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The New Revenant Bowling Ball from Storm Bowling


It’s risen. R3S Pearl is together anew with the Vector Core, but with a fresh veneer and more reaction where it matters most: at the pins. Reacta Gloss is cutting-edge when it comes to surfaces. Using an all-new polishing agent, Reacta Gloss maintains its profile longer and more consistently than any previous Storm polished finish before it. Go ahead. Grip it. You’ll immediately feel a difference to the touch.

The Storm Bolt doesn’t just identify a Storm bowling ball. It represents over three decades of tradition, a commitment to quality, and a promise to always roll better than ever before. The covers are robust. The cores are exact. Because when the scores add up, the thrill of sending all ten back tells you that it’s worth it.

Like the new Premier ball, the Absolute, the Thunder Line adds the new Revenant on January 20th, 2023. 

Available: January, 20th 2023
Fragrance: Bear Claw
Color: Amerthsyt/Black

Storm Introduces The Premier Line Absolute Bowling Ball



In most cases, an extra slug, or weighted disk, is needed to create enhanced dynamics, but the evenly weighted masses at both ends of the Sentinel Core upgrades this effect more than a single slug ever could. This ensures the Absolute will change direction and continue through the pins better and more consistently. This is the first single-density asymmetric core in the Storm line since the Lucid.

The R&D team has also reduced the amount of weight block mass near the area where the thumb hole is typically placed. The inward angled edges increase the intermediate differential prior to drilling and allows the dynamic integrity to be preserved after drilling because the thumb hole misses the weight block. The extra intermediate differential makes the Absolute respond to friction on the lane more effectively and won’t miss the spot.

Performance happens when bowler and ball work together as one. When the ball becomes an extension of the bowler’s will. That’s performance we measure not on a scoreboard, but in our hearts..The Storm Absolute is 2023's first new PREMIER LINE ball. Expect the Absolute to be available January 20th, 2023.


Wednesday, December 14, 2022

Subject: Time For A New Ball

Questioner: Ed

Subject: Time for a new ball
Date Asked: 2016-09-02 00:34:02

Hi Warren

I’m a casual bowler and my 10 year old son likes to bowl so we’ve been going to the Brunswick Zone every Saturday. I’ve had an old Eclipse 16 lb ball for many years now and I was told it’s basically a “house ball that a big box store sold”. I don’t remember where I got it, but I just throw it straight hoping to hit the pocket, and maybe I'll attempt to throw a slight hook from time to time.

It's always been a little heavy so I am in the market for a 14 lb ball and since the lanes where I bowl are medium to heavy oil, I wanted to get a ball that would benefit from such lanes. I throw a pretty much straight ball, but would like a ball that would have some “built-in” hook or curve potential; if I ever decided to start throwing one. Could you give me two or three ball recommendations? I've been looking at the Pyramid Dark Path, Path Rising and Blueprint Pearl Project 1.618, the DV8 Grudge Hybrid, and several others. Way too many choices out there!

I've been told by several people to have my ball fingertip drilled, but I'm not sure I can get used to throwing that way. Like I said, I'm just a casual bowler looking for a new ball. I bowled a 233 when I was 12 years old and wish I would've stuck with it! I would say my average now is probably in the 160's. Not that scores matter since I bowl for fun, but it would be nice to start bowling in the 200's again.

I've read reviews and seen terms I never even heard of. "I had my balled drilled 30x4.5x70 with pin above the ring finger". Huh?? Lol!

Which of these would benefit me the most? Or do you have any other recommendations?

ALSO----I have a pair of bowling shoes that, because of the way I approach, stick something awful when I bowl. I had to purchase one of those powder pouches and apply it almost every time I bowl so I don't stick and fall flat on my face. I know there's shoe sole covers out there, but because of the way I bowl, I need the heels to be slippery as well; if not more. Do you know of any shoes out of the box that glide without having to use a cover or a metal brush?

Thanks so much!!


Ball fit is about comfort and a "relaxed" feel. The ball should literally just hang from your hand. An older ball usually reflects older ideas in fit techniques. Modern fitting should vastly improve your feel over the big box store fit ball.  Ball weight should reflect 10% of your body weight, to the max of 16 pounds.

