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I've Got a Question: Subject: Drilling

Questioner: Vince

Subject: Drilling
Date Asked: 2016-09-03 23:38:05

Does ball speed affect the way a professional might drill a ball. I throw down and in @ 14.5mph. Faster my ball slides thru the break, slower breaks too much.

Professional bowlers are among the most consistent, most accurate players on the planet. They use changes in speed, rotation and tilt to create different ball motions. Often you will see similar layouts in different balls, because they have a favorite starting point, with a variety of ball choices so they can create different ball motions. Different layouts can dramatically effect what a ball can and does do. Speed dominant players might utilize stronger layouts (or rougher coverstocks or both) because their speed overwhelms the lane and they use stronger layouts to help control the environment. Similarly with rev dominant players, weaker layouts utilize less "help" from ball cores and help the rev dominant control their environment.

Ball speed is one of the assets when rolling today's performance balls. Your ball driller SHOULD be aware of your ball speed, rev rate, axis tilt and axis rotation. Some players can only duplicate some of these details consistently. But with no idea what you do, or are prone to do, the layout can influence the ball roll so it's as you've described, too much or too little. Did your driller see you bowl? Identify your Positive Axis Point? How strong a ball do you have? What ball?

Unfortunately, some drillers have favorite layouts or recommended strong layouts that manufacturers detail in the ball boxes, that might be too much for some or create a difficult to control ball motion. Your driller should have the info from watching you bowl to provide the right combination of layout, ball performance, surface preparation, etc. to match up to your expected lane conditions.

Your speed is right in the middle of average, so the lane condition you bowl on seems to be creating too much skid with a little more speed and too much hook with less speed. I'd suggest you talk to the driller and share what's going on and ask if there is something they can do to moderate the reaction you are seeing (maybe a little rougher cover to moderate the over reaction with a little more speed). Sounds like you are using a pearl or shiny hybrid ball.

Are you dialing your speed up or down to try to control the ball? Is it easier to roll a little faster? slower?

Thanks for the question, let me know what you do to resolve the issue.

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