Thursday, June 30, 2016

Radical Bowling Presents Three New Balls

Guru™ Pearl Limited 
The Guru Pearl Limited is a pearl version of the number one selling original black Radical Guru. The Limited provides added length while maintaining the same strong hook motion, backend recovery, and incredible hitting power as the original.

Ridiculous™ Pearl 
The Ridiculous Pearl adds more length and an even more aggressive move at the breakpoint making it an outstanding option for lighter oil lane conditions and a perfect choice for bowlers with slower ball speed and/or higher rev rate. The Pearl adds a new dimension to the Ridiculous line up.

The Xeno features a strong asymmetric core utilizing our innovative finger scoop technology wrapped with an aggressive resin formulation to provide great all-purpose ball motion with more backend continuation for greater entry angle into the pocket.

Due to the success of the Guru line and continued requests from many of Radical supporters, Radical decided to release the original Guru in a pearl cover – the Guru Pearl Limited. The Guru Pearl Limited will be a great addition for anyone who has an original Guru.

The second release is a pearl version of the #1 selling Reliable price point ball, the RidiculousRadical has taken the proven performance of the head turning Ridiculous and made it more aggressive at the breakpoint by adding their newest pearl cover formulation. With the new Ridiculous Pearl, the company suggests they have created the next level flip monster. The ocean blue Ridiculous Pearl offers a new level of skid/flip ball motion and will certainly be the go-to ball when more backend reaction is desired.

The new Xeno (meaning alien or strange and pronounced “ZEE-NO”) offers strong-off-the-spot ball motion with excellent continuation through the pins. The Radical ball testers have reported that the Xeno never over-read the dry and never over-skidded in the oil, something that is rarely achieved in today’s performance bowling balls. This combination of strong asymmetric core and unique coverstock formulation promises to be another perfect ball for the house conditions using medium to moderately heavy oil. Xeno gives another outstanding value to league bowlers by offering great performance at the upper-mid price point…now that is Radical.

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