Dropping, if you must, should only be a pound, or you give up some effect that the weight of the ball provides as it hits the pins. Unless there is some physical problem, a two pound drop will be way to easy for you to "over" control. Your swing should be a synergy between you and the ball. Too light and a small adjustment (a manipulation of your swing direction) of only an inch at the point of release, could cause the ball to miss you target, 60 feet latter, by more than a foot!

The formula you saw is from a technique to lay out and drill a ball called Dual Angle Layouts, but the tech talk often makes the customer confused and feeling uneducated. I prefer you know what you're getting. Like a mechanic that throws out a lot of terminology and then wants $1,000.00 for a repair, I feel some service people hide their actual work in complicated explanations that the customer can't possibly understand, or THEY COULD DO THE JOB THEMSELVES!

Your ball options are a little like comparing a first generation Model T automobile and a current car. The technology is so advanced from the previous ball, you are looking at WAY more ball than you need. Your looking to have fun, but bowling balls are tools, to help you have fun. You DO NOT need that much ball. You are not an experienced bowler, so controlling a complicated ball isn't in your skill set, yet. Roll a more basic polyester ball like your old one and you will develop skill through practice and participation. But fit will be HUGELY more important. Find a ball driller that is interested in helping you get better not just sell you an expensive piece of equipment. Have them explain the fit technique and how he does what he does. Ask for some tips.

Shoes should help you slide. Have the potential seller of your new shoes, watch you bowl and suggest options. You may want to alter your current delivery to benefit from more consistent execution. High tech bowling shoes could cost as much or more than the ball, so explain what you need and see if they can suggest something that won't cost a mortgage payment!

Thanks for the questions. Hope this guidance helps. Let me know how it's going.

I've Got a Question: Subject: Drilling

Questioner: Vince

Subject: Drilling
Date Asked: 2016-09-03 23:38:05

Does ball speed affect the way a professional might drill a ball. I throw down and in @ 14.5mph. Faster my ball slides thru the break, slower breaks too much.

Professional bowlers are among the most consistent, most accurate players on the planet. They use changes in speed, rotation and tilt to create different ball motions. Often you will see similar layouts in different balls, because they have a favorite starting point, with a variety of ball choices so they can create different ball motions. Different layouts can dramatically effect what a ball can and does do. Speed dominant players might utilize stronger layouts (or rougher coverstocks or both) because their speed overwhelms the lane and they use stronger layouts to help control the environment. Similarly with rev dominant players, weaker layouts utilize less "help" from ball cores and help the rev dominant control their environment.

Ball speed is one of the assets when rolling today's performance balls. Your ball driller SHOULD be aware of your ball speed, rev rate, axis tilt and axis rotation. Some players can only duplicate some of these details consistently. But with no idea what you do, or are prone to do, the layout can influence the ball roll so it's as you've described, too much or too little. Did your driller see you bowl? Identify your Positive Axis Point? How strong a ball do you have? What ball?

Unfortunately, some drillers have favorite layouts or recommended strong layouts that manufacturers detail in the ball boxes, that might be too much for some or create a difficult to control ball motion. Your driller should have the info from watching you bowl to provide the right combination of layout, ball performance, surface preparation, etc. to match up to your expected lane conditions.

Your speed is right in the middle of average, so the lane condition you bowl on seems to be creating too much skid with a little more speed and too much hook with less speed. I'd suggest you talk to the driller and share what's going on and ask if there is something they can do to moderate the reaction you are seeing (maybe a little rougher cover to moderate the over reaction with a little more speed). Sounds like you are using a pearl or shiny hybrid ball.

Are you dialing your speed up or down to try to control the ball? Is it easier to roll a little faster? slower?

Thanks for the question, let me know what you do to resolve the issue.

Friday, December 9, 2022


The 2023 PBA50 Tour schedule will feature the greatest bowlers in the world aged 50-and-over competing in 12 title events, including five major championships, from early June to the end of August, with a total purse of more than $1 million.

The Professional Bowlers Association also announced fans will be able watch every PBA50 Tour event start-to-finish, livestreamed on BowlTV.

