Friday, October 2, 2015

30th Anniversary Ball from Storm Coming in November

Storm plans to introduce the IQ Tour 30, a pearl IQ, obviously other than color, like the original Gold Tour IQ, which left the market too soon. Look for the 30th Anniversary ball in November 2015.

So what is it that makes these IQ Tour balls so special? They are very unique in the fact that they have a one of a kind core that cannot be found elsewhere.

The C³™ Centripetal Control Core which is engineered to yield ample mid-lane roll with its low radius of gyration, or center of gravity. Think of a figure skater with their arms pulled in. They spin quickly and so does this weight block shape! In addition, the differential, or imbalance, of this core is not extensive.

Many balls in this category have a higher differential to produce more hook or ball motion. The C³ shape is designed for higher rev players and those looking for a smoother change of direction.

And while the most famed R2S™ Pearl Reactive shell encases this core, you're sure to find that awesome dry lane traction you have come to love with Storm.

Celebrating Storm's 30th Anniversary in the bowling business, the new IQ Tour 30 is sure to be a hit for anyone who ever threw the Gold Ball, the IQ Tour Pearl.  Release date:

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