Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Brunswick Introduces Nirvana

Brunswick is excited to announce a new premium performance bowling ball –Nirvana.   

With the launch of the Nirvana, Brunswick is introducing a new performance line of balls featuring the newly developed Enhanced Composite Segmentation (ECS) coverstock technology.  The innovative ECS technology expands the soft segments of the polymer chain in order to produce improved friction and a larger sweet spot.  The result is better ball motion on a wider variety of lane conditions and fewer adjustments on the lane.  In addition, ECS technology provides longer performance life and a faster refresh rate for improved consistency.

The red/blue/violet Nirvana features the ECS solid coverstock matched with the new Ultra Low RG Nirvana Core to produce exceptional traction and impressive backend reaction on medium to heavy oil lane conditions.  The Nirvana cover is finished with Siaair Micro Pads to 500 then 1500 grit. Bowlers are going to see something very special with the Nirvana especially on heavy oil lane conditions.

The URD for the Nirvana is September 22, 2015.

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