Sunday, March 22, 2020

New From Storm Axiom

Storm balls are meticulously engineered by hand. There is very little automation in their processes and that’s for good reason. Not only are they manufactured this way, they’re tested using real bowlers. You can tell you from testing the Axiom, there is some ground-breaking new technology in both cover and core.

NRG™ has become a staple in Storm’s lineup of coverstocks for nearly a decade. It’s due time for an upgrade! NeX (Nano Extreme) is Storm’s earliest reading cover to date. NeX Solid was remarkably earlier hooking than NRG on any pattern, or any surface that it was tested it on. Alex Hoskins, Research and Development Manager for Storm, went on record saying: “Our standardized durability and longevity tests showed NeX created 11% more entry angle and 9.6% more overall hook after 50 shots compared to a fresh NRG cover.” Simply put, NeX gives more midlane read than ever WITHOUT sacrificing any backend.

The Orbital Core has a distinctly low Radius of Gyration (RG) axis which further complements the mid-lane read for which NeX was developed. The central ball inside the outer core maintains and extremely low un-drilled Radius of Gyration. Got heavy oil? Not anymore. Especially when stacked up against the Orbital Core and the Axiom.

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