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson to raise money for the children’s

The walk will begin at 9 a.m. Eastern. Each of the players, who will participate for their respective
sponsors in the GEICO Team Shootout “Manufacturers Cup” competition June 11-12 at Six
Flags, will be trying to individually raise money for the two children's charities.

If you would like to make a tax-deductible contribution on behalf of your favorite PBA star, visit and click the "Support A Walker" button.

Brunswick, Ebonite, Storm and 900 Global will each field teams of PBA stars for the made-for-
television Baker team match play competition that will be contested on June 11 and 12 on specially-
constructed lanes outdoors at Six Flags. The 15-segment series will air on ESPN on Sunday, June
27, starting at 2:30 p.m. Eastern; Saturday, July 3, at 2 p.m.; Sunday, July 4, at 1 p.m., and
Sunday, July 11, beginning at 1:30 p.m.

Admission to the GEICO Team Shootout hosted by Six Flags Great Adventure is included in the
price of admission tickets to the theme park. For admission information, visit

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

New Freeze Colors

The Freeze from Columbia 300 resurrects "an oldie but a goodie" with a modified version of the "Messenger" core, one of their most successful cores. The new colors of "Ne2" shell are Blue/Green, Pink/Black and Orange/Purple, finished to 4000 and polished.  

Columbia Introduces the Pure Physics

Introducing the new Columbia 300 Pure Physics. Featuring the high-performing "Full Swing" core surrounded by Black/Purple/Yellow "Full Tilt 7.5" coverstock. The new Pure Physics was designed to deliver a massive hook and a powerful backend. Surface finish 800, 1000, 2000 Abralon®. 15# RG - 2.51, Diff. -.056.

New Track 920T

Track’s 920T packs plenty of hook for the competitive league bowler. As the lanes transition and become drier, the 920T will still give you the ‘track-tion’ you need to keep striking.

Track reports they accomplished this goal by combining two strong elements from previous Track products: the popular modified "Leggo" core, and combining our "HP Gen 2" coverstock used in the UpRising with our "HP Gen 3" used in the 930T, minus the mica. 

"The R&D Dept. worked closely with our Manufacturing Team to develop an entirely new pouring system process in order to make this combination - our first truly hybrid Inter-Mix Technology (IMT) cover" reported a Track spokesman.

Hammer Jigsaw Trap and Hammer Plague

Introducing Hammer’s new Jigsaw TRAP. With the "Medium Mass Bias Jigsaw" Core, the new Trap is Blue/Purple/Yellow "Quick Corner™ Pearl" coverstock, finished at 800/800/1000/1000 then Powerhouse® Factory Finish. #15 RG (2.49) Diff (.058)

Introducing the all-new Hammer Plague, covered with the "Level 2" Reactive Purple/Red/Gold coverstock, finished 500/1000/2000 Abralon®. Designed for heavy oil, the core seems to be modified from the Jigsaw series with slightly different core numbers. #15 RG (2.50) Diff (.055).

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Roto Grip Adds a New Mutant Cell Pearl and Urethane Grenade

The anticipated Mutant Cell Pearl from Roto Grip is on its way. This next generation Crown™ line release adds another dimension to the already popular Cell™ line. The "Nucleus II™" core with its higher Radius of Gyration (RG) value and increased intermediate differential creates a much more defined breakpoint than the original, but still features the predictability that has made the Cell line popular. Enhancing that motion even further is the Aqua/Copper/Purple "Cytoplasmic™ XL" (1500-grit Polished) pearl reactive coverstock. RG 2.54, Differential .047.

Adding a Shield line product, look for the Roto Grip Grenade which features "Retrothane™" Navy Blue urethane cover stock which wraps the "Photon™" Core (from the current Dark Star and Riot and previous Storm Jolt). Retrothane is a traditional urethane coverstock that will help you tame even the most scorching lane conditions, a factory finish of 2000-grit Abralon.The new Roto Grip balls will be available June 9th.

