Friday, August 13, 2010

PBA Stars Visit The Peterson Classic

Most Lumber Liquidators PBA Tour players have been active this summer bowling in 
PBA Regionals, international tournaments, and conducting clinics and 
exhibitions. And a handful have visited the “home of humility,” the Petersen 
Classic at AMF Hoffman Lanes in suburban Chicago, where averaging 200 for eight 
games across 16 lanes is a feat even the greatest players cherish.

In 2009, PBA Hall of Famer Norm Duke tried the Petersen Classic for the first 
time and posted a 1,448 total – a 181 average. In late July, he returned with 
golfing buddy Ken Smith and missed the magical 200 average milestone by a single 
pin, shooting 1,599 with a 171 final game.

“I was pretty stoked to have a chance to take the lead with a game to go,” Duke 
said, “especially after what I did the first year.”

As of Aug. 10, only three players had topped 1,600 pins and PBA Central Region 
competitor Jeff Roche of Dearborn, MI, was the leader with a whopping 1,648. 
Duke was tied for fourth, but some other familiar names were further down the 
list: Eddie Van Daniker of Essex, Md., was 13th at 1,560; PBA Hall of Famer 
Parker Bohn III, Jackson, N.J., was 40th at 1,513, and Mika Koivuniemi was tied 
for 77th at 1,480. A handful of additional exempt tour players are expected to 
bowl before the tournament ends on Labor Day weekend.

The Petersen Classic – a legendary event known for its nearly impossible lane 
conditions, absence of marker arrows and dots, off-set racks and “mysterious” 
breakdowns just when a bowler thinks he’s bowling well – is open to whomever 
wants to try. It was founded by proprietor Louis P. Petersen in 1921 and held 
more than once a year in its early years. “The Pete” was conducted for years at 
Petersen’s second-floor bowling center, 35th and Archer Recreation, until it was 
sold in 1994 and moved to Hoffman Estates. The 2010 Petersen Classic is the 
100th edition.

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