Highlighting the season will be the first-ever PBA50 World Series of Bowling, at JAX60 in Jackson, Mich., July 15-23. The inaugural senior WSOB will feature four title events including the main-event PBA50 World Championship, which will boast a first-place prize of $25,000, the highest on the senior circuit in more than two decades.

Similar to the PBA Tour’s World Series, the PBA50 WSOB will have multiple oil pattern championship stages leading to the World Championship. 

Another exciting addition to the schedule finds the 2023 PBA50 Tour season concluding with the return of the PBA50 Tournament of Champions (TOC), at Orange Bowl Lanes in Lakeland, Fla., Aug. 26-30. Back for the first time this century, the PBA50 TOC and its $15,000 winner’s check will be open to PBA champions over the age of 50 who have won a PBA title of any kind in their careers from the PBA Tour and PBA50 Tour, including PBA and PBA50 Regional Tour titles.

Last season, legendary PBA Hall of Famer Parker Bohn III earned PBA50 Player of the Year honors, winning four titles and leading the Tour in points and earnings.

Lennie Boresch Jr. won the 2022 Senior U.S. Open, and the victory earned the 10-year PBA50 Tour veteran eligibility into the PBA Hall of Fame, based on his senior Tour accomplishments. Boresch was elected to the HOF by vote and will be inducted in March. 

Andres Gomez, the first Colombian to win a PBA Tour title, will cross the age 50 threshold on July 19, and is expected to compete.

In addition to Bohn and Boresch, PBA Hall of Famers Walter Ray Williams Jr., Chris Barnes, Pete Weber, Jason Couch, Amleto Monacelli, Ron Mohr, Tom Baker and Johnny Petraglia once again figure to be regulars on the PBA50 Tour.

Rounding out the major championships on the 2023 PBA50 Tour schedule are the USBC Senior Masters at Sam’s Town in Las Vegas, the Senior U.S. Open at Highland Park Lanes in Greeley, Colo. and the PBA50 Players Championship at Bowl America Dranesville in Virginia. The Players Championship finals and its record-high $20,000 first place prize will be contested on specially-installed lanes at the home of PBA50 player Bill Moore.

Other cities hosting 2023 PBA50 Tour regular events include Hammond, Ind., Morgantown, W.Va., The Villages, Fla., and Fort Myers, Fla.

The PBA50 Tour schedule will also allow for players to participate in the new PBA LBC National Championships at Bowlero Wauwatosa in Milwaukee, Wis. Depending on which division the PBA50 players choose to enter, the National Championships have a $25,000 first-place prize in the Open Classic division, and $5,000 first in the Men’s Senior Classic division. The top three finishers in the Open Classic division and winner of the men’s Senior Classic division will join winners in other divisions earning trips to the FOX Sports presentation of the PBA LBC National Championships Clash, and its $100,000 purse, from Bayside Bowl in Portland, Maine.

The PBA LBC National Championships will run on weekends from June 3-July 17, with June 24-25, July 1-2 and July 8-9 being ideal weekends for the touring PBA50 players to enter.

Two PBA50 Regional events will also be available along the way for touring players, July 24-26 in Wyoming, Mich.; and July 28-30 in Bowling Green, Ohio. Dozens more PBA50 Regionals around the country will be announced soon.

Two PBA60 National Tour events for players age 60-and-over are also on the schedule, including the season-opening USBC Super Senior Classic in Las Vegas, which will kick things off on May 31, prior to the Senior Masters. PBA60 Tour players will also travel to Ohio for the PBA60 Tristan’s T.A.P.S. Memorial Tournament at Wayne Webb’s Columbus Bowl in July.


May 31-June 4: USBC Super Senior Classic, Sam’s Town, Las Vegas (PBA60)
June 5-11: USBC Senior Masters, Sam’s Town, Las Vegas
June 14-19: Senior US Open, Highland Park Lanes, Greeley, Colo.

