Friday, July 11, 2014

MOTIV Adds Tribal Fire to Ball Line

MOTIV announces the new Tribal Fire for fall wrapped in Fusion Hybrid Reactive Coverstock in Red and Orange. The hybrid is finished to 5000 grit (Laser Scan/Polish). The new Tribal Fire core is the Halogen. In 15#, RG is modest at 2.55, while Differential is medium at .037. The  World Wide Release Date is August 27th, 2014.

900Global Unveils New Balls for Fall

 Kicking off the fall for 900Global, the new High Performance “Engineer” series is the Dream. The Dream with its new 74 Response™ Pearl Coverstock quickly changes direction when encountering friction, powered by the new Identity™ Asymmetric core. Available August 15th, 2014.
900Global reveals the new “Prime” Performance series. Their first offering is the Moxie featuring a Red / Yellow / Black 78 Dig™ Hybrid Coverstock finished to 4000 grit surrounding the Tetra Symmetric Core. Look for the new Moxie in mid September.

The new “Preferred” series from 900Global includes the All Day and All Night. The Neon Green / Navy All Day features the S64™ Solid reactive coverstock. 900Global reports “It  provides controlled grip and a smooth read throughout the middle part of the lane” with the help of a 4000 grit Pad finish.  

The heart of the Prefered series balls is the Clockwork™ Symmetric core. The Clockwork™ Symmetric core provides versatility and is driller friendly for all styles of bowlers.  

For the pearl All Night, the S64™ Pearl Coverstock provides a clean look through the lane with a quick transition at the breakpoint . The All Night is Ruby Red / Gold finished to 2000 grit then polished.

The new 900Global “Select” series features the Boost in three colors. The Boost series provides 3 cover choices all finished to 2000 grit and polished which creates length downlane, “perfect for drier oil conditions” reports 900Global.
The blue / cream pearl Boost features the classic S43™ Pearl coverstock. The Boost blue / black sports the classic S43™ Hybrid Coverstock. And last but not least, the Boost orange / yellow is S43™ solid reactive veneer.

The The Launch™ Symmetric core enables a sharp turn and pop off the spot at the breakpoint. Get a Boost in early August.