Sunday, June 8, 2008

TRACK to Launch Up-Rising

TRACK INC. to host Vegas-style launch party in the PALM’S FAMOUS KINGPIN SUITE. On July 1, Track will host the Up-Rising ball launch. 200 bowlers will gain exclusive access to the launch party and will demo balls in the hotel’s two-lane bowling suite. Free products, open bar, two after-hours parties and other incentives are also part of the unique evening.

The Track Up-Rising features the "Mega Tron" asymmetrical core wrapped in "HP Gen 2" Black solid reactive veneer finished at 4000 grit Abralon then polished. The numbers: RG: 2.48, Differential: 0.056, Intermediate Diff: 0.032 - 0.030. Recommended lane condition: heavy to medium.

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