Thursday, January 8, 2015

Two New Performance Balls Introduced by 900Global

Along with news that Chris and Linda Barnes will be representing 900 Global comes news of two new balls from the San Antonio, Texas company. The Blue /Silver /Steel Respect Coverstock, 79 Alert™ Hybrid, is finished to 1500 Grit, then Polished. Powering the Respect is the Tetra™ Symmetric Core, like the Prime product line Moxie, which is also a hybrid.

900 Global’s first manufactured ball, the Break™,
really put them on the map. Global’s new Break Down features a Bright Blue S70™ Solid coverstock which has an impressive history (and even a USBC Open Championship All Events Record), and with the modified Break™ Asymmetric core, you’ll finally be able to use it later in tournament blocks. A significantly raised RG and lower differential is designed to provide more length and less flare, all the while keeping the fabled S70™ on hand to provide that perfect friction-to-backend ratio everyone loves. The new Break Down is finished to 4000 grit with the “T” Neat pad.

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