Friday, May 21, 2010

Las Vegas High Roller Update

Ready to do it again!  Match play - and plenty of it - is the theme as High Roller's single game elimination match play format provides the excitement at Sam's Town in Las Vegas from June 28 through July 3rd!
"Anyone can beat anyone in a 1-game match," Norm Edelman, August, 1982.
Times have changed since 1982 but match play is the most exciting format of them all.  Win 3 consecutive matches and triple your money.  There are no losers in round 3 because players not winning receive a new high performance Storm ball for their efforts.

There is a change in divisions for the July High Roller as there is now a division just for Seniors and a separate division for the 215 Average & Under players.  There is also the Age 49 & Under division so there is something for everyone. The 215 Average & Under division is regardless of age.

High Roller week starts with a Free Practice Session and a Sweeper on Monday, June 28.  Then from Tuesday through Saturday, it's the main event, match play.  There are 4 rounds each day and those players that win that 4th round advance to Round 5 on Saturday to shoot for the $25,000 top prize.

The grand finale of the July High Roller is The Big Game in which the last remaining player from each of the 3 divisions bowl 1 game on the same pair for the title.  Each player is guaranteed at least $10,000.

And you can win $1,000 each day!  All contestants can re-enter and try to win 3 matches each day.  All receive a new Storm ball on their 1st & 3rd re-entry. 4 separate $3,000 VIP purses are available from Tuesday through Friday.  The 1-game event is a great tune-up for match play each morning.  The VIP's follow the free practice sessions, also Tuesday through Friday.Sam's Town is offering the lowest rates around starting at $26.99. Call them toll free at 1-877-593-5993 and mention High Roller to take advantage of those great rateWant to see more? Visit us at and click on Brochures!  High Roller has now paid $86,578,733 in prizes to bowlers since the inaugural event in 1982!  For more info and brochures, call us toll free    1-800-257-6179 or visit us at Download a full brochure and enter online - it's fast, easy & secure.

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