Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Roto Grip Adds a New Mutant Cell Pearl and Urethane Grenade

The anticipated Mutant Cell Pearl from Roto Grip is on its way. This next generation Crown™ line release adds another dimension to the already popular Cell™ line. The "Nucleus II™" core with its higher Radius of Gyration (RG) value and increased intermediate differential creates a much more defined breakpoint than the original, but still features the predictability that has made the Cell line popular. Enhancing that motion even further is the Aqua/Copper/Purple "Cytoplasmic™ XL" (1500-grit Polished) pearl reactive coverstock. RG 2.54, Differential .047.

Adding a Shield line product, look for the Roto Grip Grenade which features "Retrothane™" Navy Blue urethane cover stock which wraps the "Photon™" Core (from the current Dark Star and Riot and previous Storm Jolt). Retrothane is a traditional urethane coverstock that will help you tame even the most scorching lane conditions, a factory finish of 2000-grit Abralon.The new Roto Grip balls will be available June 9th.

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