Friday, September 1, 2017

Charitable giving and Storm.

Storm loves to give back.
That means to the sport of bowling and to causes alike. Sometimes the two collide and some magic happens. With October rolling around we wanted to do something great!
And a little different.

This year they are producing 300 Pink Hy-Roads that will only be available for purchase on the Storm website. Each ball will sell for $300 and we will be donating a minimum of 50 % to our Paint the Lanes Pink charities.

Below are the important details about this special project. 

  • 300 Pink Hy-Roads will be available for purchase

  • Promotion starts at noon (M.S.T.) on September 5, 2017

  • Promotion ends once 300 Pink Hy-Roads have been sold

  • Pink Hy-Roads will be built and shipped directly to the customer

  • A minimum of 50 % of total sales will go to our Paint the Lanes Pink charity