Monday, May 11, 2015

MOTIV Introduces Two New Balls For Light Oil

New from MOTIV: Summer often presents lane conditions of light oil. Performance with the new Pink and Green Pearl Ascent Apex should help you match up on lighter oil conditions featuring the Recon core and Fusion™ XL Reactive coverstock finished 5000 Grit LSP.  MOTIV reports “Both Apex balls will provide more length on high friction lane conditions and a more angular move at the backend than the regular Ascent balls.  However, experienced bowlers will notice that this new Pink/Green Pearl Apex is a touch stronger than the Mountain Blue Ascent Apex.”    

The Rebel Tank™ is a pearl urethane ball built to provide a powerful impact on light oil conditions where high friction can destroy ball reaction. Featuring the Halogen™ core, the Rebel Tank retains energy to maximize continuation through the pins.  This is achieved through both a high RG and moderate differential.  The high RG provides more length and the moderate differential tames track flare.  

The Rebel Tank™ also utilizes DMX Pearl Urethane cover stock technology.  This was first used on the Arctic Sniper spare ball because it is produces very little friction.  This cover is tuned at the factory with a 4000 Grit LSS finish. 

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