Saturday, May 8, 2010

2Fast™ and 2Furious™

The variety of product lines within the Storm brand help the bowler understand what level of performance to expect from a ball. But don’t just assume because a ball is more affordable that it does have some serious teeth! Just ask Pete Weber who recently won his 35th title using the Furious— a popular choice of professionals worldwide.

For the new 2Fast™ and 2Furious™, Storm chose the "R2S™" material that is aggressive and durable.
Making this new piece available in either a pearl (2Fast) or solid (2Furious) was a must. The 2Furious sports a 500 then 2000-grit Abralon® matte finish in Victory Red/Daytona Blue. Fragrance: Cherry. RG in 15# is 2.53 and RG Diff. is .045.

The 2Fast features a 1500-grit Polished R2S™ Pearl Reactive finish in Amethyst/Peridot to create a smoother glide to the break point. Fragrance: Grap. RG in 15# is 2.53 and RG Diff. is .045.
Oil patterns are different from day to day and night to night, even game to game. So, with the new 2Fast and 2Furious you can keep up with changing lane conditions. 

Looking under the hood, you’ll find an entirely new shape known as the "N.O.S. ™" weight block/core system. Storm created an increase of flare potential by more than 15% with this higher volume core. This new shape, with its elevated differential, created in a stronger ball motion when tested against the original "Turbine" core (from the Fast, Furious and Natural).

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