USBC Live Web Casts on

Slide 1The fan-base for United States Bowling Congress (USBC)'s live Web stream events is growing with each broadcast. Get on board with these upcoming events from USBC:

May 18: USBC Intercollegiate Singles Championships match play (8:30 a.m. ET) from Euless, Texas

May 29: Clara Guerrero at USBC Open Championships (12:20 p.m. ET)

June 13: Kelly Kulick at USBC Open Championships (8:30 p.m. ET)

You can access the live Web stream by logging on to at the times specified above.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Scholorship Deadline Extended

The Bowling Writers Association of America (BWAA) Chuck Pezzano Scholarship application deadline has been extended to June 1, 2010. Committee chairman Joan Romeo said “BWAA has so many talented young writers who applied for the 2009 scholarship. We wanted to give the students every opportunity to submit their application in these tough economic times”.

The scholarship is named in honor of world renowned journalist Chuck Pezzano of Clifton, NJ whose many tributes include being a member of both the USBC and PBA Halls of Fame. Up to three (3) scholarships per year may be awarded based on the applicant’s credentials. Individuals may not be awarded more than $1500 per application and yearly combined scholarships will not exceed $3,000. Any or all of the funds will be distributed at the discretion of the committee. Winners will also receive a one year paid membership in BWAA.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Brunswick Introduces an Avalanche Urethane

The Avalanche Blue/Purple Pearl uses a retro Urethane coverstock. Designed for extra length and a smooth predictable ball motion the Avalanche Urethane is designed for lighter amounts of oil and a more “down the boards” line to the pocket.

All Avalanche balls use the acclaimed Teal Rhino Pro light bulb core. The Light Bulb core has been at the heart of some of the most successful balls of all time. Finish- Rough Buff; High-Gloss Polish. RG Max/
Min - 2.548 to 2.524 with RG  Differential - 0.02. 

Women's US Open

Lane #1 Produces the Dynamo X2 Dry

With a "Hybrid ISO reactive" cover and patented "Hurricane" core the new Lane #1 Dynamo-X 2, is a special edition version for dry lanes in dark blue and highly polished. A 15# ball's Radius of Gyration (RG) falls in the range of 2.467 minimum and 2.516 maximum with an RG Differential of .049.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

ESPN Revises GEICO Team Shootout Telecast Schedule

ESPN has revised the telecast schedule for the upcoming GEICO Team Shootout series from Six Flags Adventure in Jackson, N.J. The revised schedule (all times Eastern) includes:

Sunday, June 27 – Four consecutive half-hour shows beginning at 2:30 p.m.
Saturday, July 3 – Re-broadcasts of Shows 3 and 4 followed by telecasts of new Shows 5 and 6 beginning at 2 p.m.
Sunday, July 4 – Re-broadcasts of Shows 5 and 6 followed by four new shows beginning at 1 p.m.
Sunday, July 11 – Five consecutive new shows beginning at 1:30 p.m.

Competition in the GEICO Team Shootout, pitting teams sponsored by Brunswick, Ebonite International, Storm Products and 900 Global, is scheduled for June 10 and 11 in Jackson.


Long-time Columbia 300 sales rep and renowned bowling coach John Jowdy has been selected as the 2010 inductee into the Bowling Coaches Hall of Fame in recognition of his superior coaching contributions to the sport. Jowdy will be recognized on Monday, June 18, during the International Bowl Expo general session at the Las Vegas Hilton.

Jowdy, who began his coaching career in San Antonio in the 1940s, became an iconic figure at PBA Tour events with his foot-long cigars (which he never smoked). In his nearly 40 years of travels, he has helped hundreds of men and women advance their professional bowling careers. He is credited with the development of Team Columbia, which became the first staff of professionals to represent a ball company and set an example all other ball companies soon

The author of two instructional books, hundreds of instructional articles and nationally-distributed opinion columns, Jowdy was inducted into the PBA Hall of Fame in 1988.

