Thursday, December 27, 2012

Three New Balls From DV8 in January

The blue/orange/lime hybrid Brutal Nightmare expands the range of ball motion in the DV8 Nightmare series with an aggressive skid/snap reaction. The combination of the Low RG Nightmare core with the new Class 8 Hybrid Reactive coverstock provides a ball motion that skids easily through the front and mid-lane with an extremely quick response to friction on the backend. The hybrid cover finished at 500 grit with Siaair Micro Pads gets a Rough Buff compound finish. The Brutal Nightmare is designed for medium to heavy oil lane conditions.

While the new DV8 Diva will be attractive to the ladies, like the 900 Global Jewel last year,  bowlers should appreciate the performance that the ball was designed to offer to a variety of bowling styles. The black/pink solid Diva offers outstanding shelf appeal and plenty of attitude on the lanes as a result of the new performance core matched with DV8’s new Class 6G Reactive coverstock. This combination makes the Diva a serious performance bowling ball for men and women on a wide range of lane conditions.

The new neon yellow DV8 Misfit Pearl adds a new color option and expands the range of performance in the Misfit product line. The Misfit Pearl features a higher RG and lower differential version of the Misfit core combined with a pearlized Class 1L Reactive coverstock finished to 500 grit with Siaair Micro Pad then treated with Rough Buff compound then High Gloss Polish to  provides more length with plenty of backend making it the “go-to ball” on light oil lane conditions. The new neon yellow color makes the Misfit Pearl the brightest colored ball in the DV8 product line, and under black light, it offers an outrageous green glow.

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