Friday, June 27, 2014

MOTIV Fuels Their Ball Line With Octane

MOTIV Octane with new Agility™ SFX Reactive cover stock. The hybrid black and purple pearl cover on the Octane™ is the new Agility™ SFX (Skid Flip Xtreme) Reactive formulation.  This new technology provides outstanding length and an absolutely explosive backend reaction.  Factory finish is 5000 Grit LSS (Laser Scan/Sanded).

Radical Bowling's Newest Addition, The REAX Gusto

The REAX Gusto is the final piece in the REAX Top Shelf line of asymmetrical balls. The GUSTO delivers the most violent backend reaction in the Reax line. Designed to handle medium to lighter oil lane conditions, the REAX Gusto has the quickest change in direction of any Radical ball to date. The motion is reminiscent of what was first seen when reactive resin balls first hit the market place. By utilizing a new set of additives to their base resin, Radical was able to achieve this very desirable motion. This additive technology allows the Gusto to provide outstanding length from it’s black/silver pearl coverstock, which is finished at 500 grit Saair, compound and polish. Yet The REAX Gusto can be very, very responsive to the backend of the lane.

Brunswick Reveals Two New Balls For the Fall

Brunswick’s Fortera Exile The Red Pearl/Silver Pearl Fortify Pearl Reactive cover is wrapped around the Fortera Flip Asymmetric Core. The factory finish is 500 Siaair, Royal Compound and finally Royal Shine. Available: Worldwide on Friday, June 27, 2014. 

Brunswick’s new Melee Cross is Teal Solid Savvy Hook Solid Reactive coverstock surrounding the Melee Low RG Symmetric Core.  The factory finish is 500, 2000 Siaair. The Melee Cross is available Worldwide on June 16, 2014

Columbia 300 Adds a Trio Calkled The Blur

Columbia 300 presents the Blur. Born from the proven Full Swing Full Tilt 5.0 Cover in Solid, Hybrid and Pearl and Columbia’s new symmetrical Blur core this ball should provide a lot of ball for the money.

Columbia Adds The N'S@ne Antics

New from Columbia the N's@ne Antics The striking White/Crimson/Azure AR300 Solid coverstock is factory finished to 500, 1000, 2000, 4000 Abralon with Clean 'n Sheen at 300 RPM. The heart of the N's@ne Antics is the Hi-Dynamix II core.  

World Wide Release Date: July 1, 2014

Ebonite To Release The Energy Source

Ebonite’s new Energy Source features the popular Mission series core with an updated Black/Red/Silver Hybrid cover called XL4500. The Energy Source has a factory finish of 500/500/500/1000 grit Abralon with Power House Factory Finish @ 300 RPM. World Wide release Date: July 8, 2014.


Hammer Adds The Black Widow Legend and Absolut Flip

You can’t keep a good Gas Mask Core down. It’s BACK. Hammer will unveil it’s latest Gas Mask Core/Black Widow variation in August the Black Widow Legend in Black/Red Pearl NBT Hybrid coverstock. The aggressive finish of the new Black Widow is 500/500/500/1000 Abralon w/ Power House Factory Finish. World Wide Release Date: August 5th, 2014.

Also, coming in July from Hammer the Absolut Flip. The Blue/Copper/Silver coverstock is H-200 Pearl finished 500, 500, 500, 1000 Abralon W/ Power House Factory Finish @ 300 RPM Speed. The shiny aggressively finished cover wraps the Fat Max core. World Wide Release Date: July 8, 2014


TRACK's New Trio For The Fall

From the TRACK brand the Mx16, with Orange/Blue/Silver MR-8 Hybrid coverstock simply finished 500/3000 Abralon. Strength of this ball starts with the I-Core.  

Also from TRACK the Hx10. The Smoke Pearl/Red/Sky Blue Dr-6 Hybrid coverstock factory finished to 500/1000 Abralon polished w/ Power House Factory Finish covers the Face Core.  

Finally from TRACK the Lx05. The new Lx05
is Blue Pearl/Black/Silver Pearl Qr-4 Hybrid
coverstock with a factory finish: 500/2000 Abralon. The modified Kinetic Core is at the center of it all.
World Wide Release Date for the new TRACK trio is August 19th, 2014.

The naming confusion seams to continue. With the L M and H designations changing for this season.

Roto Grip Unveils Their New Bowling Balls

Roto Grip Balls Unveiled - Sinister™, Hysteria™, Outcry™, Scream™ and Shout™. Look for the new Roto Grip balls on August 26th.

Roto Grip’s new Sinister™ features the all-new Cage™ Core, the nucleus is wrapped with a Hybrid 76H™ cover of Neon Yellow & White Pearl / Navy Solid finished to 4000 grit.

The next HP3 introduction is the Hysteria™ with the 67MH™ solid reactive cover of yellow and purple which is finished to 1500-grit and polished. The Late Roll 69™ core is used in the Hysteria.

The new HP2 Outcry is a reactive hybrid 53M™ Silver pearl and Teal cover smooth at 4000 grit and surrounding the popular Late Roll 51™ core from the Uproar and Rumble.

In what seems to be an annual “costume” change, the colors of the new variation Scream™ and Shout™ have changed but little else (same core, same covers, cover prep is slightly different). Scream™ is Neon Pink Pearl / Navy Pearl, while the Shout™ is Red / Blue.