The late Joe Kristof of Columbus, Ohio, a PBA charter member who conducted hundreds of clinics as an AMF staff member, and Jeanette Robinson of Las Vegas will also be honored as coaching “Trailblazers.” Kristof also was a pioneer in the bowling pro shop business.

Former PBA Touring Player Purvis Granger also has earned international recognition as winner of the 2010 World Bowling Writers Tom Kouros Outstanding International Coach Award. Granger, 46, has spent the past 14 years coaching in Hong Kong, The Philippines and Hong Kong again.


Participation in the first three PBA Senior Tour events of the 2010 campaign, along with member and non-member entries in PBA Regional events, has been strong as the summer season arrives.

The lure of winning a first PBA title of any kind – regional, Senior or PBA Tour – to land an invitation to participate in the 2010 PBA Tournament of Champions has provided a high-stakes incentive to enter those events. All seven PBA Regions will be conducting weekend tournaments throughout the summer and fall. For schedules and entry information, click on the Schedule tab on Under Regional Tour, check on your home region.

Bowling fans can also follow the action in select regional competitions. PBA’s Xtra Frame video-streaming service will provide live coverage of the South Region’s Canton, GA, Open on May 9; the Jupiter, FL, Open on May 16, and the PBA Regional Players Championship on May 31 from Thunderbowl Lanes in Allen Park, MI. To sign up for the PBA’s exclusive online television coverage, click on the Xtra Frame logo on


During the Lumber Liquidators Marathon Open in Baltimore, fellow Texans Wes Malott (the reigning PBA Player of the Year) and Chris Barnes (who held that title the year before), were in first and second place, respectively, after three rounds.
Starting the fourth round on the Chameleon pattern and bowling on the same pairs of lanes, Malott and Barnes bowled identical games of 233, 193 and 245.
“That was interesting,” Malott laughed. “We were just trying to make it easy on scorekeepers.”
After finishing the Chameleon round in the same one-two positions, they were again assigned to bowl together for the fifth (Scorpion) round. In the first game, both bowled 217 games.

WRWJr Sweeps PBA Stats and Awards

At the ripe old age of 50, Walter Ray Williams Jr. has already used up every
superlative you can attach to his record-setting career, and that makes his
sweep of every major statistical category during the 2009-10 Lumber
Liquidators PBA Tour season even more stunning.

With the completion of the DyDo Japan Cup, the PBA’s statistical season
officially ended in the earnings and average categories. Guess who won both?

The Ocala, FL, right-hander had previously claimed his record seventh Chris
Schenkel PBA Player of the Year Award and a record eighth Harry Smith
Point Leader Award at the conclusion of the Lumber Liquidators Marathon
Open, the final regularly-scheduled event of the season.

Williams ended his PBA Tour season by being eliminated in the Round of 16 in
his 25th consecutive Japan Cup appearance, earning $3,000 to boost his
official 2009-10 earnings total to $152,670 - $5,395 ahead of runner-up Bill
O’Neill. It was the seventh time he has led the Tour in annual earnings. He also
finished the season with a 222.89 average for 581 games – 50 games more than
Tommy Jones bowled – to lock up a record eighth George Young Memorial High
Average Award. Wes Malott was runner-up with a 221.34 average.

Adding a little icing, Williams tied for the Tour lead in Championship Round
Appearances (five) and titles (two) with both Mike Scroggins and O’Neill, and he
led the field in match play appearances with 15 in 19 events.

The 47-time PBA Tour title winner improved his Tour-best career earnings to
$4,252,116 as of May 1 (Pete Weber is more than $800,000 behind in second
place with $3,407,724).

Returning home from Japan, Williams made his PBA Senior Tour debut on May 
3 in the Miller High Life Senior Classic in Mooresville, N.C., and three days later,
he won his first PBA Senior Tour title.