July 2-5 (rescheduled from July 4-7): PBA60 Tristan’s T.A.P.S. Memorial Tournament, Wayne Webb’s Columbus Bowl, Columbus, Ohio (PBA60)
July 10-13: PBA50 South Shore Classic, Olympia Lanes, Hammond, Ind.
July 15-23: PBA50 World Series of Bowling, JAX60, Jackson, Mich.
     July 16, 19: PBA50 Ballard Championship
     July 17, 20: PBA50 Monacelli Championship
     July 18, 21: PBA50 Petraglia Championship
     July 16-23: PBA50 World Championship
July 31 – August 3: PBA50 Morgantown Classic, Suburban Lanes, Morgantown, W.Va.
Aug. 6-10: Bud Moore PBA50 Players Championship, Bowl America Dranesville, Sterling, Va.
Aug. 14-18: PBA50 The Villages Classic, Spanish Springs Lanes, The Villages, Fla.
Aug. 20-23: PBA50 Fort Myers Classic, Lightning Strikes Bowling Lanes, Fort Myers, Fla.
Aug. 26-30: PBA50 Tournament of Champions, Orange Bowl Lanes, Lakeland, Fla.

PBA50 majors are bolded

PBA60 torunaments in RED, majors are italicized 

Monday, December 5, 2022

MOTIV Bowling introduces The New Jackal™ Ambush

The newest predator in the vicious Jackal line, the Jackal™ Ambush will catch opponents off guard with its strength and control of its environment. 

This ultra-strong beast pushes the boundaries of ball motion and hook in oil, providing a smooth and controlled ball motion, even in the heaviest concentrations. The Jackal Ambush allows you to go on the hunt, knowing that you have the strength behind you to dominate. 

The Jackal™ Ambush introduces the release of a brand new cover stock system; Leverage Solid Reactive. Leverage is formulated to be smoother down lane and stronger in the oil than the Coercion cover stock systems previously used for this ball motion. This is the most aggressive and cover stock system ever developed in the MOTIV ball line. 

Paired with this new system is the proven Predator™ V2 core. Used in the legendary Jackal™ Ghost and the Alpha Jackal used by Wesley Low to shoot 900, the Predator V2 is ideal in heavy oil conditions when a high performance, asymmetrical core is necessary. The low RG and high differential give a fast spinning and dynamic core design, capable of huge amounts flare. 


BALL NAME: Jackal™ Ambush 


FINISH: 1000 Grit LSS 

WEIGHTS: 12# - 16# 

15#: RG 2.47 | Max Diff .054 | Int. Diff .015 

CORE: Predator™ V2 BALL 

COLOR: Black/Hunter/Dark Green Solid 

COVER: Leverage™ Solid Reactive 

NEOMARK: Gray/Red Solid 

For more information about MOTIV® Bowling, 

please visit

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 DECEMBER 1, 2022 PROFESSIONAL BOWLERS ASSOCIATIONPBA and USBC Announce Partnership Moving PBA Livestreaming to BowlTV for 2023 Season

ARLINGTON, Texas – The Professional Bowlers Association and United States Bowling Congress have agreed on a partnership to offer exclusive livestreaming coverage of the 2023 Guaranteed Rate PBA Tour season on BowlTV.

The agreement will include comprehensive coverage of the PBA National Tour, as well as PBA50, PBA Jr. and PBA Regional Tour events. BowlTV’s season coverage will feature all PBA Tour qualifying rounds and championship rounds for five PBA Classic series tournaments. The coverage also will include the entirety of the Roth/Holman PBA Doubles Championship and all PBA50 Tour events.

This agreement brings the PBA Tour, Professional Women’s Bowling Association Tour and USBC short-duration tournaments to the same BowlTV livestreaming platform, providing subscribers unprecedented access to top-level bowling with one subscription.

“We are pleased to have all professional bowling come together under the same platform for 2023,” PBA Tour Commissioner Tom Clark said. “BowlTV’s coverage will be tremendous for bowling fans.”

PBA coverage on BowlTV will include multiple channels at each event, so fans can follow their favorite PBA competitors. The broadcasts also will include professional commentary, interviews and analysis featuring top bowling experts.

“We appreciate the PBA partnering with the USBC to create this incredible content offering for bowling,” USBC President Melissa McDaniel said. “This partnership is a big win for all of bowling, including the fans, athletes and USBC members. USBC is committed to making the BowlTV experience outstanding for its subscribers and the PBA.”

BowlTV offers the ability to purchase event tickets, as well as monthly and annual subscriptions. A full 2023 event schedule and updated pricing will be announced later this month.

Go to to learn more about BowlTV. Visit for information on the PBA Tour.